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Louis Tomlinson's Baby Mama's Dad Demands Takedown of One Direction Fan Sites

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The stepfather of Louis Tomlinson's baby mama has a big problem with a One Direction fan whom he claims posts lies about her, Louis and their child. Briana Jungwirth's stepdad, Brett Clark, sent a letter to the woman who owns a few 1D fan sites accusing her of defaming Briana, Louis and 11-month old Freddie ... and he's threatening a lawsuit. Clark says the woman insults Briana's hair, calls her a gold digger, and worst of all,
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Stripping 101: The Guys From "Magic Mike" Can Learn A Thing or Two From These Classic Male Strip Scenes

Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, William Levi

As you've probably heard (we may have mentioned it a few times), Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh is preparing to film the Citizen Kane of beefcake films. No doubt, Magic Mike will be competing for Oscars this time next year.

Magic Mike is based on the early stripper life of actor Channing Tatum, who will star in the film alongside some of the most notable male specimens of this generation.

You may think that a film about stripping will be silly, and a walk in the park for these actors, but this is serious business. If there's one word that will never be used in conjunction with this movie, it's "fluff."

Oh wait. Actually, that word may play a role.

What I mean is that it's not going to be as simple as it looks. Stripping isn't only about taking your clothes off.
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