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Interview: Mercedes Grower talks dark comedy ‘Brakes’

In his latest interview/podcast, host Stuart Wright talks with writer/director Mercedes Grower about her dark comedy feature Brakes, which stars Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Julia Davis, Kerry Fox, Roland Gift, Paul McGann and Steve Oram.

Brakes is a raw, dark and unconventional comedy from new writer/director Mercedes Grower. Split into two halves it follows the tumultuous stories of nine couples, plunging straight into the brutal and absurd endings of their relationships first, before travelling back to the moments when the spark of love between them first emerged. Using London as their match-maker, each of their stories is unique yet familiar to us all.

Cinema listings from Friday 24 November at www.brakesfilm.com/cinema-listings/

Watch at home from Friday 24 November. See www.brakesfilm.com/watch-at-home/
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The Mighty Boosh stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt reunite for Brakes, watch the trailer here

With a little over a week to go until its release, a poster and trailer have arrived online for writer-director Mercedes Grower’s feature debut Brakes. Described as an unconventional comedy, the film reunites The Mighty Boosh stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, alongside Paul McGann, Julia Davis, Kerry Fox, Roland Gift, Seb Cardinal and Steve Oram; take a look below…

Brakes is a raw, dark and unconventional comedy from new writer/director Mercedes Grower. Split into two halves it follows the tumultuous stories of nine couples, plunging straight into the brutal and absurd endings of their relationships first, before travelling back to the moments when the spark of love between them first emerged. Using London as their match-maker, each of their stories is unique yet familiar to us all.

Brakes is set for release on November 24th.
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‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams 1×04: Crazy Diamond’ Review

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams are a set of weird stories that ask you to look deeper into what each episode is telling you. This week Crazy Diamond is an episode that really does feel like a dream, or to be more exact, a world where dreams are not meant to be, and everything is has a very short shelf life.

Ed Morris (Steve Buscemi) is just a normal man doing his job and living his life. His job at the Spirit Mill is to maintain vials of ‘Quantum Conciseness’ which are used on synthetic humans to give them that magical spark of life which makes them a person, namely a Jack or a Jill. This is where he meets a Jill (Sidse Babett Knudsen) who promises to give him everything he dreamed of. Though that dream may turn into a nightmare.

Ed and his wife live in a
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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Crazy Diamond Review

Villordsutch reviews Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams: “Crazy Diamond”…

This week’s Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams takes its inspiration from the story originally titled “Sales Pitch”, which was published way back in 1954 within Future magazine, now here delivered in 2017 under the new moniker of “Crazy Diamond”. This reimagined version has been written by Tony Grisoni (The Young Pope, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and is directed by Marc Munden (National Treasure, Utopia).

In a world of genetic-splicing and chimeras, where the food you eat is sold to you with barely a shelf life of a day and it’s illegal, if not impossible, to grow your own food, Ed Morris (Steve Buscemi) longs to escape this world with his wife via the open sea. However, this isn’t that simple due to the controlling nature of this new world and the pull factors woven around them.
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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams episode 4 review: Crazy Diamond

Louisa Mellor Oct 8, 2017

Crazy’s the right word for it. Electric Dreams delivers its most unusual, packed episode yet…

This review contains spoilers.

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1.4 Crazy Diamond

Forty-four novels, one hundred and twenty-one short stories, six published volumes of correspondence… nobody could ever say Philip K. Dick lacked for ideas. The same goes for this week’s Electric Dreams, which is, to use a technical term, chocka. There’s environmental collapse, a dystopian level of state control, widespread infertility, implanted consciousnesses, maritime-themed sci-fi architecture, Julia Davis, a gang of piratic teddy boys, Syd Barrett, and a race of chimeric pig-people.

And that’s before the plot even kicks in. Crazy Diamond has packed its hour of screen-time to the rafters.
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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams: spoiler-free review

Rob Leane Sep 14, 2017

Here’s our verdict on two episodes of Amazon and Channel 4’s sci-fi anthology series, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams...

At a swanky event in London, a gaggle of journalists was plied with booze and nibbles, before sitting down to watch two episodes of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. This sci-fi anthology series from Amazon and Channel 4, which arrives on screens later this month, adapts short stories from the literary master behind Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly and The Man In The High Castle.

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Expectations were high as the snacks depleted and we were ushered to the screening room. Then, Channel 4’s Head of Drama introduced a special video message from Bryan Cranston, who stars in one
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First Look Images emerge of Benedict Wong and Jack Reynor in Channel 4’s new Sci-Fi series Electric Dreams

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Zehra Phelan

Channel 4 are about to embark on a new ten part sci-fi anthology series in September called Electric Dreams with a whole host of actors you may just recognise and we have three first look images from the series which include Doctor Strange actor Benedict Wong and Free Fire’s Jack Reynor.

