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5 Movies Hollywood Almost Got Right

In a recent article here at What Culture, Andrew Edward Davies explored Tim Burton’s Batman Forever and called it The Best Dark Knight Movie Never Made. The threequel would have seen such things as the return of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, a darker and more maniacal Riddler played by Robin Williams and the introduction of Two Face played by Billy Dee Williams, continuing his role from 1989’s Batman. So what happened?

Well, Andrew explores that in his article which I suggest you check out, here. My topical colleague, however, has opened the proverbial can of worms and sent me on a merry chase through Development Hell to bring you five films Hollywood could have gotten right if only they’d paid closer attention…

1. Star Trek: The Academy Years

It is a matter of common knowledge (even amongst non-fans) that Star Trek’s fifth film installment was both a
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Bill Maher Performs 'Unbaptism' on Mitt Romney's Dead Father-in-Law (Video)

Bill Maher Performs 'Unbaptism' on Mitt Romney's Dead Father-in-Law (Video)
Bill Maher is making waves (and history) after performing the very first "unbaptism" live on HBO. The outspoken atheist took it upon himself to free the late father of Mitt Romney's wife from his posthumous baptism, in which he was named a member of the Mormon religion. Photos: Box Office Politics "In case you didn't hear, it was discovered last week that Edward Davies, Ann Romney's father -- an enthusiastically anti-religious scientist who called organized faith 'hogwash,' was posthumously baptized in the Mormon tradition 14 months after he died," he said on Friday's episode of Real Time With

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