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  • (1916 - 1947) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1916) Stage Play: The Heart of Wetona.
  • (1917) Stage Play: In for the Night.
  • (1918) Stage Play: The Little Teacher.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Thy Name is Woman. Drama.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Welded. Drama. Written by Eugene O'Neill. 39th Street Theatre: 17 Mar 1924- Apr 1924 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Jacob Ben-Ami (as " Michael Cape"), Catherine Collins (as "A Woman"), Curtis Cooksey (as "John Darnton"), Doris Keane (as "Eleanor Owen"). Produced by Kenneth MacGowan, Robert Edmond Jones and Eugene O'Neill. Produced in association with The Selwyns.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Arabesque. Music by Ruth White Warfield. Written by Cloyd Head and Eunice Tietjens. Scenic Design by Norman Bel Geddes and Cleon Throckmorton. Choreographed by Michi Itow. Directed by Norman Bel Geddes. National Theatre: 20 Oct 1925- 7 Nov 1925 (23 performances). Cast: Hortense Alden (as "Laila, A Bedouine from the desert"), Hamad Attab, Geraldine Ballard, Merlin Ballard, Mohammed Basher, Mohammed Ben Ali, Charles Berkley, Hamad Bisher, Clayton Braun, John Brewster, Florence Brinton, Earle Caddock, Conrad Cantzen (as "Baba Youssef"), Chief Whitehawk, Curtis Cooksey (as "Ahmed Ben Tahar"), Bus Daniels, Ruth Daniels, Boyd Davis, Claude Dougal, Anna Duncan, Rona Fray, B.A. Fripp, M. Garboat, James Gaylor, Etienne Girardot (as "The Caid of Nadour"), Lackaye Grant, Gladys Green, Ali Halel, Robert Halloway, Victor Hammond, Mustapha Hantoot, Ismut Hassen, Elsbeth Herbert, Mohammed Houssain, Yuji Itow, Larry Jason, Irene Joseph, Helen Judson, Raphael Kados, Helen Kim, Jacob Kingsbury (as "Chief Bedouin"), Naoe Kondo, Sarat Lahiri, Raise Lehassen, Mactar Lehedder, Bela Lugosi (as "Sheik of Hammam, a Minor Official"), Louise Mainland, Beine Makter, Yetta Malamude, Kay McKay, Hardwick Nevin, George Offerman Jr., Marie Offerman, Hamad B. Omar, Logan Paul, Nancy Pethbridge, Julia Ralph (as "The Sheik's Mother, Who Would Live in Tunis"), Edward Ray, Herman O. Roberts, Samuel Rosen, Prince Singh, William Skavlan, Sara Sothern, Philip Spector, George Thornton, Roland Twombley (as "Cobbler"), Ben Welden, Olive West, Elsie Winslow. Produced by Norman Bel Geddes and Richard Herndon.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Fountain. Written by Eugene O'Neill. Scenic Design by Macklin Morrow. Directed by Robert Edmond Jones. Greenwich Village Theatre: 10 Dec 1925- Jan 1926 (closing date unknown/28 performances). Cast: Morris Ankrum (as "Manuel de Castillo"), Ralph Benzies, Stanley Berry, Egon Brecher (as "Luis de Alvaredo"), Curtis Cooksey (as "Nano"), Ray Corning, Liza Dallett, Rosalinde Fuller (as "Beatriz de Cordova"), Walter Huston (as "Juan Ponce de Leon"), Perry Ivins (as "Alonzo de Oviedo"), Philip Jones, Pauline Moore (as "Maria de Cordova"), Henry O'Neill (as "Christopher Columbus/Father Superior"), William Stahl (as "Pedro/A Soldier"), Edgar Stehli (as "Vincente de Cordova/Friar Quesada"), John Taylor, Crane Wilbur (as "Diego Menendez"). Produced by Kenneth MacGowan, Robert Edmond Jones and Eugene O'Neill.
  • (1926) Stage Play: The Jay Walker. Comedy/drama. Written by Olga Printzlau. Directed by A.H. Van Buren. Klaw Theatre: 8 Feb 1926- Feb 1926 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Jennet Adair, Alma Blake, Margaret Bloodgood, Reed Brown Jr., Curtis Cooksey (as "Sergeant Jerry O'Day"), Mary Daniel, Caroline Newcomb, Edmund Roberts. Produced by Benjamin F. Witbeck.
