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The Devil Incarnate DVD Review

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The Devil Incarnate DVD Review
Title: The Devil Incarnate (Original Title: Copiii: The 1st Entry) Image Entertainment Director: L. Gustavo Cooper Writer: Coe Douglas, Jon Bosworth and L. Gustavo Cooper Cast: Rod Luzzi, Graci Carli, Emily Rogers Running time: 76 minutes, Not Rated Special Features: None On DVD: 10.07.14 Trevor and Holly Davidson (Rod Luzzi and Graci Carli) are newlyweds on their way to Florida. They decide to stop at some tourist trap in Cassadaga where Holly wants to get a tarot reading. After a disappointing encounter with a palm reader, they are told by a mysterious homeless black man (insert cliche magical negro that we’ll see again) who tells the couple to seek out [ Read More ]

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Review: The Devil Incarnate

Getting married should be one of the happiest times of your life. Starting a family should be up there too (if you’re into that kind of thing), but many things can put a damper on that experience, especially if it happens to be an ancient curse that awakens to wreak havoc on a life changing event, with very ill intentions, turning a happy moment into something dark and sinister.

Trevor (Rod Luzzi) and Holly Davidson (Graci Carli) are newlyweds who are on a road trip to Miami to celebrate their honeymoon. Trevor documents the trip, and Holly insists on visiting a fortune teller. An eerie event occurs that frightens the couple, but the terror turns to joy as the couple finds out they are expecting a child. Everything seems perfect for the young newlyweds, they prepare their lives together and are ecstatic to bring their child into the world,
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New on Acorn DVD: The Saint Plus Agatha Christie Favorites

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Miss_Marple Acorn Media Rlj Entertainment

To coincide with the final installments of Poirot on Acorn TV, Acorn media are releasing two Agatha Christie boxsets on 5 August. These boxsets include previously released episodes that have been pieced together in best-of-the-best collections that will be a must-have for die-hard fans of the author and her two most famous creations: Poirot and Marple.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot Fan Favorites Collection features David Suchet in six episodes produced across a 25 year time span. Murder on the Orient Express (Series 12, 2010); Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (Series 6, 1995); The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Series 3, 1990); The ABC Murders (Series 4, 1992); The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb (Series 5, 1993); and Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Series 1, 1989). As a story, Murder on the Orient Express ranks as one of my favorites and this particular adaptation is very good. It’s somewhat surprising that ITV waited until 2010 to produce a Suchet version of the
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New on DVD: Midsomer, Vera and Kevin Whatley

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Midsomer Murders ITV

Despite the demise of Poirot and the unexpected cancellation of Whitechapel, ITV continues to dominate the market for British TV detective shows. Within this genre, there is arguably no show more popular than Midsomer Murders, and more blood has been spilled on the streets of Britain’s most dangerous rural community in the stories included in Acorn’s latest DVD release. Midsomer Murders Set 23 features three tales that are intriguing, unpredictable and just a little bit peculiar.

The trilogy of tales begins with The Dark Rider, a spooky adventure in which local residents are seemingly being tormented by the vengeful spirit of a headless horseman. The guest stars include William Gaunt who is perhaps best known for his role as Martin Clunes’ Dad in No Place Like Home. His onscreen wife is Doctor Who veteran Eleanor Bron while James Callis has his work cut out playing twins.
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Afm 2013: Sales Trailer for the Ultra Spooky Copiii: The 1st Entry

The official sales trailer for L. Gustavo Cooper's latest fear film, Copiii: The 1st Entry (review), has arrived thanks to our feathered fiends over at Raven Banner Entertainment. Check it out!

Graci Carli, Rod Luzzi, Emily Rogers, Cindy Hogan, Barbara Van Fleet, and Walter J. Colson star.


Copiii: The 1st Entry is the story of two newlyweds, Trevor and Holly Davidson, driving through Florida on the way to their honeymoon in Miami. A simple tourist stop in Cassadaga, the psychic capital of the world, for a tarot reading ends in a frightening encounter with Vjestica Patkavior, the scion of the ancient curse known as copiii pierdere, Romanian for “the loss of a child.” Vjestica’s ancient curse has long rendered the Patkaviors incapable of bearing children naturally; therefore, to carry on their family legacy, they have always stolen other people’s children and raised them as Patkaviors. When
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Sadie Frost Drinks Green Juice to Stay Slim

Sadie Frost drinks "green juice" every day. The 45-year-old actress-turned-designer credits her specially-made morning drink as one of the reasons why she manages to stay so slim and healthy. She explained, "I have a green juice every morning which contains avocados, pineapple, kale, omega oils, spirulina and protein powder."

Sadie, who is the ex-wife of Jude Law, also leads an active lifestyle and takes part in regular exercise and relaxation sessions. She said, "I do yoga, a Power Plate session, a Pilates class and a training session with my sister Holly Davidson every week."

Though she looks after herself, Sadie admits one of her biggest vices is "chocolate" and she loves to spend time in her bed catching up on her favorite TV shows. She added to Now magazine, "I literally hide in my bed with books and writing paper, snuggled up under my blankets and then watch some good old fashioned TV.
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