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Looking Underground for a Cartoon Connection: A Movie Review

Director: Rafael Eisenman.

Writer: Charles Morris Jr.

Cast: Ross Thomas, Sophia Pernas, Adrian R’Mante, Hayley Knight, Christine Evangelista, Adam Meirick, Megan Hensley, Jack Donner, Chaz Allen, and Jeff D'Agostino.

When military science creates monstrosities that go berserk in the intro to Underground, one possible solution is to send in the Special Forces to mop up with a few mortar shells and a flamethrower. Obviously someone forgot to bring these big guns. The soldiers become yesterday’s news, leaving what happens next a tale of survival.

A few years later, the base is abandoned and it gets used as the location for a rave. Lonely soldier boy, Matt Wilcox (Ross Thomas), has finished his tour of duty—presumably without a scratch—and is meeting his pals there. He introduces his girlfriend, Mira (Sofia Pernas), to Eric (Jeff D'Agostino), Storm (Adrian R’Mante), Jenna (Christine Evangelista) and Evie (Hayley Knight).

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Horror Comedy Zombie Roadkill to Premiere Undead Squirrels on Fearnet October 4th!

Zombie Roadkill PosterThe largest horror site on the interweb will be launching a six episode film called "Zombie Roadkill." Each show will be a short four to five minutes long and starring are Thomas Haden Church (Sideways), and David Dorfman (The Ring). The show premieres October 4th, with follow-ups throughout the month of October and this webseries involves resurrected animals, like squirrels, who have a real strong appetite. The official poster for the series (left) shows that even Park Rangers are vulnerable to attack! Board up the house and prepare for the zombie mayhem in just a couple weeks.

The synopsis for "Zombie Roadkill" here:

"'Zombie Roadkill' follows a group of college kids driving on an unfamiliar winding road through a national park. The group is heading for a fun weekend away, but when they accidentally run over an unsuspecting squirrel, everything takes a dark turn and they
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