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Print Biographies (7)

Jeffrey Miller. The Horror Spoofs of Abbott and Costello. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2000.
Chris Costello, with Raymond Strait. Lou's On First. New York: St. Martins Press, 1981.
Bob Furanek, Ron Palumbo. Abbott & Costello in Hollywood. Perigree Books, 1993.
Bob Thomas. Bud and Lou: The Abbott and Costello Story. 1977.
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Jim Mulholland. The Abbott and Costello Book. New York: Popular Library, 1977. ISBN 0445041382
Maltin, Leonard. The Great Movie Comedians. New York: Bell Publishing Company, 1982.

Film Biographies (3)

Portrayals (6)

Articles (10)

America in WWII (US) February 2011, Vol. 6, Iss. 5, pg. 60 & 61, by: Tony Huntington, "Theater of War: Buck Privates and In The Navy"
Classic Images (US) May 1982, Iss. 83, pg. 51, by: Richard Bann, "Screening Notes on 'Battle of the Century'"
Films in Review (US) November 1981, Iss. Vol. XXXII N°9, pg. pgs. 572-573, by: McClelland, Doug, "LOU'S ON First. By Chris Costello with Raymond Strait. St Martin's Press. 1981. 257 pp., illus. 14.95 dollars"
New York Times (US) December 6 1959, pg. 86:2, "Mrs. Lou Costello, 47; Widow of Movie Comedian Is Dead in California"
Variety (US) March 11 1959, pg. 76:1, "Lou Costello"
New York Times (US) March 8 1959, pg. 86:7, "Costello Rites Held; Comedian Mourned by 400 at Requiem Mass on Coast"
New York Times (US) March 6 1959, pg. 25:4, "Lou Costello Rites Tomorrow"
The London Times (GB) March 5 1959, pg. 14:5, "Lou Costello"
New York Times (US) March 4 1959, pg. 31:2, "Lou Costello, 52, Dies on Coast; Comic Had Teamed with Abbott; 'Little Guy Trying to Be a Big Shop' in Films and on TV--Partners Broke Up in '57"
Current Biography (US) October 1941, Vol. 2, Iss. 10, "Abbott, Bud and Costello, Lou"

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