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  • (1923 - 1941) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1923) Stage Play: Dew Drop Inn. Musical comedy. Music by Alfred Goodman. Book by Walter DeLeon and Edward Delaney Dunn. Lyrics by Cyrus Wood. Featuring songs by Rudolf Friml, J. Fred Coots and Jean Schwartz. Featuring songs with lyrics by McElbert Moore. Ensemble music by Sigmund Romberg. Musical Director: Alfred Newman. Astor Theatre: 17 May 1923- 25 Aug 1923 (production closed from 1 Jul 1923- 29 Jul 1923/83 performances). Cast: Margaret Atherton, James Barton (as "Ananias Washington"), Alice Brady (as "Marion Stanley/Ensemble"), George Brown, Lester Brown, Jean Carroll, Evelyn Cavanaugh, Spencer Charters (as "Joseph Higgins"), Harry Clark, Daniel Dare (as "Bell Boy") [Broadway debut], Billie Davis, Gladys Davis, Dorothy Deane, Richard Dore, Bernard Druce, Millie Dupree, Grace Ellsworth, Harry Ellsworth, Bob Gebhardt, Dale Grigsby, Raymond Hall, Sylvia Highton, Frank Hill, Claire Hodgson, William Holden, Robert Holliday, Ben Jacklow, Thelma Johns, Bobby Kane, Lee Kelso, Mary Kissell, Katherine Manion, Rena Miller, Margaret Morris, Felicia Murelle, Helen O'Brien, Hal Peel, Mary Robson, Helen Rogier, Harry Rosedale, Jack Squire, Allen Stevens, Juliet Strahl, Beatrice Swanson, Marcella Swanson, Mabel Withee. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Five O'Clock Girl. Musical comedy. Book by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson. Music by Harry Ruby and Bert Kalmar. Lyrics by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Choreographed by Jack Haskell. Assistant Choreographer: Daniel Dare. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire. Scenic Design by Norman Bel Geddes. Entire production under the supervision of Philip Goodman. Directed by John Harwood. 44th Street Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 16 Apr 1928 to close): 10 Oct 1927- 2 Jun 1928 (280 performances). Cast: Russell Ash, Michael Barroy, Louis John Bartels, Chester Bennett, Albert Birk, Marian Bonnell, Marion Booth, Dorothy Brown, Arthur C. Budd, Mary Carlton, Charles Conklin, Myrtle Cox, Daniel Dare (as "Ronnie Webb"), Daye Dawne, Lola De Lille, Helen Deane, Allys Dwyer, Mary Eaton (as "Patricia Brown"), Dorothy Fitzgibbon, Gloria Gilbert, Buddie Haines, Raymond Hall, Evelyn Hannons, Virginia Hassell, Leo Howe, Jack Hughes, Elizabeth Janeway, Carl Judd (as "Policeman"), Jack Kay, Ethel Kelly, Pert Kelton (as "Susan Snow"), Myrtle Lane, Jane Lauderdale, Sam Lee, Helen Madigan, Jessie Madison, Pauline Maxwell, Arthur May, Fred Maye, Frank McNellis, Verdi Milli, Helen Mirtel, Virginia Moore, Bobby Morris, Virginia Mortimer, Alice O'Brien, Gwen Orlando, June Paget, Marjorie Phillips, Mary Phillips, Ruby Poe, Alice Raisen, June Ray, Helen Sanderson, Ted Schultz, Al Shaw, Oscar Shaw (as "Gerald Brooks"), Rosemary Sill, Lowell Stray, Audrey Sturges, Elizabeth Surran, Frances Thress, Philip Tiltman, Vera Trett, Elsa Varga, Vahrah Verba, Billy Walsh, Brownie Walsh, Betty Waxton, Ted White, Biddy Wilkenson, Mary Williams. Produced by Philip Goodman.
