Looking back at Escape To Victory

Dan Cooper Aug 30, 2016

Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and a good chunk of Ipswich Town Football Club? It can only be Escape To Victory...

These are strange days indeed for fans of the beautiful game - never before has unbridled hope been so freely mixed with jaded cynicism in the sport we love. The result? A jarring draught indeed, a football concoction that is dizzyingly exhilarating yet morosely taxing, much like the homemade ‘bathroom cocktails’ that my sister used to dare me to drink as a child, odd-tasting brews made from shaving foam and perfume that put hairs on my seven-year old chest whilst presumably lopping years off my life.

That paradoxical blend of fair and foul will be familiar to anybody that follows football these days. International minnows Wales have been running roughshod over half of Europe, and Leicester’s unstoppable charge to the Premiership title against all five thousand
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SportsCenter Launches Competition to Perform Theme Tune (Exclusive)

SportsCenter Launches Competition to Perform Theme Tune (Exclusive)
In 1989, composer John Colby sat down on his piano and created a tune that would become a theme song for millions of sports fans across the U.S. Now the iconic "da da da, da da da" SportsCenter tune is the topic of Espn’s very own American Idol-style face-off with musicians competing to re-create the catchy ditty. Story: NFL Draft Prospect Michael Sam Comes Out; Hollywood, Athletes Applaud His Decision The SportsCenter Fan Jam is a new social program that invited bands of drastically different genres to put their own twist on the tune, and starting Monday, fans can vote for their favorite rendition

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Chew… Stripp’d

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Food is the archetypal First World problem. While some parts of the world starve and other parts are turned inside out by our demand for low-cost and low-fuss supplies of exotic and increasingly refined foodstuffs, the West is growing increasingly alienated and distant from the things that it eats.

When the snow ended and the great glaciers rolled back to reveal a planet changed and changing, humans adapted to their new environment. For hundreds of generations, humanity tended the earth and lived on what it could coax from its depths and its surfaces. We shaped the vegetal and the vegetal shaped us just as our relationships with animals changed our minds and our bodies as part of an on-going process of adaptation and evolution. We shaped the animal and the animal shaped us, trade and disease made us what we are. But then our skill at tending the animal and
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Secret Identity: Casting The 'Chew' TV Series!

With all of the excitement swirling around during Comic-Con this year, many fans missed the news that director Stephen Hopkins and Circle of Confusion are interested in developing John Layman and Rob Guillory's critically acclaimed "Chew" into a television series.

For those who aren't reading "Chew," the series focuses on Tony Chu, an Fda agent who gleans psychic information from anything he eats with the exception of beets. In other words, chewing on a murder victim's corpse could lead to a big break in the case. It's not the most glamorous ability in the world, but it absolutely makes for a compelling read.

Although it's very early in the proposed television adaptation's life, we're giving "Chew" the Secret Identity treatment anyway. Read on for our dream cast!

Ken Leung as Tony Chu

Many fans have expressed their interest in seeing Ken Leung play Chu, and it's hard to disagree with
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