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  • (1922 - 1939) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Greenwich Village Follies [1924].
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Greenwich Village Follies [1922]. Musical revue. Music by Louis A. Hirsch. Book by George V. Hobart. Lyrics by John Murray Anderson and Irving Caesar. Additional music by Irving Caesar and Harry Ruby. Additional lyrics by Bert Kalmar. Musical Director: Alfred Newman. Choreographed by Jack Manning, Carl Randall and Alexander Yakovleff. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Shubert Theatre: 12 Sep 1922- 10 Mar 1923 (209 performances). Cast: Dorothy Arnold, Elsie Bartlett, Frieda Berkof, Louis Berkoff, Jay Brennan, Lucille Chalfonte, Azeada Charkouie, George Christie [Broadway debut], George Clifford, Ruth Conley, Dinarzade, Mollie Doherty, Fortunello and Cirillano, Yvonne George, Harriet Gimbel, Doris Green, John Hazzard, Frankie Heath, Paul K. Herbert, Jeanne La Mont, Josephine MacNicol, Helen McDonald, Lucila Mendez, Edythe Nedd, Madge North, Marjorie Peterson, Carl Randall, George Rasely, Eugenia Repelsky, Virginia Roche, Bert Savoy, Michel Schiapiro, Ula Sharon, John Sheehan, Julia Silvers, Amund Sjovik, Tarzanne, Linn Van Vorhees, Della Vanna, Alice Weaver, Grace Kay White, Cricket Wooten, Stella Wooten, Alexander Yakovleff, Marguerite Young. Produced by The Bohemians Inc.
  • (1928) Stage Play: A Free Soul.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Murray Anderson's Almanac. Musical revue.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Launcelot and Elaine (revival).
  • (1932) Stage Play: New York to Cherbourg. Comedy.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Take My Tip. Comedy. Written by Nat Dorfman. Directed by Frank Merlin. 48th Street Theatre: 11 Apr 1932- Apr 1932 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Frank Andrews, George Christie (as "Wilbur Smith"), John T. Dwyer, Eda Heinemann (as "Mollie"), William Janney, Marjorie Jarecki, Helen Lowell, Janet McLeay, Donald Meek (as "Henry Merrill") [final Broadway role], Gordon Nelson, Ethel Remey, Florence Shirley (as "Miss Dolly Browning"), James Spottswood (as "Jack Rogers"). Produced by Mack Hilliard.
  • (1933) Stage Play: We, The People. Written by Elmer Rice. Directed by Elmer Rice. Empire Theatre: 21 Jan 1933- Mar 1933 (closing date unknown/49 performances). Cast: Frieda Altman (as "Passer-by"), David Appelbe, Carroll Ashburn (as "Larry Collins"), Mildred Baker, Harry Bellaver (as "Mike Ramsay"), Jules J. Bennett, Marvin S. Borowsky, Orrin Burke (as "Ellis Jones"), Sam Byrd (as "Peter Hines"), Burr Caruth, George Christie (as "Harry Gregg"), Blaine Cordner (as "Albert Collins"), Glenn Coulter, Charles H. Davis, Gregory Deane, Lawrence Ellinger, Katherine Emmet (as "Sarah Collins"), Harry Fischer, Walter Greaza (as "Cleveland Thomas"), Alan Hale (as "Passer-by"), Randolph Hale, Jane Hamilton, Fred Herrick, William Ingersoll, House Jameson (as "James Moulton"), Alice John (as "Edna Innes"), Charles La Torre (as "Louis Volterra"), David Leonard, Howard Miller, Grace Mills, Harry Moore, Carlton Moss, Clement O'Loghlin, George Pembroke, Eleanor Phelps, Mildred Quigley, R. Birrell Rawls, Arthur Ritchie, Florence Robinson (as "Passer-by"), Herbert Rudley, Maria Sermolino, Phil Sheridan, Jean Sidney, Juliana Taberna, Forrest Taylor, Ralph Theadore, Calvin Thomas, Thomas F. Tracey, Valerie Valaire, Egisto Visser, Gladys Walker, Pierre Watkins, Maurice Wells, Frank H. Wilson (as "Steve Clinton"). Produced by Elmer Rice.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Uncle Tom's Cabin. Melodrama. Written by G. L. Aiken. Musical program directed by Harry Gilbert. Revised by A.E. Thomas. Based on the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Musical program prepared by Edward T. Emery. Directed by Earle Boothe. Alvin Theatre: 29 May 1933- Jun 1933 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Fay Bainter (as "Topsy"), Thomas Chalmers (as "Simon Legree"), Lyster Chambers (as "Haley"), Joseph Cummings Chase (as "Singer"), George Christie (as "Mr. Wilson"), Russel Crouse (as "Ensemble"), Owen Culbertson, Francis H. Day, Pedro de Cordoba (as "George Harris"), Elizabeth Dewing, Malcolm Duncan, Mrs. Edward D. Dunn, Edward Delaney Dunn, Minnie Dupree (as "Aunt Ophelia"), Edwin T. Emery (as "Second Bidder"), Essie Emery, Sylvia Field (as "Marie"), William Fisher, Harry Gilbert, Ernest Glendinning (as "St. Clare"), Eleanor Goodrich, Harold W. Gould (as "Skeggs, the Auctioneer"), Harry Gresham (as "Quimbo"), Amy Groesbeck, Burford Hampden, Oswald Hering, Richard Hoffmann, Frederick Jagel, John C. King, John Knight, John Kramer, Wright Kramer, Ben Lackland (as "Sambo"), Roy Le May, Nancy Levering, Gene Lockhart (as "Gumption Cute"), Kathleen Lockhart (as "Ensemble"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Aunt Chloe"), Alice MacKenzie, Edward McNamara (as "Phineas Fletcher"), Oswald Marshall, Kate Mayhew (as "Aunt Hagar"), Harold McGee, Samuel Merwin, Earl Mitchell, T.H. Montgomery, John Daly Murphy (as "Marks"), Patricia O'Connell, Janice O'Connell, Patricia O'Connell, Paul Parks, George Riddell, Elisabeth Risdon (as "Eliza"), Lois Shore, Florence Short, Otis Skinner (as "Uncle Tom"), James Stanley, Harold Staton, W.B. Taylor, Raymond Thayer, Grenville Vernon, John Barnes Wells, Frank Wilcox (as "George Fisk"). Produced by The Players Club.
