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10 great TV musical episodes

Rob Leane Juliette Harrisson Mar 20, 2017

As the Supergirl/The Flash musical episode approaches, we revisit 10 great TV show forays into the world of musical theatre...

If you hadn’t already heard: The CW’s brightest and most jovial superhero shows, The Flash and Supergirl, are having a musical crossover episode. To mark the occasion, we look back at our ten favourite musical outings from geek TV gone by. Get your song sheets at the ready and prepare to sing along...

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Standout track: 'Drives Us Bats', an ode to Batman's ability to drive his own rogues' gallery (and fellow heroes) insane, sung mainly by Neil Patrick Harris.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Day Four (July 21st) Light on Horror but Includes Supernatural, Under the Dome, The Skin Trade, and a Few Others

Two weeks from now Sdcc 2013 will be winding down, so are there enough horror offerings to entice attendees back to the show for Day 4 (July 21)? With "Supernatural" kicking things off bright and early, we say, "Yes!"

Also on the schedule for Sunday (traditionally the family-themed day of the event) are "Under the Dome," an update on the adaptation of George R.R. Martin's werewolf/Pi/serial killer mashup novella The Skin Trade, a chance to build your own monster, surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, a Neil Gaiman Spotlight panel, a look at what's coming from Diamond Select Toys, a how-to on creating suspenseful, exciting, anxiety-inducing stories, and per usual, a screening of "Buffy the Musical: Once More with Feeling" to close things out.

Since the horror offerings are so light, we've expanded our Day 4 highlights list to cover such topics as the future of sci-fi novels, the 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who,
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AfterElton Briefs: Unf**k The Gulf, Big "Torchwood" News, the "Howl" Trailer, Enrique is a Man of His Word, and More!

Plus Ryan Reynolds and his CGI costume, an As The World Turns star plays gay, and prepare for Sharktopus!

Will Young attends the Serpentine Dallery Summer Party in London interviews As The World Turns star Jon Lindstrom (Craig)about his new film You Can't Have It All. Jon stars as a fifty-ish man who finds himself exploring new feelings when he meets a younger man. A blonde, spoiled, pouty, rich young man. Okay, I made that last part up. (h/t to Sandy) Logo has acquired the syndication rights to F/X's Nip/Tuck. It'll air the entire seven seasons in sequence beginning in October, with three-episode stacks on one night during primetime, and a new stack of episodes each week. Below you can see the first official trailer for Howl, the much-anticipated bio-pic of Allen Ginsberg. The perpetually enigmatic James Franco stars as the poet, and the
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