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  • (1900 - 1931) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1900) Stage Play: Arizona. Drama. Written by Augustus E. Thomas. Scenic Design by Walter Burridge and Charles H. Ritter. Herald Square Theatre: 10 Sep 1900- 14 Jan 1901 (140 performances). Cast: Sidney Ainsworth (as "Lt. Young"), Adora Andrews (as "Lena Kellar"), Louise Closser Hale [credited as Louise Closser] (as "Miss McCullagh") [Broadway debut), Mattie Earle (as "Mrs. Canby"), Stephen B. French (as "Sam Wong"), Malcolm Gunn (as "Lt. Hallack"), Walter Hale (as "Capt. Hodgman"), Edwin Holt (as "Col. Bonham"), Jane Kennark (as "Estrella Bonham"), George Morehead (as "Maj. Cochran"), Thomas Oberle (as "Sgt. Kellar"), George O'Donnell (as "Dr. Fenlon"), Theodore Roberts (as "Henry Canby"), Eleanor Robson Belmont[credited as Eleanor Robson] (as "Bonita Canby") [Broadway debut], Edgar Selwyn (as "Tony Mostano"), Vincent Serrano (as "Lt. Denton") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Kirke La Shelle and Fred R. Hamlin. Note: Filmed by All-Star Features as Arizona (1913), substantially rewritten as Arizona (1918) as a Douglas Fairbanks feature and by Columbia Pictures as Arizona (1931) as a John Wayne vehicle.
  • (1903) Stage Play: Candida. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Musical Director: Frederick W. Ecke. Princess Theatre (during it's run the show moved to Hoyt's Theatre on 4 Jan 1904 and to the Vaudeville Theatre on 11 Jan 1904 until close): 9 Dec 1903- Apr 1904 (closing date unknown/133 performances). Cast: Herbert Carr (as "Mr. Burgess"), Louise Closser Hale (as "Miss Proserpine Garnett") (credited as Louise Closser), Arnold Daly (as "Eugene Marchbanks"), Dorothy Donnelly (as "Candida"), Dodson Mitchell (as "The Reverend James Mavor Morell"), F. Newton-Lindo (as "The Reverend Alexander Mill"). Produced Arnold Daly. House Manager: Charles Frohman.
  • (1905) Stage Play: Abigail. Comedy. Written by Henry K. Chambers. Savoy Theatre: 21 Feb 1905- Apr 1905 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast: Ruth Benson, Louise Closser Hale [credited as Louise Closser], Joseph Coyne, Justine Cutting, Arthur Forrest, Grace George (as "Abigail"), Mrs. Hone, Selene Johnson, Willis Martin, Henry Mills, Vivia Ogden, Herbert Rollins, Mary Stuart, Conway Tearle (as "John 'Booby' Kent"), 'Arthur Tennyson', Annie Woods. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1905) Stage Play: Candida. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Garrick Theatre: 11 Sep 1905- 11 Nov 1905 (unknown performances/production played in repertory with How He Lied to Her Husband, The Man of Destiny, You Never Can Tell, John Bull's Other Island, Mrs. Warren's Profession).
  • (1906) Stage Play: It's All Your Fault. Farce. Written by Edgar Selwyn. Savoy Theatre: 2 Apr 1906- Apr 1906 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: George Adams, Herbert Carr, Louise Closser Hale [credited as Louise Closser], Charles Dowd, Mary Faber, Maud Hosford, Carolyn Lee, Charles Mason, Master Pincus (as "Archibald"), Edgar Selwyn (as "Howard Beasley"), Herbert Sleath.
