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Interviews (9)

Rue Morgue (CA) October 2009, Iss. 94, pg. 44-48, by: Aaron Von Lupton, "Re-Invasion of the Alien Slug Zombies from Outer Space!"
Is It Uncut? (GB) July 2009, Iss. 25, pg. 31-33, by: Tristan Thompson, "Monster Man"
Rue Morgue (CA) July 2007, Iss. 69, pg. 16-24, by: Chris Alexander, "The Monster Squad: Kids Vs. Monsters"
Ultra Violent (US) 2002, Iss. 4, by: Summers, Jamie, "Thrill Me: Interview with Fred Dekker"
Fangoria (US) November 1993, Iss. 128, pg. 32-36, by: Gregory Nicoll, "Cops, Creeps and Crypts"
Starlog (US) August 1992, Iss. 181, by: Kim Howard Johnson, "RoboDirector"
Cinefantastique (US) March 1988, Vol. 18, Iss. 2, pg. 112-113, by: Les Paul Robley, "Fred Dekker on Resurrecting The Monster Squad"
Cinefantastique (US) September 1987, Vol. 17, Iss. 5, pg. 15 & 53, by: Les Paul Robley, "The Monster Squad"
Fangoria (US) February 1987, Iss. 61, pg. 50-53, by: William Rabkin, "Hitting the Horror Big Time"

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