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French Director Cyril Morin Recreates New York 1984 with Love and Sadness

French Director Cyril Morin Recreates New York 1984 with Love and Sadness
NY84” will have a gala opening and theatrical release this October 14 at the Arena Theater in Hollywood.

A unique venue for a unique film written and directed by Cyril Morin and starring Sam Quartin, Chris Schellenger and Davy J. Marr, “NY84” follows the adventures of three young artists in the downtown New York art scene in the early 1980s. Young and carefree, Kate, Anton, and Keith party, photograph, paint, sing, and play their way through the clubs and lofts of Alphabet City.

The party ends in 1984 when Anton and Keith contract a mysterious illness known as the “gay cancer.” We gain an intimate glimpse into their creative and emotional lives as the three lose their youth and innocence.

Cyril Morin

This is a lyrical poetic paen to those times some of us were lucky enough to have lived through. The sexual revolution and its sexual freedom in effect then for the newly liberated homosexual community, also opened the way for Kate to express herself. And it opened a door for transexuals, women and the whole diversity of humanity to assert itself today.
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Ranking the Hosts in Saturday Night Live’s Five-Timers Club

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Ranking the Hosts in Saturday Night Live’s Five-Timers Club
The Five-Timers Club — the elite group of actors chosen to host Saturday Night Live at least five times — was first officially codified in 1990, when Steve Martin, Paul Simon, and Elliott Gould welcomed new member Tom Hanks to the group. This Saturday, the small group expands yet again as Justin Timberlake comes back; he is only the thirteenth member of the club, and the first new one since Bill Murray notched his fifth appearance in 1999. Back in the day, SNL repeated hosts way more often — Candice Bergen, Buck Henry, and Gould all hosted twice in the first season, for example. But for our purposes, we're only including people who've hosted at least once in the modern era, which we're calling the last twenty years; nothing against Henry's ten gigs, or Gould's six, but neither has hosted since 1980. (The musical guest when Gould last hosted? Kid Creole
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Celebrity Birthdays: Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence & Andy Sandberg Celebrate Birthdays This Week

Celebrity Birthdays: Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence & Andy Sandberg Celebrate Birthdays This Week
Aug. 12: Actor George Hamilton is 73. Actress Jennifer Warren is 71. Singer-guitarist Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits is 63. Singer Kid Creole is 62. Actor Sam J. Jones ("Flash Gordon") is 58. Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny is 58. Actor Bruce Greenwood ("Thirteen Days") is 56. Country singer Danny Shirley (Confederate Railroad) is 56. Guitarist Roy Hay of Culture Club is 51. Rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot is 49. Actor Peter Krause is 47. Actor Michael Ian Black ("Ed") is 41. Actress Rebecca Gayheart is 41. Actor Casey Affleck is 37. Actress Maggie Lawson ("Psych") is 32. Actress Imani Hakim ("Everybody Hates Chris") is 19.

Aug. 13: Actor Pat Harrington is 83. Actor Kevin Tighe is 68. Actress Gretchen Corbett ("The Rockford Files") is 65. Actor Danny Bonaduce is 53. Actress Dawnn Lewis ("A Different World," "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper") is 51. Actor John Slattery is 50. Actress Debi Mazar is 48. Actress Quinn Cummings ("Family") is 45. Country singer Andy Griggs is 39. Drummer Mike Melancon of Emerson Drive is 34. Actress Kathryn Fiore ("Reno 911!") is 33. Singer James Morrison is 28.

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‘Downtown 81′ – Manhattan’s last stand as a beatnik haven

Downtown 81 represents Manhattan’s last stand as a beatnik haven for creatively driven impoverished artists, a moment where everyone was connected in one giant electrical circuit creating their own cultural power.”

Downtown 81, featuring a nineteen year old Jean-Michel Basquiat, captured the movers and shakers from the no wave, hip-hop, graffiti, and alternative fashion scenes, as they collided down in the depths of New York’s lower east side. Originally shot by director Edo Bertoglio in the winter of 1980-81, it remained unreleased for nearly twenty years before being re-assembled in 1999 by co-producer Maripol Fauque (a Polaroid photographer and fashion designer, behind the iconic look for Madonna on the cover of Like a Virgin). Basquiat first acquired notoriety in the early eighties New York art scene with his ‘Samo’ graffiti slogans, which caught the attention of TV Party host Glenn O’Brien. After Basquiat appeared as a guest on
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