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Shadowhunters Introduces Us to the Sexy (& Bloody) World of Bleeder Dens in This Sneak Peek

Shadowhunters Introduces Us to the Sexy (& Bloody) World of Bleeder Dens in This Sneak Peek
Simon is about to go down a very dark (albeit sexy) path, Shadowhunters fans. In this sneak peek at Monday's new episode, exclusive to E! News, Quinn (Chad Connell) takes our resident vamp (played by Alberto Rosende) out for a night out on the town. And while the speakeasy-type place simply may look like some sort of interactive burlesque show at first glance, if you look just a little bit closer, you'll notice one glaring detail: Those mundanes are being fed on by vampires. Welcome, friends, to the bleeder den. As Quinn explains to a shocked Simon, there a few mundanes who know about vampires and, as it turns out, they just might be the aggressors in the situation. "They crave vampire venom...
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Breaking Glass acquires 'Steel'

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Breaking Glass acquires 'Steel'
Exclusive: The distributor has moved on Us rights to Sven J Matten’s Lgbt psychological drama.

Chad Connell and David Cameron star in Steel, about a haunted TV journalist who wishes he were someone else and meets a man who seems to fit the bill.

Jean du Toit served as producer. Breaking Glass plans a digital release on November 17.

“We are thrilled to be distributing Steel, director Sven J Matten’s follow-up to his acclaimed narrative feature Off Shore,” said Breaking Glass co-president Richard Ross.

Steel is a beautiful story of a successful, but troubled man, finding the courage to confront his difficult past, and using that knowledge to understand how painful events have kept him from leading the life that he fully deserves.”
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