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Battle Cry

Move over James JonesLeon Uris clobbers the big screen with a sprawling adaptation of his WW2 combat novel, loaded down with roles for promising young actors. This is the one where twice as much time is spent on love affairs than fighting. War may be hell, but if Mona Freeman, Nancy Olson, Dorothy Malone and Allyn McLerie are going to be there for comfort, sign me up.

Battle Cry


Warner Archive Collection

1955 / Color / 2:55 widescreen / 148 min. / Street Date , 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: Van Heflin, Aldo Ray, Mona Freeman, Nancy Olson, James Whitmore, Raymond Massey, Tab Hunter, Dorothy Malone, Anne Francis, William Campbell, Fess Parker, Justus E. McQueen (L.Q. Jones), Perry Lopez, Jonas Applegarth, Tommy Cook, Felix Noriego, Susan Morrow, Carleton Young, Rhys Williams, Allyn Ann McLerie, Gregory Walcott, Frank Ferguson, Sarah Selby, Willis Bouchey, Victor Milian.

Cinematography: Sidney Hickox

Film Editor: William H. Zeigler

Original Music: Max Steiner
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Cry of the City

Robert Siodmak’s superb noir classic pits two graduates of Little Italy against one other: a crook who can deceive relatives and seduce strangers into helping him, and the cop who wants to put him out of business. Starring the great Richard Conte, with Victor Mature in what might be his best role.

Cry of the City


Kl Studio Classics

1948 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 95 min. / Street Date November 15, 2016 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring Victor Mature, Richard Conte, Fred Clark, Shelley Winters, Betty Garde, Berry Kroeger, Tommy Cook, Debra Paget, Hope Emerson, Roland Winters, Walter Baldwin, Mimi Aguglia, Kathleen Howard, Konstantin Shayne, Tito Vuolo.

Cinematography Lloyd Ahern

Original Music Alfred Newman

Written by Richard Murphy from the novel The Chair for Martin Rome by Henry Edward Helseth

Produced by Sol C. Siegel

Directed by Robert Siodmak

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Perhaps because of a legal or rights issue, Robert Siodmak
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A mad extortionist is blowing up rollercoaster rides. Put-upon George Segal must stop him because we all know that the time, the tide and roller coasters wait for no man. Producer Jennings Lang's by-the-numbers suspense thriller is light on suspense and thrills, but the cast is good and the screenplay at least partly intelligent. And hey -- it's got a teenage Helen Hunt! Rollercoaster Blu-ray Shout! Factory 1977 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 119 min. / Street Date June 21, 2016 / 19.99 Starring George Segal, Timothy Bottoms, Henry Fonda, Helen Hunt, Harry Guardino, Susan Strasberg, Craig Wasson, Robert Quarry, Quinn Redeker, Dick Wesson, Gary Franklin, Steve Guttenberg. Cinematography David M. Walsh Original Music Lalo Schifrin Written by Richard Levinson, William Link, Tommy Cook Produced by Jennings Lang Directed by James Goldstone

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Jaws inspired plenty of rip-off movies about sharks, bears, killer whales and monster octopi threatening beaches. Since it wasn't safe to go back to the water,
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Bad Boy

This proto- juvenile delinquent epic launched celebrated WW2 warrior Audie Murphy on the road to Hollywood fame, fortune and more troubled times. Audie commits every crime short of shooting dogs and nuns, but those wacky liberal social workers still give him the benefit of the doubt. Director Kurt Neumann back our hero with expert acting support from Lloyd Nolan, Jane Wyatt and James GleasonBad Boy DVD-r The Warner Archive Collection 1949 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 86 min. / Street Date January 5, 2016 / available through the WBshop / 21.99 Starring Audie Murphy, Lloyd Nolan, Jane Wyatt, James Gleason, Stanley Clements, Martha Vickers, Rhys Williams, Selena Royle, Jimmy Lydon, Dickie Moore, Tommy Cook, William F. Leicester, Stephen Chase, Walter Sande, Ray Teal, Charles Trowbridge. Cinematography Karl Struss Art Direction Theobold Holsopple Production Design Gordon Wiles Film Editor William Austin Original Music Paul Sawtell Written by Robert Hardy Andrews, Karl Kamb, Paul Short Produced by Paul Short
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Early Black Film Actor Has His Day

