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I don’t know about you, but I keep forgetting to watch Star Trek: Discovery.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait for each episode of Star Trek Continues.

As I’m sure you know, CBS, through the complicated Hollywood system of it’s mine, it’s mine!, owns the television rights to Trek and in its infinite wisdom stupidity decided to launch Discovery on their streaming network. Which you have to pay for.

Star Trek Continues, a continuation of the five-year mission of the Constellation class starship USS Enterprise Ncc-1701, captained by James Tiberius Kirk, is a love-fast to the original series. It is available for free on YouTube and its own website.

Stc was co-produced by the non-profit charity Trek Continues, Inc., Dracogen, Far From Home LLC and Farragut Films, and was partially funded by Kickstarter, in an incredibly successful campaign of crowd sourcing.
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5 Things to Know: ‘Feral Girl’ and Her Sister Saved from Sexual Abuse in Virginia

5 Things to Know: ‘Feral Girl’ and Her Sister Saved from Sexual Abuse in Virginia
In September 2015, local agencies responded to a neighbor’s call about a mobile home in the remote Arnold Valley section of Rockbridge County, Virginia, according to courthouse officials.

Investigators discovered a terrible scene of filth and violence at the home, where half-siblings Robert Eugene Clark, 39, and Samantha Simmons, 30, were sexually abusing two girls, about 4 and 8 years old at the time, authorities alleged.

This week, Clark and Simmons were sentenced to prison after he entered an Alford plea — a type of guilty plea in which the defendant maintains their innocence — and she pleaded guilty.

Here are five things to know about the case.
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‘Feral Child’ Saved from Sex Abuse as Virginia Man and Woman Are Sentenced to Serve 108 Years

‘Feral Child’ Saved from Sex Abuse as Virginia Man and Woman Are Sentenced to Serve 108 Years
A brother and his half-sister were convicted Tuesday of sexually abusing two girls, which the prosecuting attorney described as the most disturbing sex crime he has ever encountered.

“There’s no other way to describe this than as a family orgy,” Jared Moon, the chief deputy commonwealth’s attorney for Lexington city and Rockbridge County, Virginia, reportedly said during his closing argument.

After being convicted, 39-year-old Robert Eugene Clark was sentenced to 130 years in prison (with 65 suspended) on nine counts, which include rape, aggravated sexual battery and taking indecent liberties, People confirms.

Clark’s half-sibling Samantha Simmons, 30, was sentenced to
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Wizard World Toronto: Con Recap With Photos!

One thing I can’t get enough of are comic book conventions. I started attending eight years ago and haven’t looked back. If you’ve never been (and are at all interested in comics) I encourage you to check out at least one if it’s within a reasonable distance. I promise, you won’t experience anything like it as they have an energy all their own.

This passed weekend Wizard World delivered their comic convention to Toronto, Canada. It was an inaugural event here in Canada but there were no shortage of attendees. While the list of guests was not as huge as I would have liked, there were some interesting names. Firefly’s Jewel Staite, Battlestar Galactica’s Kandyse McClure and Luciana Carro, Buck Roger’s Gil Gerard and Erin Gray, and Caprica’s own Magda Apanowicz.

A couple very notable appearances were made by Bob Clark,
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And the Next 'Star Trek' Movie Villain Is...

Everybody's asking the question: "Who's going to serve as the villain or villains in the sequel to last summer's Star Trek?" Now that we're in an alternate Trek timeline, writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are free to tell stories that incorporate familiar faces but combine them in new and interesting ways.

Which got us thinking: who's likely to make the short list, and what sort of possible stories/combinations might we see? Will the filmmakers choose to go the route of borrowing once more from canon...or will they elect to craft an entirely new story with entirely new antagonists?

Since new antagonists are impossible to predict, we decided to look to the original canon and have offered a list of possible villains from which Orci and Kurtzman could choose. We've divided the categories up into four groups:

The Heavy Hitters

The Middleweight Contenders

The Individual Narcissists

And finally:
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WonderCon 2009 - Day One Recap

I arrived at WonderCon around mid afternoon and walked the floor to see what they had. It is a lot more low key than the San Diego Comic-Con and the focus is so much more on comics and video games.

The hall is only 2/3rds full of vendors and booths today. It’s odd to see so much empty floor space in a convention like this. Is the economy hitting even here? I’ve been told that the Con filled the hall last year.

There were quite a few folks signing autographs. Most were character actors like Bobby Clark, the man who wore the Gorn suit on Star Trek and Anthony Forest, the storm trooper who said “These aren’t the droids we’re looking for” in Star Wars.

The bigger draws that I saw were the likes of Richard Kiel and Mark Hamill.

When I tried to get a snap of Kiel,
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