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'Revenge' Recap: Emily Accidentally Reveals Her True Identity To Charlotte

Revenge picked up in "Homecoming" right where they left off in the winter finale: Emily has disappeared after being shot on the night of her wedding, by her husband Daniel.

Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) rush to try to find Emily (Emily VanCamp) after discovering her wedding dress washed up on the shore. Aiden focuses on trying to track Emily using the garter tracker she was wearing, while Jack feels increasingly guilty about forcing Emily to move up her revenge time table, which could have led to bad planning and Emily’s current injury. Aiden sends Jack to update Nolan and continues to search for Emily on his own.

Aiden Rescues Emily

Emily, injured, but alive, tried to get to a buoy where she had stashed a box away in case of emergencies, but she is too weak to grab it and ends up being picked up by a fisherman’s boat.
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Revenge Recap: Fuggedaboutit!

Revenge Recap: Fuggedaboutit!
In this week’s Revenge, we learn that Emily’s shooting has left her with amnesia. (What, should that have been preceded by “spoiler alert”? C’mon. You never thought for a minute that there was even the remotest possibility that she was gonna die, and neither did anyone else. That said… ) In case your memory has been similarly erased by eggnog and/or champagne consumption over the holiday break, let me bring you up to speed on a bit of what happened before – and all that happens in – “Homecoming”…

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Guilty Party | While
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‘The Narrow Margin’ expands the confines of train compartments for solid thrills

The Narrow Margin

Written by Earl Felton

Directed by Richard Fleischer

USA, 1952

Single-location films can be a tough sell for some. In some instances, the location might seem too preposterous to be the setting for an entire story, thus creating a sense that the project is based on a gimmick. It requires some considerable storytelling prowess to properly convey the reasons why characters would remain in said location if dangers lurk around every corner, and to create new, plausible threats to keep the interest level high. Trains as single-location settings present some interesting challenges. They offer its passengers the opportunity to peruse its in and outs in many ways, not all of which offer a lot of breathing room. Richard Fleischer turned out to be one such director capable of taking full advantage of the setting with 1952’s The Narrow Margin.

Detective Sergeants Walter Brown (Charles McGraw) and Gus Forbes
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TV on Tap: Richard Dean Anderson Meets the "B---- in Apartment 23," CBS Plans to Spend the Summer "Under the Dome" and the CW Begins Searching for Wonder Woman

Jay and Silent Bob talk to Australian fans in their new special


Casting has begun for someone to play Wonder Woman in the CW pilot Amazon (with a script written by faboo Young Avengers creator Allan Heinberg) and Deadline has the breakdown on the iconic heroine. I'm continuing to feel optimistic about this adaptation, even if the heroine is named Iris (Iris?) and her background doesn't exactly sound like Themyscira.

Did anyone watch and enjoy Call the Midwife? I don't mean that sarcastically, I never had the time to check it out. For you fans, the BBC announced there's a second season and a Christmas special in the works.

CNN has named former NBC chief Jeff Zucker — who's largely remembered as the man who took NBC from Friends to The Jay Leno Show — as president of the troubled news channel. The development has inspired speculation and suggestions on how
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