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  • (February 24 to April 4, 1982) He played Mulholland in Thomas Murphy's adaptation of Liam O'Flaherty's novel, "The Informer," in a Humana Festival production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with Anne Barclay (Mrs. Foley, Old Woman); Susanna Banks (Mrs. Cassidy, Agnes, 2nd Woman); Lee Biolos (Mr. Turley, Bodyguard, Artist #2); Susan Cash (Kitty, Christina, High-class Whore); Anthony De Fonte (Mr. Cassidy, Judge #1, 1st Man); Louis J. Dezseran (Writer, Artist #1, Publican); Kathryn Fuller (Louisa Cummings, 2nd Woman Neighbor); Laura Hicks (Mary McPhilip); Michael Kevin (Gallagher); Katherine Klekas (Phyllis); Neil Larson (1st Policeman, Pimp); Ken Latimer (Mr. Foley, Farmer, 2nd Man, Workman); Margo Martindale (Aunt Betty, 1st Woman Neighbor, Mixer's Wife); William McNulty (Mr. McPhilip, Evangelist, Judge #2); Randle Mell (Frankie McPhilip, Dutch Sailor, Young Man #2, Organization Man #2, Guard); Amy Thompson (Bridget, 1st Woman, Flower Seller); Dierk Toporzysek (Connors); Fred Sanders (Augustine, Young Man #1, Judge #3); Adale O'Brien (Maggie, Mrs. McPhilip, Poor Old Woman); Wyman Pendleton (Rat Mulligan, 1st Man Neighbor, 3rd Old Man); Steve Rankin (Farrelly, Mixer, Guard #3); Sally Faye Reit (Katie Fox); Joseph Urla (2nd Policeman, Student, Poor Man) and Steve Wise (Father Conroy, Blind Musician, Organization Man #1, Guard) in the cast. Jon Jory was director.
  • (February 24 to April 4, 1982) He played Tom in Terrence Shank's adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel, "The Grapes of Wrath," in a Humana Festival production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with Anne Barclay (Miss Horsham): Susan Cash (Rose); Anthony DeFonte (Trooper #1, Camp Manager, Strikebreaker #1); Louis J. Dezseran (John); Ray Fry (Pa); Allen Evans (Young Man, Clerk); Kathryn Fuller (Ma); Laura Hicks (Grandma); Daniel Jenkins (Al); Michael Kevin (Casy); Katherine Klekas (Sairy Wilson, Girl); Randle Mell (Ivy Wilson, Ragman, Deputy #2, Strikebreaker #2); Adale O'Brien (Elizabeth Sandry); Wyman Pendleton (Grandpa, Contractor); Steve Rankin (Connie, Strikebreaker #3, Starving Man) and Steve Wise (Trooper #2, Deputy #1, Ranch Manager) in the cast. Terrence Shank was also director.
  • (1991 to 1992 season) He acted in William Shakespeare's play, "Macbeth," at the Trinity Repertory Company Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island with Brian McEleney, Janice Duclos, Phyllis Kay, Chip Lamb, David C. Jones, Ed Shea, William Damkoehler, Allen Oliver, Robert Hofmann, Timothy Crowe, Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, George Saulnier III, Jack Willis, Damiso Husband, Robert J. Colonna, Dan Welch, Gunnar Waldman, Maxwell Damkoehler, Whitney Haring Smith, Chris Turner and Rachel Maloney in the cast. Richard Jenkins was director. Eugene Lee was set designer. MIchael Giannitti was lighting designer. William Lane was costume designer. Chris Turner and Rachel Maloney were music directors. Tori Haring-Smith was Dramaturge.

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