Rex Ingram in 'The Thief of Bagdad' 1940 with tiny Sabu. Actor Rex Ingram movies on TCM: Early black film performer in 'Cabin in the Sky,' 'Anna Lucasta' It's somewhat unusual for two well-known film celebrities, whether past or present, to share the same name.* One such rarity is – or rather, are – the two movie people known as Rex Ingram;† one an Irish-born white director, the other an Illinois-born black actor. Turner Classic Movies' “Summer Under the Stars” continues today, Aug. 11, '15, with a day dedicated to the latter. Right now, TCM is showing Cabin in the Sky (1943), an all-black musical adaptation of the Faust tale that is notable as the first full-fledged feature film directed by another Illinois-born movie person, Vincente Minnelli. Also worth mentioning, the movie marked Lena Horne's first important appearance in a mainstream motion picture.§ A financial disappointment on the
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume Xxxiii Review

Brad Cook reviews Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume Xxxiii…

In this era of Twitter feuds, it’s tempting to view Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a show wherein the host and his bots mercilessly mocked bad movies, but as some of the cast members have noted in the past, their approach was a gentler one. They simply wanted to give a ribbing to poorly made films while always acknowledging their overall love of cinema.

That attitude usually comes through in the bonus features found in Shout! Factory’s latest MST3K release, Volume Xxxiii. Like others in the series, this one features four episodes, along with a smattering of extras and four nice mini posters. Here’s what you get in this set:

Daddy-o: This third season episode features Joel and the bots giving their commentary on a this 1959 movie with a bunch of supposed tough guys who are really just silly.
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July 28th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Ghost Town, Justice League: Gods And Monsters, Cherry 2000

While July 28th may be a light day in terms of the amount of horror and sci-fi titles making their home entertainment debuts, we do have an interesting assortment of films and TV to look forward to. Kino Lorber has dug up two classics—The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein and Cherry 2000 (starring Melanie Griffith)—which are being released on Blu-ray this Tuesday, and Scream Factory has another underrated genre gem getting the HD treatment as well—the horror western Ghost Town.

For all you MST3K fans out there, Shout! Factory is putting out another collection of campy films that you’ll be able to add to your collections this week and Bayview Entertainment also has a double feature of cult movies from Germany—Strangler of the Tower / Monster of London—arriving on DVD.

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray & DVD)

After the death of Victor Frankenstein
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Oscar Film Series: Death and Music in Melodrama Saved by Crawford

'Humoresque': Joan Crawford and John Garfield. 'Humoresque' 1946: Saved by Joan Crawford Directed by Jean Negulesco from a screenplay by Clifford Odets and Zachary Gold (loosely based on a Fannie Hurst short story), Humoresque always frustrates me because its first 25 minutes are excruciatingly boring – until Joan Crawford finally makes her appearance during a party scene. Crawford plays Helen Wright, a rich society lush in love with a tough-guy violin player, Paul Boray (John Garfield), who happens to be in love with his music. Fine support is offered by Paul's parents, played by Ruth Nelson and the fabulous chameleon-like J. Carroll Naish. Oscar Levant is the sarcastic, wisecracking piano player, who plays his part to the verge of annoyance. (Spoilers ahead.) Something wrong with that woman The Humoresque scenes between Paul and his mother are particularly intriguing, as the mother conveys her objections to Helen by lamenting, "There's something wrong with a woman like that!
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Comic-Con 2015: Scream Factory Announces ‘Inside Look’ Panel

In addition to getting their Blu-ray horror and sci-fi fix from Shout! Factory's booth #4118 at this year's Comic-Con, fans can also experience exciting future Scream Factory title announcements at the "Inside Look" panel taking place Friday, July 10th at 7:30pm in Room 24Abc:

Press Release: "Now a mainstay at San Diego Comic-Con International, Shout! Factory returns to the convention in 2015 with a dynamic line-up sure to delight pop culture enthusiasts of all ages. Shout! Factory is a leading multi-platform entertainment company, and its Comic-Con offerings, which span its popular Shout! Factory, Shout! Kids and Scream Factory™ brands, are sure to please devoted fans of popular home entertainment properties, collectors and pop culture enthusiasts alike. This year, Shout! Factory unveils an exciting panel event, new home entertainment products, Comic-Con exclusives and engaging booth activities. Fans and attendees are invited to join in on the excitement at the Shout! Factory
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Movie Review – Cry of the City (1948)

Cry of the City, 1948

Directed by Robert Siodmak.