  • (1934) Stage Play: They Shall Not Die. Drama. Written by John Wexley. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Philip Moeller. Royale Theatre: 21 Feb 1934- Apr 1934 (closing date unknown/62 performances). Cast: Carroll Ashburn (as "Mr. Lawrence/Lowery"), St. Clair Bayfield, Irene Bevans (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Brown (as "Purcell"), Teddy Browne, Georgia Burke, Orrin Burke (as "Ensemble"), George A. Cameron (as "Ensemble"), George Carroll, George Christie (as "Doctor Thomas"), K. Browne Cooke (as "Mr. Parsons"), Leo Curley (as "Warden Jefferies"), Angus Duncan (as "Ensemble"), Carl Eckstrom (as "Circuit Solicitor Slade") [final Broadway role], Tom Ewell (as "Red/Young Man") [Broadway debut], Jack Flynn (as "Ensemble"), Ross Forrester (as "Sergeant Ogden"), Catherine Francis, Vallejo Gantner(as "Ensemble"), Ruth Gordon (as "Lucy Wells"), Anthony Douglas Gregory, Marshall Hale, Bryant Hall (as "Walters"), Thurston Hall (as "Judge"), George R. Hayes (as "Roberts"), Charles Henderson (as "Prinicpal Keeper"), Harry Hermsen (as "Seth Robbins"), Fred Herrick, Eddie Hodge (as "Killian/Ensemble"), Lawrence M. Hurdle, William Jackson, Dean Jagger (as "Russell Evans"), Alexander Jones, John L. Kearney, Louis John Latzer (as "Rokoff"), Robert J. Lawrence, William Lynn, William H. Malone, Edward Mann, George C. Mantell (as "Charley/Ensemble"), Phil S. Michaels (as "Ensemble"), Fred Miller (as "Rev. Wendell Jackson"), Grace Mills (as "Ensemble"), Hale Norcross (as "Luther Blakely"), William Norton, Betty Oakwood, Frederick Persson, Frank Phillips, Robert D. Phillips, Robert Porterfield, Claude Rains (as "Nathan G. Rubin"), Hugh Rennie (as "Smith/Johnny"), Bob Ross, Dorothy E. Ryan, Edward Ryan Jr., Erskine Sanford (as "Sheriff Nelson"), Ralph Sanford, Cecil Scott, Joseph Scott, Joseph Smalls, Ben Smith, C. Ellsworth Smith, Al Stokes, Jack Stone, Jerome Sylvon, Ralph Theodore (as "Sheriff Wren"), Robert Thomsen, Derek Trent, Grafton Trew (as "Warner"), Allan Vaughan, Ben Vivian (as "Ensemble"), Linda Watkins (as "Virginia Ross"), Charles Wellesley, Albert West, Helen Westley (as "Mrs. Wells"), John Wheeler, Frank H. Wilson (as "Moore/Mr. Harrison"), Frank Woodruff, James Young (as "Guard"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Seven Keys to Baldplate. Comedy (revival). Book adapted by George M. Cohan. From the novel by Earl Derr Biggers. Scenic Design by W. Oden Waller. Directed by Sam Forrest. National Theatre: 27 May 1935- Jun 1935 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: George Christie (as "Thomas Hayden"), George M. Cohan (as "William Hallowell McGee"), Frank Conlan (as "Elijah Quinby"), Allen Delano (as "Second Policeman"), Ernest Glendinning (as "John Bland"), Walter Hampden (as "Hal Bentley"), Josephine Hull (as "Mrs. Quinby"), Zita Johann (as "Mary Norton"), James Kirkwood (as "Jiggs Kennedy"), Ben Lackland (as "Lou Max"), Edward McNamara (as "Jim Cargan"), Percy Moore (as "First Policeman"), James T. Powers (as "Peters"), Irene Rich (as "Mrs. Rhodes"), Ruth Weston (as "Myra Thornhill"). Produced by The Players.