  • (1929) Stage Play: The Little Show. Musical revue. Songs primarily by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz. Sketches by George S. Kaufman, Fred Allen, Newman Levy, Marya Mannes, Earle Crooker, Paul James, Kay Swift and Grace Henry. Choreographed by Daniel Dare. Orchestra directed by: Jacques Rabiroff. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Dwight Wiman. Music Box Theatre: 30 Apr 1929- Feb 1930 (closing date unknown/321 performances). Cast: Fred Allen, Clifton Webb, Bettina Hall, Erik Rhodes, Constance Cummings, Portland Hoffa with duo-piano accompaniment by Adam Carroll and Ralph Rainger. Produced by William A. Brady and Dwight Wiman. Produced in association with Tom Weatherly. Libby sang "Moanin' Low." Show was a major hit of the 1929 Broadway season, propelling Webb and Holman into top-ranked Broadway stardom.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Sweet Adeline. Musical comedy.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Sweet and Low. Musical revue. Based on material by David Freedman. Musical Director: William Daly. Featuring songs by Harry Archer, Oscar Levant, Charlotte Kent, Harry Warren, Vivian Ellis, William C. K. Irwin, Louis Alter, George M. Cohan, Dana Suesse, Phil Charig and Joseph Meyer. Featuring songs with lyrics by Edward Eliscu, Ira Gershwin, Billy Rose, Malcolm McComb and Ballard MacDonald. Choreographed by Daniel Dare. Additional dances by Busby Berkeley. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Alexander Leftwich. Chanin's 46th Street Theatre: 17 Nov 1930- Apr 1931 (closing date unknown/184 performances). Cast: James Barton, Fanny Brice, George Jessel, Borrah Minevitch, Peggy Andre, Gladys Aster, Kathleen Ayres, Arline Baber, Joe Barry, Jack Bauer, Marion Bonnell, Kitty Brady, Ethel Brice, Emily Burton, Betty Croke, Ruth Dana, Roger Davis, Nancy Dolan, Harry Edwards, Loretta Flushing, Rita Jason, Cy Landry, James Lee, Muriel Markert, Charles Millang, Moss & Fontana, Edward Murray, Edwin Murray, Jerry Norris, Lucille Osborne, Viola Paulson, Jack Ray, Shirley Richards, Polly Rose, Ruth Sato, Pauline Schaefer, Charlotte Stoll, Ray Stuart, Baun Sturtz, Arthur Treacher, Paula Trueman, Mildred Tully, Dorothy Van Hess, Emily Van Hoven, Hannah Williams, Dan Wyler. Produced by Billy Rose.
  • (1931) Stage Play: You Said It. Musical comedy. Music by Harold Arlen. Book by Jack Yellen and Sid Silvers. Lyrics by Jack Yellen. Musical Director: Louis Gress. Music orchestrated by Howard Jackson. Special music effects by Fred Waring. Vocal arrangements by Charles Henderson. Choreographed by Daniel Dare. Directed by John Harwood. Chanin's 46th Street Theatre: 19 Jan 1931- 4 Jul 1931 (192 performances). Cast: Benny Baker, Jack Barnes, Peggy Bernier, Clark Bremmer, William Broder, Kendall Capps, Alyce Chapelle, Patsy Clair, Hughie Clarke, Ray Clarke, Dorcas Cochran (as "Ensemble"), Yorke Coplen, Leslie Cornell, Bryan Davis, Martin Dennis, Allan D'Sylva, John T. Dwyer (as "Nicholas Holloway"), Ed Ellington, John Elliott, Ralph Erwin, Victor Etheridge, Marjorie Fisher, Archie Ford, Oscar Grogan, George Haggerty, Vernon Hammer, Jack Harcourt, Joan Harley, Lou Holtz (as "Pinkie Pincus"), Rita Horgan, Doris Jay, Agatha Johann, Florence Johnson, Mary Lawlor (as "Helen Holloway"), Eileen Leahy, Billie Leonard, Dixie Lester, Gertrude Lindle, Mary Joan Martin, Betty McNulty, Tommy Miller, Harry Moore, Victor Munro, Betty Nylander, Emmett O'Brien, Peggy O'Day, Walter Petrie, Virginia Renaud, Lyda Roberti (as "Fanny"), J. Francis Robertson, Mildred Rye, Paula Sands, Robert Shafer, Jules Shear, Henry Slate, Jack Slate, Syd Slate, Stanley Smith, Kay Smythe, Al Stafford, Steward Steppler, Dorothy Stewart, Betty Sundmark, Helen Travers, Renee Vilon, Jae Voll, John Walsh, Patricia Whitney. Produced by Jack Yellen and Mr. Holtz.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Sentinels. Drama. Written by Lula Vollmer. Directed by Priestly Morrison. Biltmore Theatre: 25 Dec 1931- Jan 1932 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Laura Bowman (as "Mallie"), Orrin Burke (as "James Stanley"), Burke Clarke (as "John Hathaway"), Sayre Crawley (as "The Reverend Doctor Carroll"), Owen Davis Jr. (as "Thunder"), Elizabeth Love, Wayland Rudd (as "Thunder';Milano Tilden ), Ben Smith' (as "Officer"), Katharine Tracy, Dorothy West, Jane Wheatley. Produced by Walter Batchelor, Daniel Dare and Louis Carpenter.