  • (1926) Stage Play: One Man's Woman. Comedy/drama.
  • (1926) Stage Play: The Man from Toronto. Comedy. Written by Douglas Murray [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Albert Bannister. Selwyn Theatre: 17 Jun 1926- Jul 1926 (closing date unknown/28 performances). Cast: Curtis Cooksey (as "Fergis Wimbush"), Peg Entwistle (as "Martha") [Broadway debut], George Graham (as "Mr. Priestly"), Beatrice Hendricks (as "Mrs. Calthorpe"), Mona Hungerford (as "Minnie"), Ethel Martin (as "Ruth Wimbush"), Gavin Muir (as "Robert"), Lota Sanders (as "Ada"), Marion Stephenson (as "Mrs. Hubbard"). Produced by Bannister and Powell. Produced in association with Miller and Goldreyer. Note: Filmed by The Constance Talmadge Film Company [distributed by Associated First National Pictures] as Lessons in Love (1921) [digital print available from the Library of Congress], and by Gainsborough Pictures [UK/distributed in the UK by Ideal Films] as The Man from Toronto (1933).
  • (1926) Stage Play: Lily Sue. Melodrama.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Fog-Bound. Drama.
  • The House of Women (1927). Written by Louis Bromfield. Adapted from "The Green Bay Tree" by Louis Bromfield. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 3 Oct 1927- Nov 1927 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Henry Bascom"), Roberta Bellinger, Curtis Cooksey (as "Arthur Morven"), Elsie Ferguson, Helen Freeman, Julia Jackson, Nance O'Neil. Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • Red Dust (1928). Written by Wilson Collison. Directed by Ira Hards.
  • Diamond Lil (1928). Comedy/melodrama. Written by Mae West. Suggested by Mark Linder. Costume Design by Dolly Tree. Scenic Design by August Vimnera Studios. Directed by Ira Hards. Royale Theatre: 9 Apr 1928- Sep 1928 (closing date unknown/178 performances). Cast: Mae West (as "Diamond Lil"), Ernest Anderson, Joseph A. Barrett, Jack Cheatham, Churck Connors, II, Curtis Cooksey (as "Captain Cummings"), Clara Cubitt (as "Skinny Schultz"), Marion Day, Herbert Duffy, J. Merrill Holmes, Jack Howard, David Hughes, Lois Jesson, Jo-Jo, Richard K. Keith, James A. Kelly, Patsy Klein, Jack La Rue (as "Juarez"), Thelma Lawrence, Mark Linder, Mary Martin, Agnes Neilson, Louis Nusbaum, George O'Donnell, Evelyn Ortega, Raffaella Ottiano, Elizabeth Pendleton, Ranald Savery, Adah Sherman, Joseph Skinner, Helen Vincent, Frank Wallace, Pat Whalen. Produced by Jack Linder.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (1932). Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Percival Vivian. Shakespeare Theatre: 17 Nov 1932- Dec 1932 (closing date unknown/27 performances). Cast: Leslie Austen (as "Demetrius"), Hanna Marie Barrie (as "Cobweb"), Catherine Ann Carr (as "Attendant"), Curtis Conwaye (as "Attendant"), Curtis Cooksey (as "Nick Bottom, A weaver"), Charles Dingle (as "Theseus"), Carolyn Ferriday (as "Helena"), Rose D. Fox (as "Singing Fairy"), Frederica Going (as "Hermia, Daughter of Egeus"), Maurice Greet (as "Peter Quince, A carpenter"), Robert Hamilton (as "Robin Starveling, A tailor"), Paul Hirsch (as "Attendant"), Vilma Hoover (as "Attendant"), Jacqueline Hoyt (as "Attendant"), Harry Joyner (as "Egeus"), Audrey Kettle (as "Moth"), Judith Lawrence (as "Attendant"), Ian Maclaren (as "Tom Snout, A tinker"), Jane Marsh (as "Mustardseed"), Anne Middleton (as "Peaseblossom"), Grace Halsey Mills (as "Hippolyta"), Irving Morrow (as "Lysander"), Hugh F. Noall (as "Snug, A joiner"), Nora Novik (as "Attendant"), Russell Rhodes (as "Philostrate"), Florence Robinson (as "Attendant"), Donald Somers (as "Oberon"), Paula Trueman (as "Puck/Robin Goodfellow"), Percival Vivian (as "Francis Flute, A bellows-mender"), Ruth Vivian (as "Titania"). Produced by Shakespeare Theatre Company.
