Yudai Yamaguchi's Deadball Set to Play Ball April 9th on Home Video Formats

Director Yudai Yamaguchi (The ABC's of Death) is ready to release his splatterfest, Deadball, to audiences. The release date is April 9th and the release will be unrated. Fans will understand that this means: violence, gore and general mayhem. And, the film's story echoes this argument. The Deadball story follows Yakyu (Tak Sakaguchi). Yakyu is a juvenile delinquent, who has murdered 50 people in under a week. Incarcerated, Yakyu is coerced to a join a brutal baseball league. Teams play to the death and everyone has to risk facing a brutal gauntlet. Now, the film's official home video release artwork is available is here. Fans of exploitation movies can preview other film details below. Release Date: April 9th, 2013 (DVD, Blu-Ray, VOD). Director: Yudai Yamaguchi. Writers: Keita Tokaji and Yudai Yamaguchi. Cast: Kai Atô, Mickey Curtis, Erina and Junichi Gamou. The film's United Kingdom trailer is here: *bonus materials for the release include: -Spinoff.
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Robo-g (2012) Movie Review

Although it may sound like a film following the exploits of a robotic gangster, “Robo-g” is in fact a Japanese outing charting the wackiness that ensues when an old man is hired to masquerade as a robot. The film is the latest from director Yaguchi Shinobu, the man behind a string of hugely successful feel good comedies including “Water Boys” and “Swing Girls”, with former rocker Igarashi Shinjiro (better known as Mickey Curtis) as the elderly protagonist. An upbeat, family friendly crowd-pleaser, the film proved another hit for Yaguchi at the domestic box office, as well as playing to praise at a variety of international genre festivals. The film opens with three engineers called Hiroki (Hamada Gaku, “Fish Story”), Koji (Chan Kawai), and Shinya (Junya Kawashima, “Go Find a Psychic!”) failing to produce a working autonomous robot for their company. With an important expo just around the corner, they hatch
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Well Go USA Acquires Five Titles from the Sushi Typhoon Label

Citing the growth potential and rabid fanbase, Well Go USA has nabbed the rights to five titles from Nikkatsu Corporation's Sushi Typhoon label. Well Go USA is now the proud owner of Mutant Girls Squad, Helldriver, Yakuza Weapon, Deadball and Karate-Robo Zaborgar. A thorough and descriptive list to say the least.

Varying from hilarious comedy to splatterific violence, the one common thread of all these films is going over-the-top for the sake of entertainment. And isn't that what we really want? Explode that head! Let's see some arterial spray! Bring it on! Stay tuned as Well Go will begin rolling out these titles beginning in the fall of 2011. You've been warned.

From the Press Release

Well Go USA has acquired DVD, Digital, VOD and Television rights for the North American market to Mutant Girls Squad, Helldriver, Yakuza Weapon, Deadball and Karate-Robo Zaborgar from Nikkatsu Corporation’s leading genre film label,
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