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The series, which is inspired by Philip K. Dick’s renowned short stories, will feature ten standalone episodes where each are set in a different and unique world – some which lie in the far reaches of the universe and time and others which are much, much closer to home. While the stories may be worlds apart, central to each is the poignant and warm exploration of the importance and significance of humanity.

Adapted by a number of leading writers and directors, the Electric Dreams series will
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Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: 7 reasons to get excited

Rob Leane Jun 30, 2017

Channel 4 and Amazon are bringing us a Phillip K Dick anthology series that's worth getting excited about...

Philip K. Dick’s writing has been translated to the screen numerous times, with most of the results being brilliant in their own ways: Blade Runner remains one of the best-loved sci-fi films of all time; Minority Report stands out as one of the best Tom Cruise movies; Total Recall, the first one, has cult classic status; and The Man In The High Castle has really captured imaginations over the last couple of years.

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Now, Amazon and Channel 4 are teaming up to offer fans an unprecedented number of Dick-adapted stories all at once. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is an anthology series, arriving this autumn, which gives short stories from the iconic author a Black Mirror sort of treatment.
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Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams episode 4 trailer

Kirsten Howard Louisa Mellor Rob Leane Oct 3, 2017

The fourth episode of Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams, 'Crazy Diamond', stars Steve Buscemi. Have a peek...

Sunday will once again bring us a brand new episode of Electric Dreams.

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Entitled 'Crazy Diamond', the fourth instalment stars none other than Forever Fave Steve Buscemi, Julia Davis and Sidse Babett Knudsen.

Here's the trailer...

And here's the synopsis for episode 4...

Ed (Steve Buscemi) has his life turned upside down, and his wife Sally's (Julia Davis) worst fears come true when he meets femme fatale Jill (Sidse Babett Knudsen), a 'chimera' or synthetic being who is as beautiful as she is deadly. Jill draws Ed into a world of crime and murder that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

More as we have it.

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: air date

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On my radar: Hugh Skinner’s cultural highlights

The W1A and Fleabag actor on the weird humour of Julia Davis, lovely but lethal sandwiches, and Nina Simone

Hugh Skinner attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (Lamda) before beginning his career in the theatre. Since 2014 he has played the role of the useless intern Will in the BBC satire W1A; his other television roles include would-be MP Unwin Trevaunance in series two of Poldark, the protagonist’s on-off boyfriend Harry in Fleabag, and Prince William in royal spoof soap opera The Windsors. His film credits include Kill Your Friends and Les Misérables, while theatre roles include American Psycho at the Almeida, and The Trial and The Cherry Orchard at the Young Vic. The Windsors Christmas Special is on 23 December at 10pm on Channel 4.

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Friday’s best TV: Summer: Earth’s Seasonal Secrets; Camping; Friday Night Dinner

  • The Guardian - TV News
Bears stealing honey feature in yet another sumptuous-but-unchallenging BBC nature show; Julia Davis adds to her gallery of grubby grotesques; and washing-up time in Friday Night Dinner

As pretty to look at as any television you’ll see all year – an hour of luxuriant nature footage from across the globe, arranged around the theme of summer. You are invited to gurgle at such spectacles as bears stealing honey from bees, lemurs stalking cicadas, nesting turtles … there doesn’t appear to be much point to it – or, very arguably, the need for it. Perhaps worth recording for viewing in the depths of February. Andrew Mueller

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The Circuit pilot review

Louisa Mellor Aug 25, 2016

Pulling writers Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly are back with a wry, understated comedy pilot about middle-class awkwardness…

Adeel Akhtar and Paul Ready’s most famous scene in Dennis Kelly’s conspiracy thriller Utopia saw the latter gouge out the former’s eye with a spoon. The Circuit, written by Dennis Kelly and Sharon Horgan, reunites the pair for more torture involving cutlery. And placemats. And Le Creuset saucepans. And giant prawns of unspecified variety.

The Circuit is a character comedy set against the peculiar middle-class agony of the dinner party. If Channel 4 orders a series, each episode will presumably take place in the home of a new host Come Dine With Me-style. If you can picture Come Dine With Me populated by the cast of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

It says something about a comedy’s world outlook that its sanest, most
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Mum: wonderful, heart-felt, low-key comedy




From the creator of Him & Her, Mum tells an affecting story and boasts an excellent cast in Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan

Screenwriters often say their characters are inspired by people they’ve met in real life. If that’s the case for Stefan Golaszewski, he’d better hope that none of them ever watch his shows and recognise themselves. That’s hardly a risk of course. Golaszewski’s best—and by best, I mean worst—comic creations are so lacking in self-awareness they’d never notice the similarities.

Take Laura, the bigoted, self-involved sister of lazy but harmless Becky in Him & Her. You won’t meet a meaner, more judgemental, less-informed person this side of a Daily Mail comments section. She’s a self-obsessed, cruel bully. And the highlight of the show.

