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Glasgow Film Festival 2018: ‘The Cured’ Review

Stars: Sam Keely, Ellen Page, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Paula Malcomson, Stuart Graham, Oscar Nolan, David Herlihy, Peter Campion, Hilda Fay, Lesley Conroy, Natalia Kosfrzewa, Barry McGovern | Written and Directed by David Freyne

The brainchild of Irish writer-director David Freyne, this powerful and provocative post-zombie flick offers a fresh take on the genre, making it a must-see for genre fans.

Based on Freyne’s related 2014 short The First Wave, The Cured opens in Dublin, in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, where a scientist (Paula Malcomson) has found an antidote that has cured 75% of the infected. The remaining 25% have been locked away while the scientist refines the formula, while the former infectees – known as the cured – have attempted to return to their former lives, only to be met with anger and suspicion.

Sam Keely plays Senan, one of the cured, who’s let out of a government containment facility and goes to
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Pat Shortt Finds Detective 'Mattie'

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Following on from its pilot broadcast last Christmas, Pat Shortt's hapless detective 'Mattie' will return for a new six part series starting Sunday, September 5th. Directed by Shimmy Marcus (Soul Boy) the series was shot in June 2010 around locations in Limerick.The comedy re-unites 'Garage' actor Pat with his original 'Mattie' cast members including Lesley Conroy (Eden), Alvaro Lucchesi (The Count of Monte Cristo), Sean McDonagh (Kisses) and Joe Taylor (Veronica Guerin). Shortt plays Mattie Dwyer, a country detective – who boasts a recurring ability to get into comic misadventures. Mattie's team include feisty female detective Sharon Kelly (played by Lesley Conroy), his smug fellow detectives, Tom and Felix (played by Alvaro Lucchesi and Sean McDonagh) and Superintendent O'Meara (played by Joe Taylor).
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Venom Embark on 'Rosslare to Roscoff'

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Shooting is underway on Venom's new short film 'Rosslare to Roscoff' directed by Ken Wardrop (The Herd) which is expected to be released early next year. The crew are currently shooting on location in France. The 12 minute project tells the tale of Gayle, a 29-year-old single mother, who has been coming to terms with her life since suffering a brain injury which has left her with an inability to produce language. Her relationship with Luc, her headstrong six-year-old son, has become increasingly difficult. 'Rosslare to Roscoff' concentrates on Gayle's failed attempt to introduce her son to his father. Director of photography for the short film is Kate McCullough (Sunshower) and the shoot is expected to wrap on Saturday, October 31st. The project's editor is Ken Wardrop. The short film features actress Lesley Conroy (Eden, The Clinic) in the lead role of 'Gayle'
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Irish Gather for Film and Television Awards Celebration

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With the 6th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards taking place this Saturday 14th of February, Irish and international guests gather in Dublin to honour Ireland's creative excellence and to celebrate the continued success of the film and television industry here at home. Among the Irish Nominees attending are Brendan Gleeson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Aidan Gillen, Orla Brady, Eileen Walsh, Amy Huberman, Charlene McKenna, Deirdre O'Kane, Ger Ryan, Gerard McSorley, John Kavanagh, Maria Doyle Kennedy, David Herlihy, Hilda Fay and Lesley Conroy. Four of Ireland's rising starlets Saorise Ronan, Sarah Bolger, Jenn Murray and Kelly O'Neill will also attend the 2009 Awards, having received prestigious nominations in the acting categories. Others including Aidan Quinn, John Moore, Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan, Eric Mabius, Fionnula Flanagan, Flora Montgomery, Jenny McAlpine, Steve McQueen and Katie McGrath amongst others. With 900 guests attending the Gala Ifta ceremony, the President of Ireland Mary McAleese
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