Starring Richard Conte, Victor Mature, Berry Kroeger, Shelley Winters and Debra Paget.


Adapted from the novel The Chair for Martin Rome by Henry Edward Helseth, the film tells the story of a charismatic criminal and his nemesis, Lieutenant Candella…

Remember Barzini? The old-crone who was taken out on the steps of the New York Supreme Courthouse in The Godfather? An unforgettable face in Coppola’s masterpiece, he is for The Godfather…] the mob-boss behind Sonny’s murder and the powerful force that manages to convince Tessio to give up Michael Corleone. Actor Richard Conte demands our attention, and carries the menace that could rival – but not overpower – the Don’s empire. It goes without saying that Conte wasn’t plucked from obscurity and was chosen carefully by Coppola. He had an unforgettable career in noir thrillers, including one of his earliest, stand-out roles in
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Robert Rodriguez Talks Predators, Shane Black, Rebooting From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City 2, and More at the Saturn Awards

Last Thursday the Collider crew hit the 40th Annual Saturn Awards where Gravity, Iron Man 3, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Hannibal were the big winners and Bryan Fuller, Greg Nicotero and Malcolm McDowell received special career recognitions. Back stage, we got a chance to chat with some exciting talent including the man with the most hyphenates in Hollywood, Robert Rodriguez, who recently added Network Executive to a resume that already includes, writer, director, editor, cinematographer, composer and even chef, amongst many other talents. During our chat, Rodriguez talked about how Predators came about, his excitement about being on set with the original Stan Winston creation, his high hopes for Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s new iteration, the one scene from the original From Dusk Till Dawn that is grew into the new series, Quentin Tarantino’s reaction to the show, whether Machete is a prequel to Spy Kids,
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Bryan Fuller Talks Hannibal Season 3, Trying to Get David Bowie on the Show, Network Support, and More at the Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror recently held the 40th Annual Saturn Awards, celebrating the best of genre film and television at the Castaway Starlight Ballroom in Burbank, Calif. Gravity took home the most awards, with five statues, while Marvel’s Iron Man 3 won the inaugural Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture award, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead both won three, and Hannibal took home Best Network Television Series. Special Saturn Awards recognitions when to writer/producer Bryan Fuller (Dan Curtis Legacy Award), Greg Nicotero (George Pal Memorial Award) and Malcolm McDowell (Life Career Award). While at the event, Collider chatted with Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller, who talked about how they get away with what they get away with on Hannibal, why he considers it an art show, the directors that influence him, both in the past and for the upcoming season, the metaphor of Will Graham being
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James Gunn Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy, the Marketing, 3D, Making Movies That Are Like Nirvana Songs, and More at the Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror recently held the 40th Annual Saturn Awards, celebrating the best of genre film and television at the Castaway Starlight Ballroom in Burbank, Calif. Gravity took home the most awards, with five statues, while Marvel’s Iron Man 3 won the inaugural Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture award, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead both won three, and Hannibal took home Best Network Television Series. Special Saturn Awards recognitions when to writer/producer Bryan Fuller (Dan Curtis Legacy Award), Greg Nicotero (George Pal Memorial Award) and Malcolm McDowell (Life Career Award). While at the event, Collider chatted with presenter James Gunn, in attendance with actor Michael Rooker, who plays Yondu in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. During the interview, the writer/director talked about creating exactly the movie he wanted to create, being able to go as dark as he wanted to go with the film,
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Shane Black Talks Iron Man 3, the Mandarin Reveal, The Last Boy Scout, Doc Savage, and More

A few days ago, we landed an exclusive video interview with Shane Black backstage at the Saturn Awards.  During the wide-ranging interview, he talked about working with Marvel on Iron Man 3,  the Mandarin, the fan reaction to the surprising twist, a deleted scene with Ashley Hamilton, did he have plans for a sequel to The Last Boy Scout, how the spec market has changed for screenwriters and his advice for writers wanting to get into the business.  In addition, he talked about his very first script, his Doc Savage movie, the brace on his wrist, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch. Finally, an important bit of info before getting to the interview.  The other day we posted what Black had to say about Doc Savage.  Shortly after posting the article, he emailed us to clarify his comments.  So for a bit more clarification on Doc Savage,
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Vince Gilligan Talks the Final 8 Episodes of Breaking Bad, the Limited Poster Series From Gallery1988, the Saul Goodman Spinoff, and More

