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  • (1993) She acted in A.A. Milne's play, "The Fourth Wall", at the Feenix Productions International Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Chapter Two (1977). Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Scenic Design by William Ritman. Costume Design by Noel Taylor. Directed by Herbert Ross. Imperial Theatre (moved to The Eugene O'Neill Theatre from 16 Jan 1979- close): 4 Dec 1977- 8 Dec 1979 (857 performances + 7 previews that began on 29 Nov 1977). Cast: Anita Gillette (as "Jennie Malone"), Cliff Gorman (as "Leo Schneider"), Judd Hirsch (as "George Schneider"), Ann Wedgeworth (as "Faye Medwick"). Standbys: Andrea Adler (as "Jennie Malone"), Jean DeBaer (as "Faye Medwick'), Dick Latessa (as "George Schneider/Leo Schneider"). Replacement actors during Imperial Theatre run: David Groh (as "George Schneider") [from 3 Jul 1978- ?], Delphi Harrington (as "Faye Medwick") [from 2 Oct 1978- ?], Dick Latessa (as "Leo Schneider") [from 3 Jul 1978- ?], Laurence Luckinbill (as "George Schneider") [from 22 Dec 1978- ?], Robin Strasser (as "Jennie Malone") [from 22 Dec 1978- ?]. Replacement actors during Eugene O'Neill Theatre run: Susan Browning (as "Faye Medwick") [from 25 Sep 1979- ?], Jean De Baer (as "Faye Medwick"), Dick Latessa (as "Leo Schneider"), Laurence Luckinbill (as "George Schneider"), Marilyn Redfield (as "Jennie Malone") [from 21 Aug 1979- ?], Robin Strasser (as "Jennie Malone"), Richard Zavaglia (as "Leo Schneider [from 15 Jun 1979- ?]. Standbys: Beverly Ballard (as "Faye Medwick/Jennie Malone"), Lou Bedford (as "George Schneider/Leo Schneider"), Donald Gantry (as "George Schneider/Leo Schneider"), George Guidall (as "George Schneider/Leo Schneider"), Debra Mooney (as "Faye Medwick/Jennie Malone"), Robert Silver (as "George Schneider/Leo Schneider"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg. Note: Filmed as Chapter Two (1979).
  • (October 16 to November 9, 1975) She played Louka in George Bernard Shaw's play, "Arms and The Man," at the Actors Theatre of Louisville (Mainstage) in Louisville, Kentucky with Lee Anne Fahey (Raina Petkoff); Adale O'Brien (Catherine Petkoff); Ray Fry (Bluntschli); Michael Kevin (Officer); Bob Burrus (Nicola); John H. Fields (Major Petkoff); and Michael Gross (Sergius) in the cast. Jon Jory was director.
  • (November 13 to December 7, 1975) She played Suzy in Lanford Wilson's play, "The Hot L. Baltimore," at the Actors Theatre of Louisville (Mainstage) in Louisville, Kentucky with John Hancock (Bill Lewis); Pamela Reed (Girl); Beverly May (Millie); John H. Fields (Mr. Bellotti); Adale O'Brien (April Green); Ray Fry (Mr. Morse); Susan Cardwell Kingsley (Jackie); Jeremy Lawrence (Jamie); Bob Burrus (Mr. Katz); Michael Kevin (Suzy's John, Cab Driver); Eric Booth (Paul Granger III); Ardeth Pappas (Mrs. Oxenham) and Don Johnson (Delivery Boy) in the cast. Charles Kerr was director.
  • (December 11, 1975 to January 10, 1976) She played Vera Claythorne in Agatha Christie's play, "Ten Little Indians," at the Actors Theatre of Louisville (Mainstage) in Louisville, Kentucky with Randi Douglas (Mrs. Rogers); Michael Kevin (Rogers); Eric Booth (Philip Lombard); Michael Gross (Anthony Marston); John H. Fields (William Blore); Bob Burrus (General MacKenzie); Beverly May (Emily Brent); Ray Fry (Sir Lawrence Wargrave) and John Hancock (Dr. Armstrong) in the cast. Adale O'Brien was director.

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