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Denis Villeneuve to direct Dune reboot?

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Author: David Sztypuljak

Denis Villeneuve is a director whose stock is certainly rising of late. His work continues to astound with the likes of Sicario, Incendies, Prisoners, Arrival and right now he’s finishing off his work on the sequel to Blade Runner – Blade Runner 2049 with the first trailer for the second film released on Monday and some lovely new images released yesterday (one of which is below showing off Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling). News comes today that he may be taking on a Dune reboot.

It was no doubt a hard task for Producer / Director Ridley Scott to hand over the helm of his beloved movie but it seems that with Villeneuve in charge, Scott was happy to do so.

We caught up with Villeneuve during the junket for Sicario where he first spoke about Blade Runner 2049 (which at that point didn’t have a title
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Hudson Hawk at 25

If there is a reliable truism that can coexist alongside the American film industry’s dance of death with economically insane budgets that now routinely soar north of $200 million, it is that (most) critics and potential ticket-buyers can be counted on to review bad buzz and publicized woes of dollars and production instead of the actual movie once it finally finds its way to a screen. And it may in fact be true that the drama behind the scenes often outstrips the quality of the wide-screen finished product, though certainly this is not always the case. The reception of big-budget box-office flops like John Carter, The Lone Ranger, Jupiter Ascending and Oliver Stone’s Alexander are but some late examples of our number-crunching obsession with pop culture minutiae and the fascination of a behemoth’s preordained fall. Most who trudged out to see any of these films during their theatrical
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Waterworld Big Screen Remake Coming from Syfy

Waterworld Big Screen Remake Coming from Syfy
Whenever the subject of box office bombs comes up, the one film mentioned nearly every time is the flop Waterworld, which cost a whopping $235 million to make in 1997. The cable network Syfy is currently seeking to remake the Kevin Costner adventure for a theatrical remake.

The network has long been trying to branch out into the theatrical world, forming Syfy Films back in 2010. Both Syfy and their parent company NBCUniversal began pumping money into a joint development fund. According to network president Dave Howe, the network is, "actively developing scripts."

It isn't known if there is a writer attached to this proposed remake, but Dave Howe believes there is an audience for it. The network's last airing of Waterworld on Syfy attracted a healthy 400,000 viewers. Dave Howe also revealed that a TV series inspired by the original movie is also a possibility.

Kevin Reynolds directed Waterworld, which was set in
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Daily Briefing. "What Is, Or Was, Cinephilia?"

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"When something is said to be dead or dying, we are bound to hear more about it than ever," writes Nico Baumbach in a piece for Film Comment, "All That Heaven Allows: What Is, Or Was, Cinephilia? (Part One)." Part Two will appear on Wednesday. "Two relatively distinct trajectories have emerged: one that takes 20th-century cinephilia to be a historical phenomenon, a 'specific kind of love' that emerged in postwar France and spread throughout Europe and the Americas in the Fifties and Sixties; and a second that asserts the ongoing validity of cinephilia and seeks to demonstrate the health of cinephile culture in the 21st century. The occasion for these reflections, Project: New Cinephilia — a website hosted by Mubi, curated by Damon Smith and Kate Taylor, and conceived in conjunction with a day-long symposium at the 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival — falls into the second category."

New York. Star Quality
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Rest in Peace: Leonardo Cimino

The world became a little less fun today as The Monster Squad has lost one of its own. We're sorry to report that Leonardo Cimino, known best to horror fans as the "Scary German Guy", has passed on.

According to The New York Times, Cimino died on March 3rd at his home in Woodstock, New York. He was 94.

On television he appeared in the original version of the science-fiction mini-series “V” and in shows like “Naked City,” “Kojak” and “Law & Order.” His many movies included Dune, Monsignor, The Freshman and Moonstruck.

We here at Dread Central would like to take this time to offer our sincerest of condolences to Cimino's family, friends, and constituents. You will be missed, sir. Thanks for all that you gave and for reminding us that there will always be time for pie. Godspeed.

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"V" To Return to Primetime-Original Creator Not Involved

In the early 1980s, sci-fi miniseries "V", the alien-human Holocaust allegory scored record ratings, spawned a sequel, "V: The Final Battle", and the short lived but well made "V: The Series". Now ABC is set to revive the cult classic for a new franchise, according to Variety. The new show, produced by "The 4400" creator Scott Peters will not try to replicate the original except that "the new "V" will still focus on what happens when the masses have blind faith in their leaders."

The 80's series focused on seemingly benevolent aliens coming to Earth with the the promise of sharing advanced technology in exchange for some help with their ailing planet. Unfortunately for the human race while they looked human underneath they were secretly lizard-like creatures who'd come to steal our water and enslave us.

Original series creator Kenneth Johnson had been trying to get a sequel to the
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