If you're a Breaking Bad fan, you're both excited and dreading the final eight episodes that start airing August 11th on AMC. You're excited because if creator Vince Gilligan and his team of writers nail the final episodes, it'll go down as one of the best TV shows ever created. However, if they miss the mark, , it'll be one of those shows where people say, "Breaking Bad was amazing…except the final season." But based on the track record over the run of the series, I'd be shocked if the final eight aren't incredible and don't deliver the goods. At Thursday night's Saturn Awards, we spoke to Vince Gilligan after Breaking Bad won Best Presentation on Television. He talked about the final eight episodes, how they did their best not to leave any loose ends, their writing process, how they weren't sure if what they set up in the first
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Joss Whedon Talks Strong Female Characters, the Superhero Genre, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and More; Says He Was Originally Unsure of a Guardians Movie

At Thursday night's Saturn Awards, we landed an exclusive video interview with Joss Whedon on the red carpet before the show.  During the extended conversation, Whedon talked about if he's been able to get more strong female characters in future Marvel movies, why more people don't write those types of characters, his "feud" with the filmmakers of Sleepwalk With Me, the status of the Dr. Horrible sequel, his involvement in the Marvel universe, and a lot more.  In addition, Whedon reveals that when he first heard about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie, he was unsure if it would work.  But after Marvel hired James Gunn and he saw what they were planning to do, he did a complete "180 on that one."  Hit the jump to watch the interview and look for more Saturn Award interviews all weekend. A big thank you to Hunter Daniels, Tommy Cook, and Jeff Morreale
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It’S A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Screens At The Academy

On Monday evening the Academy presented a cast and crew reunion from director Stanley Kramer’s It’S A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. It was the inaugural film in “The Last 70mm Film Festival” series. The first guest I noticed at the reception was writer Bruce Vilanch wearing his Simpsons “Krusty the Clown” t-shirt. When I asked him about his choice of wardrobe he said, “because it was going to be a night filled with Clowns.” The evening was off to a fun start.

Script Supervisor Marshall Schlom, Casting Agent Lynn Stalmaster, Mrs Karen Kramer, and actors Marvin Kaplan, Barrie Chase, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters, and Mickey Rooney were all there at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. The evening was hosted by surprise emcee Billy Crystal. As I moved about the filled room, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the Hollywood history that had gathered together.
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New Clip from Batman: Year One

Warner Premiere has released a new clip from the upcoming Direct-to-Video animated film Batman: Year One. The clip features Lieutenant Gordon (voiced by Bryan Cranston) and his wife coming to visit playboy Bruce Wayne (Ben McKenzie). The clip is notable for two reasons: 1) I now really want Bryan Cranston to play Jim Gordon in the next Batman movie; and 2) Bruce Wayne gives Mrs. Gordon the Basic Instinct shot. That's kind of great even though Tommy Cook had mixed feelings on the film as a whole. Hit the jump to check out the clip. The film, based on Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name, also features Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Essen, and Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Batman: Year One is now available for download on iTunes, Xbox Live, Zune, Vudu HD, and PlayStation Netwoek. It hits Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, and On Demand on October 18th.
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Top 5: Indiana Jones, Dark Shadows Set Photos, Drive Interviews, Megan Fox, Tiff 2011 Coverage

With the craziness that is the Toronto International Film Festival winding down this weekend, things around Collider are slowly shifting back into normalcy (whatever that means). Although I'll talk more about Tiff after the jump, I'd like to take this space to give Steve, Matt and Phil a big "thumbs up" for a job well done in covering the event. Especially our own Mr. Goldberg who, by my last count, has turned in an impressive 33 film reviews over the last nine days. Kudos, gentlemen. Now, enough with the backpatting... In this week's installment, you'll find our recap of the Raiders of the Lost Ark Los Angeles screening with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford, the first look at Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, interviews with Drive's Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn, an exclusive with Megan Fox where she discusses (among other things) whether
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