Bill DeMott’s Side Of The Story: 13 Things We Learned On Talk Is Jericho

One of the biggest wrestling stories of the year was the news of Bill DeMott’s alleged unsavory training methods in Nxt being once again brought to light. Current and former WWE trainees and aspiring wrestlers took positions on the man who was cursed with some of the worst gimmick names in history, with former pupils such as Tna’s Ethan Carter III and Dolph Ziggler’s brother Ryan Nemeth calling him out for abusive behavior.

For his part, DeMott defended his actions but opted to “step down” from his position as head trainer of Nxt and has since been replaced by Matt Bloom. Despite the rampant allegations of misconduct, discrimination and verbally and physically abusive methods he’s remained relatively quiet on the issue.

Until now.

When the story broke, Chris Jericho publicly defended his friend and former colleague, saying that he underwent similar rigorous conditions while
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10 Veterans Who Would Be Ideal Role Models For Younger Wrestlers

Learning how to wrestle is a very difficult task. There are so many different aspects of this business that one needs to learn in order to be successful: working a match, cutting a promo, bumping, selling, ring psychology, working the crowd, etc. No one is perfect in everything, but there have been a few wrestlers who have excelled in one area so much that younger stars should learn from them.

In WWE, the newest recruits have a lot of assets in the form of the Performance Center. However, when it comes to being trained by actual wrestlers, the names Bill DeMott and Jason Albert aren’t necessarily the best people you want training the Superstars of the future. You want them to be learning from the absolute best in wrestling, from those who have carved great legacies for themselves in one aspect of wrestling or another.

This article
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WWE SmackDown And New Tough Enough Heading To USA Network

It was announced on Tuesday that WWE will be bringing back Tough Enough to the USA Network on Tuesday, June 23rd. The return of Tough Enough was announced several months ago, but it was not known what the day would be. Now we know.

In the same press release on, they also said that Smackdown would be moving from Syfy to USA Network. It will remain on Thursday nights. That’s a good move because USA Network is more high profile and more people have that channel, but USA Network and Syfy are both part of the NBC Universal series of channels.

Here’s the press release:

USA is expanding its commitment to WWE, with reality competition series “WWE Tough Enough” returning Tuesday, June 23, at 8/7 C with a reimagined format and new, live elements. Additionally, SmackDown is coming to USA Network in the first quarter of
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7 Questions With Rockstar Spud And Ethan Carter III

Rockstar Spud is due to battle with Ethan Carter III on this week’s Tna Impact Wrestling broadcast. It promises to be worth tuning in for, as this won’t be just any old match, it will be a hair vs hair match.

In anticipation for this, I had the chance to speak with Spud and EC3. We talked about their upcoming match, the Bill DeMott controversy, problems within Tna and much more.

On the subject of the hair versus hair match, you can really tell how much it means to both of these guys. Make sure to tune in this Friday in the Us, or 9pm this Sunday in the UK on Challenge TV.

7. What Can Fans Expect From This Week’s Hair Vs Hair Battle?

EC3: Emotion. This match is more than just about shaving someone’s head. Michael Jordan’s competitiveness was
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WWE Backstage Talent Meeting Over Bill DeMott Controversy


WWE held an all talent meeting before Monday’s Raw broadcast. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, management told the crew that if they had a problem, as in the problems that were experienced with Bill DeMott, that they should be coming to management and letting them know first.

On the idea of talent going to WWE management, Bryan Alvarez hilariously quipped “it did wonders for a lot of people.”

This is a reference to the unhelpful attitude of WWE’s management structure. The people who run the company are wildly out of touch, and tend to blame the talent before stopping to consider their own positions and structures. Based on their past experiences, the talent have no reason to trust the management to resolve difficult situations.

This is why talent end up leaving the company and then speaking out. They know that internally they are wasting their breath, but
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10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Matt Bloom

Bill DeMott has stepped down as head trainer of the WWE performance centre amid allegations of misconduct, neglect and abuse from several former developmental talents. Former WWE superstar and current Nxt commentator Matt Bloom has taken temporary charge in DeMott’s absence.

