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Toronto Film Review: ‘Scaffolding’

Toronto Film Review: ‘Scaffolding’
A remedial student struggles with his matriculation exams, Add, anger management issues and the expectations of his working-class father, even as his literature teacher opens his narrow worldview to other possibilities, in gripping, realist drama “Scaffolding.” Like his TV drama “Unseen” (2016), Israeli writer-director Matan Yair’s feature debut draws on his experience as a high school history and literature teacher for pupils rejected from normal academic classrooms. Quite unlike anything else in current Israeli cinema, the film focuses on Israel’s underclass — kids from blue collar, Sephardic families, beset with behavioral and attitude problems who should count themselves lucky if they can join a family business. Additional fest action should segue into niche arthouse play.

Belligerent and inappropriate, Asher (Asher Lax) has trouble reading as well as with his ability to control his impulses. His tough, shrewd father Milo (Yaacov Cohen, excellent) already has him working in the family scaffolding business, understanding
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Israeli politician moves to limit the soaring price of popcorn

Israel may curb the high price of popcorn and soft drinks – which global cinema chains claim keeps them in business

It is the source of angst for cinemagoers worldwide – why is the price of popcorn so high? Now an Israeli politician is threatening to introduce legislation that would ban cinemas in the country from overcharging for snacks and soft drinks.

Carmel Shama of the governing Likud party will attempt to introduce the measure when Israeli MPs return from their Passover break next week. He claims to have cross-party support for the move, which is fiercely opposed by cinema chains and other public entertainment venues where it would apply, such as sports stadiums and concert venues.

"We have to put an end to this. The public should not have to mortgage their houses for a soft drink and a snack," Shama tells today's Yediot Aharonot newspaper.

A large box of popcorn costs about $5 in Israeli cinemas,
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