Cirque Du Freak is More Giggles Than Chills

The horror DVD releases that are targeted at the tweens are in abundance during the month of February. Cirque Du Freak attempts to straddle a very fine line between the horrific and the comedic, while trying to appeal to the teen market and others, all in one sitting. This would be impossible for even the most adept directors, but Paul Weitz has seemingly accomplished this feat. Although there is a whole slew of reviews that put Cirque Du Freak in different classes of quality, the movie site Cinemablend states of Cirque: "how well Cirque works must go to director Paul Weitz. His movie looks fantastic." This site is not really an expert on the tween market nor tween targeted horror, so fans of this film will have to put in their own thoughts on the film below. All the Cirque Du Freak details are below, as the DVD releases February 23. As well,
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