"Zombo, the Zombie Musical" and Your Next Human Meal: A Short Film Review

Director: Alberto Belli.

Writers: Jason Lerner and Joe Swanson.

Cast: Michael Patrick Breen, Nicci Claspell and Kelly Connell.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a zombo is one of either five definitions and there is no unanimous agreement over which is the correct term. In the short film of the same name, it is the nom de plume of the lead character, a zombie hobo looking for the sound of music to sing along to in the world of 1930's Broadway.

In this little alternate universe, zombies are a fact of life and they retain their human intelligence. Because of that, these creatures are treated like dogs. When they become a nuisance, they can be carted away to a pound. With Zombo (Nicholas Joseph Harden) and Frank (Kelly Connell) looking for their next meal, how each of them embraces their life on the streets differs from how they interpret success. Frank
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Thirteen Days: on the brink of nuclear war, Hollywood steps in

This partisan politico-drama focuses on the Cuban missile crisis, with only a cursory glance in the direction of Havana and Moscow. With Kevin Costner in the starring role, we wouldn't expect anything else

Director: Roger Donaldson

Entertainment grade: B+

History grade: A–

The Cuban missile crisis of October 1962 was a nuclear stand-off between the United States and Ussr. The Soviets placed missiles in Cuba, so the Americans blockaded the island. For two weeks, there was a serious danger that the confrontation might result in a third – and potentially devastating – world war.


The film focuses on John F Kennedy's appointments secretary, Kenny O'Donnell (Kevin Costner). O'Donnell begins by establishing that he is an all-American hero, breakfasting with his 400 or so apple-cheeked children and flirting manfully with Jackie Kennedy. Though he was a member of Ex-Comm, the committee which advised Kennedy during the crisis, O'Donnell was a minor figure. It's conspicuously
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