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Liked The Flash? Then Check Out Sliders

The CW's The Flash was a surprise hit of the TV season, but sadly there will be no new episodes for a few months. Though the network will be reairing the first season in its entirety on Tuesday nights this summer, The Flash fans may be looking for something else to fill the void. Do you already miss the casual trips into reality-warping wormholes? Do you crave the intellectual stimulation of mind-bending alternate timelines? Do you like watching fresh-faced cast members engage in romantic entanglements and action-oriented plots while being mentored by older veterans of the craft? Then Sliders is the cure for what ails you. In a San Francisco basement... Created by Robert K. Weiss and Tracy TorméSliders was a sci-fi TV series that ran for five seasons from 1995 to 2000. Jerry O'Connell, in arguably his biggest role since his acting debut in Stand by Me, stars as physics genius graduate student Quinn Mallory,
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MovieWeb's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

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MovieWeb's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!
It gets harder and harder each and every year to find that perfect gift for the one you love. Thanksgiving is over, so its time to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping today! We've collected all of the biggest and best Blu-ray and DVD releases available this year in one convenient place. Whether you're hunting for Dad, Mom, a cousin, your kids or that long distant Aunt whose been living in a commune for the past three years, you simply can't go wrong with the gift of movies, or a favorite TV show. From the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to a few cult favorites, and even a very obscure release for that one snobby cinefile on your list, we have everyone covered...Even you! Take a look, and discover that finding the perfect gift really isn't that hard. Not when everyone loves a good film! Here is the best
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Syfy’s Swamp Volcano Erupts This Weekend; Haunted Forest Double Feature Slated for February

Tired of seeing New York and Los Angeles get destroyed on film? Wish disaster movies could find a different metropolis to reduce to rubble? This weekend’s Swamp Volcano unleashes a lava storm on Miami. And then a month from now you can take a double-dip trip to the black forest of fairy tales in two back-to-back Syfy original premieres: Black Forest and Gretl: Witch Hunter.

Hollywood’s renewed fascination with fractured takes on classic fairy tales sure came out of nowhere, didn’t it? Now it’s everywhere on big and small screens. February 25th will see Syfy getting in on the craze with a pair of unhappily ever afters making their world premieres as part of a Saturday night double feature.

First up at 7/6 Cst is Black Forest from director Patrick Dinhut (Dead & Deader) and screenwriter Frank H. Woodward (Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown).

A group of
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Bullet Films to Make Waves with Swamp Shark, Miami Magma and Weather Wars on SyFy: A Television Preview

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Several movies from Bullet Films, a division of Active Entertainment, will grace television thanks to SyFy. This company is based in Lafayette, Louisiana and Bullet is developing a prehistoric thriller with Swamp Shark, a volcanic winter wonderland with Miami Magma and a world twisted upside down with Weather Wars. Each of these science fiction based films will be shown on the SyFy Network throughout 2011.

Now, a poster is available for each film, along with a plot summary. All three films envision a world in chaos and the trailer for Swamp Shark is sure to bring out surprise or at least a giggle in viewers. More details on all three films are below!

The synopsis for Swamp Shark is here:

"Open on gorgeous swamplands of the Atchafalaya Basin in the summer, lots of beautiful teens are at the beach the weekend before Gator Fest.

That night an animal smuggling deal goes
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World Traveler

World Traveler
Trying hard to be "Five Easy Pieces", Bart Freundlich's "World Traveler" is a meandering road movie that keeps getting stalled in gutters of self-importance. With an alienated anti-hero for a protagonist (Billy Crudup, ) the story summons up the kind of early 1970s counterculture films being made at the time by the likes of Bob Rafelson, Jerry Schatzberg and, of course, Dennis Hopper -- without bringing anything new or involving to the table.

Following the lead of its numerous pit stops, the picture's theatrical sojourn should be similarly brief.

When we first meet Crudup's Cal, it would appear he has it all -- including good looks, success as an architect and a very comfortable West Village apartment that he shares with his pretty wife and cute young son.

Appearances, of course, can be deceiving, which is why he abruptly ups and leaves it all behind (on the day of his son's birthday, no less), taking to the road to find meaning in his empty, pitiful life.

Along the way he meets up with a world-weary waitress (Karen Allen), a kind construction worker (Cleavant Derricks), a bubbly hitchhiker (Liane Balaban), a resentful school buddy (James LeGros) and, in the picture's only truly affecting sequence, a troubled mother (nicely played by Freundlich's better half, Julianne Moore), before sort of having it out with his neglectful dad (David Keith).

The fundamental problem here is that the viewer is being asked to care about a central character who, for most of the picture, fails to elicit a shred of sympathy. He goes along on his little journey, bedding some of the women who find him hopelessly irresistible and occasionally calling home to his perplexed wife but hanging up without saying anything.

Crudup can bring an interesting intensity to the right role, but here, his internalized brooding tends to come across as chilly indifference. As written by Freundlich, there admittedly isn't much else he can do with the character.

Working with cinematographer Terry Stacey, Freundlich establishes a soulful warmth missing from the script, while a jukebox full of Willie Nelson tunes provides a fitting soundtrack for Crudup's aimless excursion.

Ironically, "On the Road Again" isn't one of them.




Director-screenwriter: Bart Freundlich

Producers: Tim Perell, Bart Freundlich

Executive producers: Jonathan Sehring, Caroline Kaplan

Director of photography: Terry Stacey

Editor: Kate Sanford

Production designer: Kevin Thompson

Costume designer: Victorial Farrell

Music: Clint Mansell


Cal: Billy Crudup

Dulcie: Julianne Moore

Carl: Cleavant Derricks

Richard: David Keith

Meg: Liane Balaban

Jack: James LeGros

Delores: Karen Allen

MPAA rating: R

Running time -- 104 minutes

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