  • (1906) Stage Play: Clothes. Drama. Written by Avery Hopwood and Channing Pollock. Scenic Design by Robert T. McKee and H. Robert Law. Costume Design by Van Horn and Lord and Taylor. Mannhattan Theatre: 11 Sep 1906- Dec 1906 (closing date unknown/113 performances). Cast: Grace George (as "Olivia Sherwood"), Louise Closser Hale, Justine Cutting, Douglas Fairbanks, Robert T. Haines, Diana Huneker, Angela Ogden, Dorothy Revelle, Charles Stanley, A.H. Stuart, Anne Sutherland, Richard Wilson, Frank Worthing. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Straight Road. Melodrama. Written by Clyde Fitch. Directed by Clyde Fitch. Astor Theatre: 7 Jan 1907- Feb 1907 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Ethlyn Clemens, Louise Closser Hale, Charles Dalton, George Demarest, Dorothy Dorr, Howard Estabrook, Cornelia M. Flood, Helen Lowell, Jessie Ralph, William Travers, William Wadsworth, Blanche Walsh (as "Mary O'Hara"). Produced by Wagenhals and Collin Kemper.
  • (1909) Stage Play: Disengaged. Written by Henry James. Directed by Fritz Williams. Hudson Theatre: 11 Mar 1909 (1 performance). Cast: Louise Closser Hale, J.R. Crauford, Dorothy Donnelly, Frank Gillmore [credited as Frank Gilmore], Lumsden Hare, Alfred Hickman, Selene Johnson, Alma Poey, Renee Woodson.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Sins of Society.
  • (1909) Stage Play: His Name on the Door.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Lulu's Husbands.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Blue Bird.
  • (1912) Stage Play: Honest Jim Blunt. Written by William Boden. Hudson Theatre: 16 Sep 1912- Sep 1912 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Tim Murphy (as "Jim Blunt"), Frederick Bond, Louise Closser Hale, Charles Dowd, Henry Duggan, Violet Heming, Muriel Hope, Charles Laite, Frank Losee, Harold Meltzer, Frederick Mosley, Forrest Winant. Produced by Liebler & Co.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Marriage of Columbine. Written by Harold Chapin. Directed by Lionel Belmore. Punch and Judy Theatre: 10 Nov 1914- Dec 1914 (clsing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Linda Bolton, Eleanor Carey, Louise Closser Hale, Edward Emery, John Edward Emery, Charles Hampden, Charles Hopkins, Mrs. Charles Hopkins, Vera Pole, Barry O'Moore [credited as Herbert Yost]. Produced by Punch and Judy Theatre Co.
  • (1915) Stage Play: The Clever Ones.
  • (1915) Stage Play: Ruggles of Red Gap. Comedy. Written by Harrison Garfield Rhodes. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Based on a story by Harry Leon Wilson. Directed by J.H. Benrimo. Fulton Theatre: 25 Dec 1915- 22 Jan 1916 (33 performances). Cast: Louis Arno (as "Mr. Henry P. Hartman"), Kitty Berg (as "A Girl Helper"), Viola Bowers (as "Miss Beryl Mae Watson"), James Boyle (as "Ed Perkins"), Frederick Burton (as "Mr. Egbert Floud"), Louise Closser Hale (as "Mrs. Floud"), Adelaide Cumming (as "Mrs. Judge Ballard"), Lucile Dalberg (as "Mrs. Charles Belknap-Jackson"), Philip Dunning (as "Watterman"), Marion Fuller (as "Mrs. Henry P. Hartman"), Francis Gaillard (as "A Cabman"), Billy Groves (as "First French Soldier"), John Hamilton (as "Proprietor of Booth"), Minnie Hart (as "Girl Selling Songs"), Ray Hartley (as "Girl Helper"), George Hassell (as "The Honorable George Van-Baseingwell"), Alma Hawly (as "A Messenger from Cravat Dealer's"), Ralph Herz (as "Alfred Ruggles"), Jobyna Howland (as "Mrs. Kenner"), Irving Jackson (as "Messenger from High-Life Tailor"), John Kelly (as "Waiter at Hotel Castiglione"), Dickie Kendall (as "A Messenger from the Shirtmaker's"), Harriet Kneitel (as "Street Singer"), Arthur Laceby (as "The Earl of Brinstead"), James C. Malaidy (as "Senator James Knox Floud"), Leslie Marion (as "Mrs. Elmer J. Brown"), Austin Miller (as "Post Card Seller"), Harold Nelson (as "Hat Boy at the United States Grill"), Grace Newton (as "Mrs. Dawson"), Caroline Oden (as "Miss Frances Coolbrith"), Frederick Osborne (as "Manager of Hotel Castiglione"), Homer Potts (as "Second French Soldier"), Lynn Pratt (as "Mr. Charles Belknap-Jackson"), Jessie Ralph (as "Mrs. Pettingill"), Adrian Rosely (as "Waiter at "Au Rendezvous des Cochers Fideles"), Fred W. Strong (as "Jeff Tuttle"), Gus Verace (as "A Barber"), Marie Vernon (as "Flower Girl"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Note: Filmed by Perfection Pictures (for Essanay Film Manufacturing Company) as Ruggles of Red Gap (1918), by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation (distrubted by Paramount Pictures) as Ruggles of Red Gap (1923) and most notably as Ruggles of Red Gap (1935), starring Charles Laughton.
