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"Bozo The Clown": The Man Behind The Nose

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2010 is the 50th anniversary of Wgn TV Chicago's "Bozo TV" show.

To celebrate, a number of Bozo collaborators will gather in Chicago Tues., Aug. 17, to commemorate the occasion and attend the first book signing @ Borders on Michigan Avenue, for the autobiography of the late Larry Harmon, "The Man Behind The Nose", available from Igniter Books, an imprint of It Books/HarperCollins.

"This beloved children's personality helped cement our city's reputation for being at the forefront of excellence in broadcasting," said Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Bozo was created in 1946 by Alan W. Livingston, who produced a children's storytelling record-album/illustrative read-along book set, titled "Bozo at the Circus" for Capitol Records. Actor Pinto Colvig portrayed the character on this and subsequent Bozo records.

The character became a mascot for the record company and was later nicknamed "Bozo the Capitol Clown."

In 1956, Larry Harmon, one of several actors hired by Livingston
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