It is unknown whether WWE will hire somebody else for the position or if Bloom will be able to convince officials that he is the right man for the job. Bloom intimated in a tweet dated March 8th that he planned on ‘busting through’ the doors that DeMott’s dismissal have opened for him.

Bloom, alias Baldo/Prince Albert/A-Train/Giant Bernard/Lord Tensai/Sweet T/Jason Albert, certainly has the credentials and was a more featured player in WWE than DeMott ever was during his entire career. Bloom, who has been working in the performance centre since retiring from active competition in August, is reportedly well-liked by wrestlers and staff.
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7 Things Bill DeMott’s Resignation Tells Us About Corporate WWE


Amid numerous allegations of perceived professional improprieties, on March 6, 2015, Bill DeMott officially resigned from his position as head trainer at WWE’s Performance Center. From allegations of racist and homophobic statements plus physically abusing his students, DeMott’s alleged behaviour was so bad that him staying in his position could’ve easily led to more harm than good for now wholly corporate WWE.

Bill DeMott is a 25-year wrestling veteran who comes from another time in the industry, his career starting in 1990 making him one of the last of the top wrestlers broken in during wrestling’s “territory” era. If anything, the territory era wasn’t exactly known for being politically correct, kind, or pleasant in most any way for those who were doing the wrestling itself.

From angles being booked that sensationalised issues of race, gender and sexual orientation, to needing the perception of being “tough” in order
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10 WWE Questions You Most Want Answered (Mar 8)

The road to WrestleMania continues with WWE building the card up as best they can although there’s a sense that this year’s show is underwhelming. What stole the news headlines this week is what happened to their head trainer at the Performance Center.

A huge story that broke on Friday was Bill DeMott stepping down as the head trainer for WWE’s developmental system in Orlando. He stepped down after accusations from former students going back many years that complained about how he would make people work hurt, he used homophobic terms, he used racial slurs and other things that made things uncomfortable for the people working there.

It’s likely one of those situations where you can say “where there’s smoke there’s fire” because so many people spoke up to join in on the accusations. While a lot of them were former developmental
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10 Victims Of Wrestling Millennials

Recently blaming WWE’s problem in creating fresh top guys on the “millenial” mentality on a live version of “Stone ColdSteve Austin’s podcast, Vince McMahon accidentally ushered in the “milennial” era of pro wrestling in full. Intriguingly, it was Nxt head trainer Bill DeMott (and not McMahon, who was the first victim of this wildly progressive new era in WWE history.

Eschewing a debased behavior approving, subterfuge-favoring, corporate and sanitized presentation, milennials want wrestling to be an industry where talent, honesty, decency and connectivity matter more than anything else.

Is the “millenials” mentality the reason why Bill DeMott recently quit the company because of allegations about his training methods? These “barbaric” methods were part and parcel (and likely tame, in comparison) of what every wrestler grew up with in a prior era, but they apparently just don’t fit in the presentation of the business that
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Bill DeMott Quits As WWE Head Trainer

Bill DeMott has decided that the scrutiny that he has received by former WWE employees in recent weeks is making life difficult for him and the company, so he has decided to step down as WWE’s head coach/trainer at their Performance Center in Orlando.

He made the announcement on Twitter;

I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the (cont)

Bill DeMott (@BillDeMott) March 6, 2015

He used the Twitlonger service because he couldn’t fit it all in one tweet: “I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I’ve decided to step down from my role effective immediately.”

This is a story that our WWE editor Grahame Herbert has covered throughout the week first with the allegations from former wrestlers, then WWE and
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10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Bill Demott


On March 2nd, 2015 fresh allegations were levelled at Bill DeMott, the head trainer at the WWE Performance Centre where Nxt superstars and other prospective developmental talents train and hone their craft.