In Him & Her’s final series, six episodes of which chronicle the events of Laura’s disastrous wedding,
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Flowers: Channel 4's peculiar, poetic comedy treat




Sad, strange and very funny comedy drama Flowers, feat. Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt, starts tonight on Channel 4

Julian Barratt has news for you: “We’re all going to die.”

“Spoiler!” says Will Sharpe.

“We’re all in a bit of a horrifying situation” continues Barratt. “The reality of our predicament on the planet is…” he laughs, “quite bleak.”

We’re discussing death and new six-part comedy drama Flowers, written and directed by Sharpe, starring Barratt and Olivia Colman as Maurice and Deborah, heads of the dysfunctional Flowers family. The subject becomes relevant once you see the opening seconds of episode one.

“I used to really like and still do, The Odd Couple, the film with Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau” says Barratt. “It starts with him wandering about trying to kill himself and he puts his back out. I always find that funny, sort of
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The week in TV: 11.22.63; Camping; Scott & Bailey; Abused: The Untold Story – review

James Franco tries to change the course of history while Julia Davis delights with the wickedly funny Camping

11.22.63 (Fox)

Camping (Sky Atlantic)

Scott & Bailey (ITV) | ITV Hub

Abused: The Untold Story (BBC1) | iPlayer

Stephen King’s stamping ground is warped Americana, the shiny and comforting all twisted out of shape, either by human psychosis or the supernatural (think “Mom’s apple pie” with a bloodstained axe slicing through the pastry). So it was an intriguing departure to see a King time travel story in the new eight-part series 11.22.63.

Savile now has confirmed bogeyman status in our culture, in a way that threatens to overshadow the suffering he caused

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Camping review: a gloriously bleak comedy masterpiece

Julia Davis is back – as writer, director and star – and her dark humour is given free rein in this rich and truthful comedy about not-so-happy campers. Plus: The Tunnel just isn’t The Bridge

Ooh good, camping, I like camping. But this Camping (Sky Atlantic) is by Julia Davis, of Nighty Night and Hunderby infamy; again she wrote, directs and stars. So probably not so happy camping.

The unhappiness comes quick and thick. First to arrive at the campsite are Robin (Steve Pemberton), whose 50th birthday is the reason for the trip, and Fiona (Vicki Pepperdine). She’s controlling, bitter, mean-spirited, sadistic; he’s a husk of a man, his soul pecked out of him. They have a young son, who shows, according to his mother, symptoms of homosexuality – weak will, facial bloating, etc. He wears a goldfish bowl over his head, I’m not entirely sure why, but I
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Tuesday’s best TV: River Monsters, Europe: Them or Us; The A Word; Camping

  • The Guardian - TV News
Fishing detective Jeremy Wade heads to the Mekong; Nick Robinson explores the UK’s relationship with Europe; the latest from Julia Davis focuses on a night under canvas

Boris’s Brexit-minded “exaggerations” about coffins and recycled teabags aside, the UK has had a somewhat complicated relationship with postwar Europe. As the Tories rent themselves in twain, Farage strews his local with pre-emptive bunting, and – with the prospect of an “in” verdict not entirely a foregone conclusion in this June’s referendum – the BBC’s Nick Robinson explores some past hiccups in this two-parter. First up, the new common market: how we initially didn’t want anything to do with it, then pleaded to be let in. Ali Catterall

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Hunderby review: ‘Woodland sex before the opening credits – oh it’s good to have Julia Davis back’

Hunderby is the filthiest filth, but you can get away with a lot by being very good and very funny

‘Jostle him, arrr, jostle him, do you feel it bigging? He is bigging, oh he is bigging, ’tis on, ’tis off, ’tis on, ’tis off, pump him, pump him swiftly now, pump him swiftly, wait … ”

It is springtime in the woods, some time in the 1830s, and Dr Foggerty is giving instructions to his soon-to-be wife Helene who is giving him a hand job. A lovely pastoral scene. He is about to arrive when Hester – Dr Foggerty’s not-yet-divorced wife and (they think) sister – does arrive, in her wheelchair. Out collecting bluebells and teasels, she fancied she heard the playful wickering of badgers just now. “I am not disturbing?” she asks them, politely.

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Rosie Cavaliero’s favourite TV: ‘Bring back Play For Today’

The star of Julia Davis’s black comedy Hunderby on Dallas, The Bridge and a lifelong obsession with The Sound Of Music

I’m a sucker for the dark Scandi stuff, so I’m really loving The Bridge at the moment, and also River, which has echoes of Scandinoir even though it’s set in London. In terms of comedy, Peep Show is bowing out on a hysterical high. And I’m loving Catastrophe and Toast Of London as well. I don’t go out much!

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