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  • (1923 - 1929) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1923) Stage Play: Dew Drop Inn. Musical comedy. Book by Walter DeLeon and Edward Delaney Dunn. Music by Al Goodman. Lyrics by Cyrus Wood. Featuring songs by Rudolf Friml, J. Fred Coots and Jean Schwartz. Featuring songs with lyrics by McElbert Moore. Ensemble music by Sigmund Romberg. Musical Director: Alfred Newman. Choreographed by Francis 'Bunny' Weldon. Directed by Fred G. Latham. Astor Theatre: 17 May 1923- 25 Aug 1923 (production closed from 1 Jul 1923- 29 Jul 1923/83 performances). Cast: Margaret Atherton, James Barton (as "Ananias Washington"), Alice Brady (as "Marion Stanley/Ensemble"), George Brown, Lester Brown, Jean Carroll, Evelyn Cavanaugh, Spencer Charters (as "Joseph Higgins"), Harry Clark, Daniel Dare (as "Bell Boy"), Billie Davis, Gladys Davis, Dorothy Deane, Richard Dore, Bernard Druce, Millie Dupree, Grace Ellsworth, Harry Ellsworth, Bob Gebhardt, Dale Grigsby, Raymond Hall, Sylvia Highton, Frank Hill, Claire Hodgson, William Holden, Robert Holliday, Ben Jacklow, Thelma Johns, Bobby Kane, Lee Kelso, Mary Kissell, Katherine Manion, Rena Miller, Margaret Morris, Felicia Murelle, Helen O'Brien, Hal Peel, Mary Robson, Helen Rogier, Harry Rosedale, Jack Squire, Allen Stevens, Juliet Strahl, Beatrice Swanson, Marcella Swanson, Mabel Withee. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Lollipop. Musical comedy. Music by Vincent Youmans. Book by Zelda Sears. Lyrics by Zelda Sears and Walter De Leon. Musical Director: Russell Tarbox. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Directed by Ira Hards. Knickerbocker Theatre: 21 Jan 1924- 31 May 1924 (152 performances). Cast: Connie Aldis (as "Ensemble"), Adora Andrews (as "Mrs. Mason"), Doris Carter (as "Ensemble"), Leonard Ceiley (as "Don Carlos"), April Child (as "Ensemble"), Lucille Constant (as "Ensemble"), Guerida Crawford (as "Ensemble"), Walter Crisham (as "Ensemble"), Bobby Culbertson (as "Ensemble"), Eleanor Dana (as "Ensemble"), Gloria Dawn (as "Virginia"), Addison Fowler (as "Specialty Dancer"), Ethel Fraser (as "Ensemble"), Pat Fraser (as "Ensemble"), Elsa Gray (as "Ensemble"), Royal Halee (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Helliwell (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Holt (as "Ensemble"), Katherine Huth (as "Ensemble"), Mary Jayne (as "Ensemble"), Carol Joyce (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Carl Judd (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Kindler (as "Ensemble"), Charles King (as "Ensemble"), Nick Long (as "Omar K. Garrity"), Vera Longren (as "Ensemble"), Muriel Marlowe (as "Ensemble"), Ada May (as "Laura Lamb"), Florence McCabe (as "Ensemble"), Aline McGill (as "Tessie"), Edith Morgan (as "Ensemble"), Katherine Odell (as "Ensemble"), Veronica Preston (as "Ensemble"), Harry Puck (as "Bill Geohagen"), George Rand (as "Ensemble"), Harold Raymond (as "Ensemble"), Louise Scheerer (as "Ensemble"), Zelda Sears (as "Mrs. Gerrity"), Gus Shy (as "George Jones"), Mark Smith (as "Parkinson"), Virginia Smith (as "Petunia"), Leonard St. Leo (as "Adrian"), Karl Stall (as "Lindsay"), Norene Swinton (as "Ensemble"), Florenz Tamara (as "Specialty Dancer"), Ruth Tester (as "Ensemble"), Charles Townshend (as "Ensemble"), Maude Troup (as "Ensemble"), Florence Webber (as "Helene"), Alice Wright (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Henry W. Savage. Rainbow Rose (1926). Musical.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Dixie to Broadway. Musical revue.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Rainbow Rose. Musical. Music by Harold A. Levey and Owen Murphy. Book by Walter DeLeon. Lyrics by Owen Murphy and Harold A. Levey. Based on a story by Zelda Sears. Musical Director: Harold A. Levey. Choreographed by Ray Perez. Directed by Walter Wilson. Forrest Theatre: 16 Mar 1926- 1 May 1926 (55 performances). Cast: Jean Alden (as "Ensemble"), Lois Annette (as "Ensemble"), Isabelle Brown (as "Ensemble"), George Carroll (as "Ensemble"), Alexander Clark, Jr. (as "Abner Ketcham"), Guerida Crawford (as "Ensemble"), Delbert Faust (as "Ensemble"), Louise Galloway (as "Martha"), Viola Gillette (as "Mrs. Barrett"), Shirley Gustin (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Kayser (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Kerns (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Kindler (as "Ensemble"), Myrtle Le Roy (as "Ensemble"), Frank Marshall (as "Ensemble"), Clinton McLerr (as "Ensemble"), Paisley Noon (as "David Martin"), Mary Norris (as "Ensemble"), Beauton O'Quinn (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Penn (as "Ensemble"), Katherine Roberts (as "Ensemble"), Irene Shay (as "Ensemble"), Jules Shear (as "Ensemble"), Frank Sherlock (as "Ensemble"), Shirley Sherman (as "Rose Haven"), Jack Squire (as "John Bruce"), Billy Tichenor (as "Claudia Barrett"), Jean Unger (as "Ensemble"), Bernice Varden (as "Ensemble"), Fred Waldeck (as "The Expressman"), Margaret Walker (as "Hulda"), Jack Whiting (as "Tommy Lansing"), Jack Wills (as "Ensemble"), Hansford Wilson (as "Benny Ketcham"), Woodey Lee Wilson (as "Ensemble"). Produced by George MacFarlane Productions Inc.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The K Guy. Musical comedy.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Hello Yourself!!!! Musical comedy.

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