  • (1935) Stage Play: A Slight Case of Murder. Comedy.
  • (1936) Stage Play: The County Chairman. Comedy (revival). Written by George Ade [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Sam Forrest. National Theatre: 25 May 1925- Jun 1936 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Arthur Allen (as "Vance Jimmison"), Philip F. Broughton (as "Glabe Overton"), Lyster Chambers (as "Riley Cleaver"), George Christie (as "Wilson Prewitt"), Charles Coburn (as "Honorable Jim Hackler, County Chairman"), Jay Fassett, Parker Fennelly, Eda Heinemann (as "Mrs. Jefferson Briscoe"), Rose Hobart (as "Lucy Rigby"), Jackie Kelk (as "Chub" Tolliver"), John C. King (as "D. Montgomery"), Alexander Kirkland (as "Tilford Wheeler"), James Kirkwood (as "Sassafras Livingstone"), James La Curto (as "Henry"), Ben Lackland (as "Jupiter"), Harold McGee (as "Amos Whitney"), Thomas Montgomery (as "Antioch Peerless Quartette"), Forrest Orr (as "Elias Rigby"), Houston Richards (as "Cal Barcus"), Mary Ryan (as "Mrs. Elias Rigby"), Walter Scanlon (as "Antioch Peerless Quartette"), Ben Smith, Dorothy Stickney (as "Lorena Watkins"), Linda Watkins (as "Chick Elzey"). Produced by The Players. Note: Previously filmed by Famous Players Film Co. as The County Chairman (1914) and more notably by Fox Film Corp. as a Will Rogers vehicle, The County Chairman (1935).
  • (1938) Stage Play: Abe Lincoln in Illinois. Drama. Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Elmer Rice. Plymouth Theatre: 15 Oct 1938- Dec 1939 (closing date unknown/472 performances). Cast: Raymond Massey (as "Abraham Lincoln"), Ora Alexander, Dorothy Allan (as "The Edwards' Maid"), Frank Andrews (as "Mentor Graham"), Lloyd Barry (as "Tad Lincoln"), Bette Benfield (as "Ensemble"), Hubert Brown, Everett Charlton (as "Bab/Cavalry Captain/Militia Captain"), George Christie (as "Ben Mattling") [final Broadway role], David Clarke (as "Feargus/Donner"), May Collins, Glenn Coulter, Howard Da Silva (as "Jack Armstrong"), Dearon Darnay (as "Ensemble"), Robert Fitzsimmons (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Foster (as "Nancy Green"), John Gerard (as "Barrick"), Dorothy Greeley (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Griffin, David Hewes (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Jenkins (as "Ensemble"), Walter Kapp (as "Ensemble"), Muriel Kirkland (as "Mary Todd"), Harry Levian, Adele Longmire (as "Ann Rutledge"), George Malcolm, Lewis Martin, Kevin McCarthy (as "Jasp" / "Phil"), Lex Parrish (as "Willie Lincoln"), John Payne (as "Robert Lincoln"), Albert Phillips, Wendell K. Phillips (as "William Herndon"), McKinley Reeves, Elizabeth Reller, Marion Rooney, Herbert Rudley, Bert Schorr, Allen Shaw, Howard Sherman, Lotte Stawisky, Anne Stevenson, Calvin Thomas (as "Joshua Speed"), Thomas F. Tracey (as "Sturveson"), John Triggs (as "Ogleby"), Frank Tweddell (as "Crimmin"), Iris Whitney, Dolores Williams (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Wiseman (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Harrison Woodhull (as "Ensemble"). Replacement cast: Alexander Clark (as "Ninian Edwards"), John Corington (as "Ensemble"), Augusta Dabney (as "The Edwards' Maid"), Thomas Daly (as "Ensemble"), Edward Downes (as "Kavanaugh"), Robert Fitzsimmons (as "Feargus"), Peter Flint (as "Ensemble"), Richard Gaines (as "Abe Lincoln"), Fred Herrick (as "Seth Gale"), Wardell Jennings (as "Jasp"), Ted Kral (as "Ensemble"), Louis Marsh (as "Ensemble"), Mary Michael (as "Nancy Green"), James Moore (as "Sturveson"), Paul Nevens (as "Robert Lincoln"), William Norton (as "Ben Mattling"), Robert Porterfield (as "Jack Armstrong"), Grandon Rhodes (as "Joshua Speed"), Marion Rooney (as "Nancy Green"), Joanna Roos (as "Mary Todd"), Richard Ross (as "Ensemble"), Lewis L. Russell (as "Judge Bowling Green"), Margaret Stallings (as "Ensemble"), Anne Stevenson (as "The Lincolns' Maid"), David Stevenson (as "Ensemble"), Conway Washburne [credited as Conway Washburn] (as "Jed/Trum Cogdal"), Iris Whitney (as "Aggie Gale, The Edwards' Maid"), Jesse Wynne (as "Ensemble"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard). Note: Filmed as Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940).

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