  • (1919) Stage Play: For the Defense. Written by Elmer Rice. Playhouse Theatre: 19 Dec 1919- Feb 1920 (closing date unknown/77 performances). Cast: Richard Bennett, Walter Brown, Louise Closser Hale, Charles F. Coghlan, William A. Crimans, Frederica Going, N. St. Clair Hales, Mary Jeffery, Virginia Jones, Winifred Lenihan, Adrienne Morrison, Angela Ogden, Georgette Passedoit, John Sainpolis, Louise Sydmeth. Produced by John D. Williams. Note: Filmed as For the Defense (1922).
  • (1920) Stage Play: Beyond the Horizon. Drama/Tragedy.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Miss Lulu Bett. Comedy. Written by Zona Gale. Directed by Brock Pemberton. Belmont Theatre: 27 Dec 1920- Jun 1921 (closing date unknown/198 performances). Cast: Jack Bohn, Louise Closser Hale (as "Mrs. Bett"), Catherine Doucet (as "Ina"), William E. Holden, Carroll McComas (as "Lulu Bett"), Willard Robertson, Brigham Royce, Lois Shore, Beth Varden. Produced by Brock Pemberton.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Malvaloca. Written by Jacob S. Fassett. From the Spanish of 'Serafin Alvarez Quintero' and 'Joaquin Alvarez'. Directed by Augustin Duncan. 48th Street Theatre: 2 Oct 1922- Nov 1922 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: Lillian Albertson (as "Sister Piedad"), Laline Brownell [credited as Lalive Brownell' (as "Sister Dolores"), Frederic Burt (as "Salvador"), Louise Closser Hale (as "Dona Enriqueta"), Claude Cooper (as "Tio Jerome"), Jane Cowl (as "Malvaloca"), Edward Cullen (as "Lobito"), Margaret Fareleigh (as "Dionisia"), Frank I. Frayne (as "Barrabas"), Grace Hampton (as "Sister Consuelo"), Mariette Hyde (as "Mariquita"), Angela McCahill (as "Juanela"), Lenore Norvelle (as "Alfonsa"), John Parrish (as "A Workman"), Rollo Peters (as "Leonardo"), Jessie Ralph (as "Teresona"), Edith Van Cleve (as "Sister Carmen") [Broadway debut], Marshall Vincent (as "Martin"). Produced by The Equity Players Inc.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Hospitality. Comedy/tragedy. Written by Leon Cunningham. Musical Director: Oscar Lifshey. Directed by Augustin Duncan. 48th Street Theatre: 13 Nov 1922- Dec 1922 (closing date unknown/46 performances). Cast: Margaret Borough (as "Ruthie, Jennie's friend"), Louise Closser Hale (as "Jennie Wells"), Claude Cooper (as "Mr. Wicker, Jennie's suitor"), Phyllis Povah (as "Muriel Humphrey, Jennie's enemy"), Tom Powers (as "Peter Wells, Jennie's son"), Stuart Sage (as "Clyde Thompson"), Pearl Sindelar (as "Auntie Mae, Jennie's sister"), Harriet Woodruff (as "Melena Wells, Jennie's daughter"). Produced by The Equity Players Inc.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Peer Gynt. Drama (revival).
