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  • (1949 - 1950) Active on Broadway in the following production:
  • (1949) Stage Play: Texas Li'l Darlin'. Muscial comedy. Music by Robert Emmett Dolan. Book by John Whedon and Sam Moore. Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Will Irwin. Choreographed by Al White, Jr. Scenic Design by Theodore Cooper. Directed by Paul Crabtree. Mark Hellinger Theatre: 25 Nov 1949- 9 Sep 1950 (293 performances). Cast: Kenny Delmar (as "Hominy Smith") [only Broadway role], Mary Hatcher (as "Dallas Smith"), Danny Scholl (as "Easy Jones"), Loring Smith (as "Harvey Small"), Alden Aldrich (as "Parker Stuart Eliot/Engineer") [Broadway debut], William Ambler (as "Duane Fawcett/Texas Ranger"), Cameron Andrews (as "Sherm/Joe Raker"), Charles Bang (as "John Baxter Trumbull/Texas Ranger/Radio Announcer"), Bob Bernard (as "Jack Prow"), Muriel Bullis (as "Neighbor"), Carl Conway (as "One of Three Prospectors/Neighbor"), Dante Di Paolo (as "Amos Hall/Cowboy"), Arlene Ethane (as "Sarah Boone"), Jo Gibson (as "Neighbor"), Edmund Hall (as "One of Three Prospectors/Stan/Football Player"), Ronnie Hartmann (as "Delia Pratt/"Trend" Secretary"), Merrill Hilton (as "Red/Cowboy"), Bill Horan (as "Muleshoes, One of The Three Coyotes"), Jaqueline James (as "Drum Majorette/"Trend" Secretary"), Patricia Jennings (as "Neighbor"), B.J. Keating (as "Trend" Secretary"), Betty Lou Keim (as "Dogie Smith"), Lloyd Knight (as "Neighbor"), Marion Lauer (as "Trend" Secretary"), Carol Lee (as "Rebecca Bass/One of Three Little Maids/Oil Worker"), Ray Long (as "Branch Pedley/Cowboy/Guard"), Dorothy Love (as "Calico Munson/One of Three Little Maids"), Tommy Maier (as "Oil Worker"), Elliott Martin (as "One of Three Prospectors/Neighbor"), Joel McConkey (as "Fred, One of The Three Coyotes"), Kate Murtah (as "Melissa Tatum"), Ruth Ostrander (as "Sally Tucket"), Ralph Patterson (as "Herb/Texas Ranger"), Edward Platt (as "William Dean Benson, Jr./Texas Ranger/Voice of "Trend"), Jack Purcell (as "Oil Worker"), Jared Reed (as "Sam"), Dorothy Mary Richards (as "Trend" Secretary"), Doris Schmitt (as "Sue Crocket"), Eddy Smith (as "Bunkhouse, One of The Three Coyotes/The Texas Rhythm Boys/The Three Coyotes"), Joey Thomas (as "Harry Stern"), Yvonne Tibor (as "Belle Cooper"), Fredd Wayne (as "Brewster Ames II"), Elyse Weber (as "Jo Ann Woods/One of Three Little Maids/Cheer Leader/"Trend" Secretary"), Ned Wertimer (as "Frothingham Fry"). Understudies: Alden Aldrich (as "Frothingham Fry/Joe Raker"), Cameron Andrews (as "Hominy Smith"), Jo Gibson (as "Melissa Tatum"), Edmund Hall (as "Easy Jones"), Susan Harris (as "Dogie Smith"), Jaqueline James (as "Dallas Smith"), Edward Platt (as "Harvey Small"), Elyse Weber (as "Dallas Smith") and Ned Wertimer (as "Brewster Ames II"). Replacement actors: Carl Conway (as "Football Player"), Dante Di Paolo (as "Branch Pedley/Guard"), James Elsegood (as "Cowboy/Neighbor"), Robert Evans (as "Amos Hall/Oil Worker"). Produced by Studio Productions and Anthony Brady Farrell Productions.

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