  • Mid-West (1936). Drama.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Come Angel Band. Drama. Written by Dudley Nichols and Stuart Anthony. Directed by Melville Burke. 46th Street Theatre: 18 Feb 1936- Feb 1936 (closing date unknown/2 performances). Cast: Arthur Barrows, Burke Clarke (as "Parson Edwards"), Frank Conlan, Elisha Cook Jr. (as "Bird"), Curtis Cooksey (as "Fate Shannon"), Clarice Cornell, J. Hammond Dailey, Joseph Eggerton, Victor Esker, Elvin Field, Joyce Gates, Arthur Griffin, J. Louis Johnson, Lester Lonergan III, Eleanor Lynn, Frederick Maynard, Edgar Nelson, Robert Pitkin, Robert Taber, George R. Taylor, Walter Wagner, Iris Whitney (as "Beulah Shannon"), Frank Wilcox (as "Sheriff Garr"), Robert Woods. Produced by Eugene Walter.
  • (1937) Stage Play: The Bough Breaks. Drama. Written by James Knox Millen. Directed by Curtis Cooksey. Little Theatre: 19 Nov 1937- Nov 1937 (closing date unknown/3 performances). Cast: Eleanor Brent (as "The Boy's Mother"), Cyrilla Dorne (as "The Girl"), Leon Janney (as "The Boy"). Produced by Peggy Cleary and Paul Berney.
  • (1938) Stage Play: There's Always a Breeze. Comedy. Written by Edward Caulfield. Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Windsor Theatre: 2 May 1938- Mar 1938 (closing date unknown/5 performances). Cast: Leslie Barrett, Anne Baxter (as "Lita Hammond"), Alexander Campbell, Curtis Cooksey (as "Oscar Jarvis"), Hume Cronyn (as "Abe Sherman"), Boris De Vadetzky, Herbert Duffy, Sara Floyd, Jeanne Hart, Otto Hulett (as "Harold O'Brien"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Mrs. Weatherby"), William H. Lynn (as "Ernest Hammond"), Rena Mitchell (as "Marie"), Gordon Nelson, Leona Powers, Blanche Sweet (as "Carrie Hammond"), George Volk. Produced by Joseph M. Hyman and Irving Cooper.
  • Boudoir (1941).
  • The Beautiful People (1941).
  • The Vagabond King (1943). Romantic comedy (revival).
  • Our Town (1944). Drama. Written by Thornton Wilder. Directed by Jed Harris and Wesley McKee. City Center: 10 Jan 1944- 29 Jan 1944 (24 performances). Cast: Arthur Allen, Montgomery Clift (as "George Gibbs"), Owen Coll, Marc Connelly (as "Stage Manager"), Curtis Cooksey (as "Dr. Gibbs"), Richard Dalton, Parker Fennelly (as "Mr. Webb"), Frederica Going, Alice Hill, Walter O. Hill, Carolyn Hummel, Donald Keyes, Doro Merande (as "Mrs. Soames"), John Paul, John Ravold, Ethel Remey, Roy Robson, Teddy Rose, Martha Scott, William Swetland, Evelyn Varden, Jay Velie. Produced by Jed Harris.
  • Take It as It Comes (1944).
  • The Ryan Girl (1945). Comedy. Written by Edmund Goulding. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Directed by Edmund Goulding. Plymouth Theatre: 24 Sep 1045- 3 Nov 1945 (48 performances). Cast: John Compton Lt. (as "George Clark"), Curtis Cooksey (as "Harold Tyler"), Doris Dalton (as "Jane Clark"), Richard Gibbs (as "2nd Lt. Victor Sellers"), June Havoc (as "Venetia Ryan"), Edmund Lowe (as "Miley Gaylon"), Una O'Connor (as "Weavy Hicks"), Calvin Thomas (as "Edwin Rourke"). Produced by The Shuberts. Produced in association with Albert De Courville.
  • Open House (1947). Comedy.
  • (August 13, 1945) He acted in Nan Bagby Stephens' play, "Roseanne," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Mary Morris in the cast.

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