Former trainee Austin Matelson (who wrestled as Judas Devlin) revealed details of DeMott’s dangerous training technique and bullying demeanour to Vendetta Pro Radio. A letter that Matelson sent to WWE Hr where he detailed the abuse he and others allegedly suffered at the hands of DeMott has been posted on Reddit.

Aside from physical abuse and unsafe training methods, the letter also contained allegations of homophobia and racism. The revelations sparked an outcry on social media and on Tuesday #FireBillDeMott was trending worldwide. This is not good news for WWE, obviously, although they have released a statement saying that they investigated claims of abuse at the time and that they found no evidence to support them.

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WWE And Chris Jericho Defend Bill DeMott Amid More Allegations

WWE and Chris Jericho have defended Bill DeMott’s coaching style, following allegations by Judas Devlin of verbal and physical bullying. However, since WWE’s response, new allegations have been made against the Developmental trainer.

Ryan Collins competed for WWE in the Nxt brand. He went under the name Brandon Traven and was released in 2013. A letter he sent to WWE officials has now been leaked on reddit, with new allegations against DeMott’s inappropriate behaviour.

The key allegations include-

“Coach DeMott gets angry and standoffish at any sign of injury.”

“As he was leaving the trainers room, Coach DeMott slapped me on top of the head.” (After Traven had reported a head injury).

“I have also grown very tired of how Coach DeMott has constantly bullied us. Whether by physically hitting us, or by calling us gay. He has on numerous occasions alluded to me being gay.
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Bill DeMott Allegedly Bullied Nxt Wrestlers

Bill DeMott is alleged to have bullied WWE performance centre trainees in the most demeaning terms. Former trainee Austin Draven (real name Austin Matelson), who wrestled as Judas Devlin in Nxt, has revealed to Vendetta Pro Radio that DeMott was a vicious bully.

Furthermore, a letter of complaint that Draven penned to WWE officials has been posted on Reddit. All of this has exposed DeMott in a very critical light and questions are now being asked of WWE. Draven’s accusations have been subsequently backed up by Ryan Nemeth, who formerly competed as Briley Pierce in WWE Nxt.

As of Tuesday morning, “#FireBillDeMott” was trending on Twitter. One Reddit user reported that DeMott responded in a private message to this hashtag, saying “You’re a little b**** and I will kill you and your family.”

However, it is impossible at this stage to verify that DeMott responded in this fashion.
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WWE Announces Tough Enough Return On USA Network

It was announced on Thursday on that the WWE reality series Tough Enough is coming back.

Tough Enough was rumored to return last year on WWE Network, but those plans didn’t materialise, likely because WWE was in money saving mode. However, now that WWE has a new TV deal with NBC Universal it’s USA Network that is planning on airing the show.

Here’s the official announcement from USA Network President:

“I am pleased to announce that USA is bringing back ‘Tough Enough,’ the action-packed competition reality show from the ratings juggernaut, WWE. The show will have a completely new format, with live elements that will truly make this event television. After signing another multi-year deal for Raw and SmackDown, this is the perfect time to bring back the series and capitalize on the enormous audience appeal of sports-entertainment.”

A date for the new
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WWE 2K15 Review

2K’s acquisition of the WWE license for gaming was met with resounding excitement, as gamers, and even some wrestling fans, know that they put out quality franchises. Most notable is their NBA series, which wins much praise thanks to photorealistic graphics, lifelike gameplay and a very in-depth career mode.

So, here we finally are with 2K’s first professional wrestling outing in WWE 2K15, which, as far as wrestling games go, is three steps forward, five steps backward, eight step sideways and one step to the moon. Where to even begin with this review is tricky, but 2K has highly promoted the game’s career mode, so that isn’t a bad starting point.

Naturally, the first thing you’re prompted to do is to create your wrestler. The only problem is, that the customization is severely gimped from previous iterations of the franchise. Probably the most baffling omission
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Ariane Gets Exciting News After Working Hard in WWE's Nxt—Watch the Total Divas Deleted Scene to See Her Reaction!