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Camel's Back.
  • (1924) Stage Play: New Toys. Comedy/tragedy.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Expressing Willie. Comedy.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Harvest. Written by Kate Horton. Directed by John Cromwell. Belmont Theatre: 19 Sep 1925- Oct 1925 (closing date unknown/17 performances). Cast: Louise Closser Hale (as "Mrs. Sonrel"), Elmer Cornell (as "Emil Sonrel"), Augustin Duncan (as "Sonrel"), Wallace Erskine (as "Old Man Knight"), Fredric March (as "Richard Knight"), Ronald Savery (as "Chuck Rathbun"), Hilda Spong (as "Miss Knight"), Ethel Taylor (as "Rose Sonrel"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with John Cromwell.
  • (1925) Stage Play: One of the Family.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Ivory Door.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Paris. Musical comedy. Music by Cole Porter. Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz and Cole Porter. Book by Martin Brown. Directed by W. H. Gilmore. Music Box Theatre: 8 Oct 1928- 23 Mar 1929 (195 performances). Cast: 'Irene Bordoni' (as "Vivienne Rolland"), Elizabeth Chester (as "Brenda Kaley"), Louise Closser Hale (as "Cora Sabot"), Florence Edney (as "Harriet"), Reid Hamilton [credited as Reed Hamilton] (as "Valet"), Eric Kalkhurst (as "Andrew Sabot"), Arthur Margetson (as "Guy Pennel"), Theodore St. John (as "Marcel Prince"). Produced by Gilbert Miller. Produced in association with E. Ray Goetz.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Lysistrata. Comedy (revival). Written by Aristophanes. Material adapted by Gilbert Seldes. Music by Leo Ornstein. Choreographed by Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Directed by Norman Bel Geddes. 44th Street Theatre: 5 Jun 1930- Jan 1931 (closing date unknown/252 performances). Cast: Hortense Alden (as "Myrrhine"), Lillian Ardell, Helen Blair Bailey, Ada Barbour, Gloria Braggiotti, Lionel Braham (as "President of the Senate"), Myra Brooks, Charles R. Burrows, Conrad Cantzen (as "Fifth Old Man"), Justine Chase, Virginia Chauvenet, John F. Clearman, 'Louise Closser Hale' (as "Dancer") [final Broadway role], John C. Davis, Dave DeSin, Charles E. Douglas, Eric Dressler (as "A Herald from Sparta"), Hope Emerson (as "Lampito"), Consuelo Flowerton, Ruth Garland, May Gerald, Etienne Girardot (as "Third Old Man"), John Glenn, Ilse Gronau, Chester Hammond, Paul Haskle, Ernestine Henoch, Harry Henshaw, Doris Hesser, Mary Ann Holt, Ernest Howard, Letitia Ide, Clayton Irving, Bernard Jay, Violet Kemble Cooper (as "Lysistrata"), Elizabeth Kennedy, Ada Klein, Marie Lalloz, Charles Laskey, Jerome Lawlor, Jose Limon, James McCallion, Burton McEvilly, Nancy McKnight, Owen Meech, Gwendolyn Mervin, Thomas Moody, Morton Moore, Marion Morehouse, Mary Morris, Pauline Potter, Elsie Rand, Elizabeth Rechelle, Houston Richards, Albert Robinson, Miriam Schiller, Betty Schlaffer, Lucian Scott, Maud Sinclair (as "Old Women's Chorus"), Helen Strumlauf, Elliot Sullivan, Ernest Truex (as "Kinesias"), Neville Westman, Nydia Westman, Thornton Whitney, June Wilkinson (as "Dancer"), George J. Williams, Howard Wilson, Ian Wolfe (as "First Old Man"). Produced by Philadelphia Theatre Association Inc.

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