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A letter to you about this website redesign you don't like

Simon Brew Oct 17, 2016

We've changed the website a bit. And this we have written to you to explain ourselves...

Dear the fine, fine, fine readers of Den Of Geek,

You humble us. We’ve been doing this site now for nearly a decade, and in that time, we’ve never met a finer bunch of readers than you wonderful people. Granted, we’re trying to put you in a good mood, but it’s true. So thank you.

Er, are you in a good mood? Let's continue, with our fingers crossed.

In all the time we've been going, too, we’ve only done a fundamental redesign to the site once, way back in 2012. And here we are again, four years later. We’re thus here to tell you about how we’ve ruined everything all over again.

For if all has gone to plan, you are now reading this on a redesigned Den Of Geek.
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Huddersfield Town: Who Are The Terriers New Signings?

Following Huddersfield’s promotion from League One in glorious fashion at Wembley in a nerve wracking penalty shoot out with Sheffield United, this summer has been somewhat of a rebuilding process for the club. Club manager Simon Grayson has wielded the axe by releasing a number of first team players and implementing his own style of play among the team.

Acquiring players who have Championship experience aplenty is not an easy feat however Grayson has dealt his hand and managed to land seven new players. First and foremost we will take a look into the defensive options that have been brought into the club. Paul Dixon is first up, primed as a left back from his time at Dundee United has been brought in to help the ageing Gary Naysmith. Dixon has a licence to venture forward and has proved at times his importance to the squad by cropping up
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Woman 'shocked' to find she's a bigamist

Woman 'shocked' to find she's a bigamist
A woman who married three times but never divorced her first husband has told of her "total surprise" after police informed her she was a bigamist. Danielle Loxton, from Southport, Merseyside, received a seven-month suspended jail term earlier this week after admitting two counts of bigamy at Nottingham Crown Court. Loxton claims that she thought solicitors had finalised her ­divorce from first husband Peter Clarke in 1996, despite not receiving any paperwork. The pair have an 18-year-old daughter. In 1999 she married Clarke's friend and Pontins colleague Steven Baker. She later divorced Baker, with whom she has a 12-year-old son, and married Stacey Porter - a friend of both previous husbands - in 2008. They have a 9-year-old son together. "I'll never forget hearing that police ­officer tell me I was a bigamist," Loxton told the Sunday (more)
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Phone-hacking scandal: Thursday 21 July 2011

James Murdoch 'misled' culture select committee

• Questions mount over Coulson's mid-level security check

• Sun features editor sacked over his work at NotW

• Click here for a summary of today's key events

9.45am: Welcome to today's live updates on the still-unfolding repercussions of the phone hacking scandal. Following yesterday's Commons statement and debate, the house in now in recess. Rupert Murdoch has left the UK following his testimony to MPs on Tuesday.

So, on the face of it today could appear a slight respite following an almost absurdly dramatic fortnight. A majority of English daily papers – five against four – lead on other stories, including the unfolding crisis in the eurozone.

But rest assured there will be more to come. Nick Clegg is scheduled to give an end-of-term press conference imminently. Perhaps someone could ask why he looked so detached – disinterested, even – during David Cameron's phone hacking statement. There is also surely
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Yet another modern-day Bonnie and Clyde

A pair of suspected killers on the run in the Us have been compared to the depression-era bank robbers. They're not the first . . .

The famous line from the film Bonnie and Clyde was delivered by the latter, played by Warren Beatty: "This here's Miss Bonnie Parker. I'm Clyde Barrow. We rob banks." Now, more than 40 years after that Arthur Penn movie, any time a man, a woman and a gun go on the run together, the chances are they will be compared to the real-life pair of lowlife gangsters who died in a hail of around 50 bullets on a Louisiana back road in 1934. The myth at the time was partly fed by the photos of the pair released by police to a crime-hungry, Depression-era press; the familiar one has Bonnie posing with a cigar.

The latest pairing are John McCluskey, who escaped from prison in Arizona 10 days ago, and fellow-fugitive Casslyn Welch.
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