Ariane Gets Exciting News After Working Hard in WWE's Nxt—Watch the Total Divas Deleted Scene to See Her Reaction!
In the above Total Divas deleted scene, Ariane gets very exciting news!  Ariane has been putting in an extra amount of work and diligence at Nxt since she lost her spot on WWE's main roster when her and Trinity's Funkadactyl time came to a close.  She confesses, "This is one of the biggest career risks I've ever taken in my life, and I hope all the hard work I'm doing is going to pay off in the long run." Photos: See the latest Total Divas pics! Moments later, her trainers Bill Demott and Sara Del Rey then tell her they have a live event that they want her to be a part of in a match.  Watch the above deleted scene to see Ariane's reaction and...
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MyCareer Mode In WWE 2K15 Isn’t Just About Winning

IGN was lucky enough to get a hands-on experience with MyCareer mode in WWE 2K15, and from the sound of things, 2K has really put in the work to make it more than about restarting every match until you win. Sure, going on insane undefeated streaks reminiscent of Goldberg provides a rush, but much like the actual Goldberg streak, it isn’t very fun for fans to watch.

So, after Bill DeMott is done busting your ass into shape in preparation for WWE’s developmental territory Nxt, you may want to think twice about switching the difficulty to easy to dethrone Adrian Neville as champion with your five moves of doom. In MyCareer mode your success is determined just as it is for real WWE superstars: getting over with the crowd. And that means having back and forth lengthy matches featuring multiple finisher kick-outs. In other words, you have to
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WWE 2K15 Reveals Exciting New Details On Career Mode


2K Sports has revealed full details of their MyCareer mode for WWE 2K15. The mode will incorporate an immersive and comprehensive career driven gaming experience, with players able to experience the journey of starting as a rookie and fighting toward the long term goal of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The in-depth details of this sound very exciting. You’ll start off by creating your wrestler in 2K15’s ‘creation suite’, you’ll then report to WWE’s Performance Centre. It sounds just like the real thing – you’ll train under Bill DeMott, navigating a series of objectives in the training areas.

Players will then progress to Nxt, just as a wrestler does in the real world.

“At Nxt, they will encounter a roster of new and future WWE Superstars, including Rusev, Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Corey Graves, all of whom will also be available
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WWE 2K15 Roster – Multiple Nxt Superstars Officially Confirmed

For sometime now, Nxt superstar Sami Zayn and Nxt Champion Adrian Neville have been rumored to be included in this year’s WWE 2K15 video game. The game is due out for current generation systems by the end of October, while next gen consoles will get the game in mid-November. While Zayn and Neville were widely believed to be featured in the upcoming game, their inclusion was not confirmed.

However, just a few days ago, 2K Games officially announced that both competitors will be featured in WWE 2K15. The developer’s official Instagram account sent out a photo of Zayn and Neville watching someone play the game. The post included the following caption: “Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville get their first looks at themselves in #WWE2K15.”


However, Zayn and Neville may not be the only Nxt superstars to appear in the upcoming video game. According to a Twitter
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WWE: 10 Candidates For Coaches On Revamped ‘Tough Enough’

In May, WWE announced the return of the hit show Tough Enough as a WWE Network exclusive. Tough Enough initially aired four seasons from 2001 to 2004 on MTV and Upn, exclusively. It returned for a fifth season on the USA Network in 2011 and despite being a ratings success, it wasn’t renewed for another season. With WWE looking for more exclusive content to air on the WWE Network, officials probably saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring back the show that launched the careers of The Miz, John Morrison and others.

Tough Enough’s fifth season was more reality-based than Nxt (when it was still a competition) ever was, giving viewers an inside look at what aspiring Superstars had to go through in order to secure a contract with the company. What sold many viewers on the show was its coaches. The cast consisted of Bill DeMott, Booker T,
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