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Carole Davis

Manhood Rita Bobby Roth, Dir. Jack the Dog Rita Bobby Roth Interruptions Supporting Good-bye Hong Kong Lead If Looks Could Kill Areola Canasta William Dear,

The Rapture Lead New Line Shrimp on the Barbie Lead Universal Mannequin Lead 20th Century Fox Let's Get Harry Lead Stuart Rosenberg, Dir.
The Flamingo Kid Joyce Brody Garry Marshall, Dir.  

Scrubs Rosie Myler NBC Veronica Mars Guest Star CW The Bold and the Beautiful Guest Star CBS

My Wife and Kids Guest Star ABC Angel Guest Star Less Than Perfect Guest Star ABC Sex & the City Guest Star HBO Live From Baghdad Guest Star HBO MOW The Division Co-Star Lifetime Bob Patterson Guest Star ABC How to Marry a Billionaire Starring FOX MOW 3rd Rock from the Sun Guest Star NBC Star Trek Voyager Guest Star FOX The Pursuit of Happiness Guest Star NBC In the Line of Duty Starring NBC MOW

Antigone Antigone Theatre Regional de Arles, France
Le Misanthrope Celimene Festival Dâ€TMOrange, France
Time Capsules w/Andy Warhol Gallery Theatre, N.Y.
The Rose Tattoo Serafina Lee Strasberg Theatre
I'm No Angel Released on Atlantic Records, Worldwide distribution: WEA
Written, arranged, produced and performed by Carole Davis Heart of Gold Released on Warner Brothers, Worldwide distribution: WEA Written by Carole Davis and Nile Rogers, Produced by Nile Rogers Slow Love Written by Carole Davis and Prince, Produced by Prince on Paisley Records Grammy award for Album of the Year (Sign o' the Times) ASCAAP Composer and Publisher, Publishing: MCA MUSIC

Lee Strasberg Institute, HB Studio, Actor's Studio (Lee Strasberg, Rochelle

Oliver, Gordon Phillips, Irma Sandrey, Eileen Aiken, Geraldine Baron)
London Royal School of Ballet, Thai Royal School of Ballet, Modern Dance:

Luigi NY
Fluent native speaker of FRENCH and ITALIAN. All foreign dialects:

Spanish, Thai and Chinese
Commercial Agent: KSA Management: Judy Orbach AGENT (theatrical): Ellis Talent Group (818) 980-8072 SAG/AFTRA

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