Rewind This! – The Review: A Look Back at the Days of VHS

I admit it, I’m a sentimental old fart. I get choked up and maudlin very often, when I think of family and friends, a moment in time when I realized the tragedy life can bring to us, or the joy. I tear up at the movies regularly, or reading certain passages in books. But I never thought I would weep at the loss of a video system. If you read We Are Movie Geeks regularly you must be aware of the video revolution of the 1980s, when VHS players and recorders found a place in almost every home in America. I hope you recall the early days when VHS was neck and neck with Betamax, a technically better system. Remember the days of Mom and Pop video rental stores when almost anyone could open a store front, and with a collection of VHS tapes start making money? As one of the many,
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'The Good Mistress': When did you figure out the twist?

"The Good Mistress" spends roughly three-quarters of its two-hour run time being your standard made-for-tv-movie about a woman in peril. It's only in the last few minutes that audiences are treated to something different: A twist.

But is the twist too obvious? When did you realize who was the real bad guy in "The Good Mistress"?

The story, such as it is

After a requisite murder scene to establish that "The Good Mistress" is deadly serious and mysterious, we meet Sandy Cooper. She's a nice, lonely girl who, at some point in the vaguely defined past, hit a kid while driving drunk. Now, she's on probation and looking for a job in the beautiful small town of Shelter Hills filled with any number of unpleasant people.

There really are only two nice people -- Sandy's old babysitter Karen Waterford (now a lawyer) and Karen's husband, David. Actually, David might not be so nice,
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