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Tattle Tales. Musical revue. Sketches by Frank Fay and Nick Copeland. Lyrics by George Waggoner, Leo Robin, Edward Eliscu, William Walsh, Frank Fay, Willard Robison and Howard Jackson. Additional lyrics by Bernie Grossman and Dave Silverstein. Music by Edward Ward, Ralph Rainger, Willard Robison, Howard Jackson and Eddie Bienbryer. Musical Director: Arnold Johnson. Music orchestrated by Howard Jackson. Musical numbers staged by John Lonergan, Daniel Dare and LeRoy Prinz [final Broadway credit]. Entire production under the personal supervision of Frank Fay. Broadhurst Theatre: 1 Jun 1933- 24 Jun 1933 (28 performances). Cast: Lois Ackerman (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Jerry Archer (as "The Mind Readers" Performer/The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Mary Barnett (as "You Gotta Do Better Than That" Performer/"The First Spring Day" Dancer/"Jig Saw Jamboree" Performer/"Sing American Tunes" Performer"), Beauvell (as "Hasta Mañana So This is Havana" Performer/ "Valse Moderniatsic" Performer/Inspector of Transients, Grand Centre Terminal"), Eddie Byrnbriar (as "A Son of New Rochelle, Grand Centre Terminal"), Les Clark (as "You Gotta Do Better Than That" Performer/"The First Spring Day" Dancer/"Jig Saw Jamboree" Performer/"Sing American Tunes" Performer"), Ione Collombe (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Nick Copeland (as "Nathan Jackson, The Crash/Hook & Eye No. 1/Information, Grand Centre Terminal"), Don Cumming (as "Meet Our Hero and Heavy" Performer/The Sneak, Not to Be Trusted/Retired Time Table Folder, Grand Centre Terminal"), Dorothy Dell (as "Breaking Up a Rhythm" Performer/"Sing American Tunes" Performer Betty Doree (as "I'll Take an Option on You" Performer/Specialty Performer"), John Dyer (as "Hon. Wilbur Peabody, The Crash/"The Mind Readers" Performer/First Interviewer/The Interview/Casting Director, Extra Man/Announcer, Grand Centre Terminal"), Helen Eades (as "Maid, The Interview/The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Edith Evans (as "Harlem Lullaby" Performer/Dot LaMar, The Interview/Jenny Grab, Grand Centre Terminal"), Frank Fay (as "Meet Our Hero and Heavy" Performer/"I'll Take an Option on You" Performer/"The Nervous Waltz" Performer/"Still the Nervous Waltz" Performer/"Hang Up Your Hat on Broadway" Performer/The Abused, Not to Be Trusted/"Extra Man" Performer/Col. Tapeapeek, Grand Centre Terminal"), Wilma Flannigan (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), William Hargrave (as "Hasta Mañana So This is Havana" Performer/ Second Interviewer, The Interview/"The First Spring Day" Performer"), Jane Hayes (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Collece Legget (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), James Mack (as "Sir Herbert Martin, The Crash/Engine Co. No. 2/Baggage Supervisor, Grand Centre Terminal"), Lucille Matthews (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Ray Mayer (as "The Official Mr. "Eh Eh"/Officer Take, Grand Centre Terminal"), Jane Morgan Mrs. Strong, The Interview/Madamme Yo Yo, Grand Centre Terminal"), Barbara Near (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Charlotte Neste The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Betty Norton (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Betty Nylander (as "The Wife, Grand Centre Terminal"), Evelyn Page (as "The Nervous Waltz" Performer/ "Still the Nervous Waltz" Performer/The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Lillian Reynolds (as "Percy With Perserverence" Performer/"Breaking Up a Rhythm" Performer/"Jig Saw Jamboree" Performer"), Beverly Royde (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Sylvia Schiller (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Barbara Stanwyck (as "Herself, The Interview/Kay Arnold, The Interview"), Miss Tova (as "Hasta Mañana So This is Havana" Performer/"Valse Moderniatsic" Performer"/Mr.-Mrs. Lady, Grand Centre Terminal"), Elsa Walbridge (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"), Wilma Wray (as "The Misses "Tattle Tales"). Produced by Frank Fay.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Meet the People. Musical revue. Music by Jay Gorney. Book by Ben Barzman [only Broadway credit], Sol Barzman [only Broadway credit], Mortimer Offner, Edward Eliscu, Daniel Dare, Henry Blankfort, Bert Lawrence, Sid Kuller, Ray Golden, Milt Gross, Mike Quin and Arthur Ross. Lyrics by Henry Myers and Edward Eliscu. Revised by Edward Eliscu. Music orchestrated by Archey Bleyer, Charles F. Miller, George Bassman and David Raksin. Miss Colby's special arrangements by Arthur Wilson. Directed by Daniel Dare and Milton Offner. Mansfield Theatre: 25 Dec 1940- 10 May 1941 (160 performances). Cast: Jack Albertson, Ted Arkin, Jack Boyle, Patricia Brilhante, Virginia Bryan, Beryl Carew, Marion Colby, Robert Davis, Marie DeForest, Josephine Del Mar, Michael Doyle, Rafe Eisenberg, Nanette Fabray, Jack Gilford, Angus Hopkins, Eddie Johnson, Norman Lawrence, Fay McKenzie, Robert Nash, Kenneth Patterson, Lois Paul, Barney Phillips, Dorothy Roberts, Sue Robin, Peggy Ryan, Elizabeth Talbot-Martin, Beverly Weaver, Doodles Weaver, Jack Williams. Produced by Hollywood Theatre Alliance and Danny Dare.

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