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Overview (3)

Date of Birth 22 August 1968Kerteminde, Denmark
Birth NameCasper Lindholm Christensen
Height 6' 0½" (1.84 m)

Mini Bio (2)

Casper was born in Birkerød, Denmark in 1968. In 1987, he bought a tape Of American stand up comedian Steve Martin. Casper admired the Oscar-host to-be greatly. As did his co-workers on _Casper & Mandrilaftalen (1999)_, Frank Hvam, Lasse Rimmer and Lars Hjortshøj, Casper started out in stand-up comedy. His work in this business led to a deal with Danish TV-network DR, and Casper started doing a children's show called Hvaffor en hånd (1991). After doing a couple of shows for the young Danish people, Casper hit the big time with quiz show _"Husk lige tandbørsten" (1994)_, which he hosted, with help from Annette Toftgårdm whom he later married. _"Husk lige tandbørsten" (1994)_ had made Casper the darling of Danish television. A status which was jeopardized with Casper's follow-up: Safari (1996), which he made with his friend Lars Hjortshøj. All though the show was not a hit with the average Danish family, Casper wasn't any less enthusiastic about his career. He hosted the Danish grammys, but again the average Dane was outraged at Casper, as the public deemed certain jokes from the show too rough.

Three years after breaking through with _"Husk lige tandbørsten" (1994)_, Casper teamed up with a few friends, and made Tæskeholdet (1997). Casper's sense of humor hadn't changed, but the Danish public was getting used to it, and the show, which aired both in the radio in the morning and on TV on late evenings was a major hit, and Casper was back on top. The show aired on DR, but the concept was bought by competing TV-station TV2. What came of this was Darios Joint (1998), which went down the same road as Safari (1996). At this point, Casper decided something that would mark a radical change in his career and a new start with a new attitude towards his status.

Casper thought everything over, and he decided that he would no longer care about how many viewers he had on his shows. He would base his work around what he personally wanted to do, and what he personally thought was funny. He opted for a new start, and the TV-network was DR2. A small station, which agreed to give Casper the freedom to do exactly what he wanted to do. Casper gathered a team of fellow stand-up comedians, some of which Casper had worked with before. The team that was eventually put together consisted of: Lars Hjortshøj, Casper's co-star from Safari (1996), Frank Hvam, who had written for different TV-shows, and had caught Casper's attention and Lasse Rimmer, a rather new name on Danish TV. The project ended up as Casper & Mandrilaftalen (1999). It received cult status, and was to be re-run several times, each time with a growing number of viewers tuning in. Then in 2001, Casper and Frank Hvam wrote and starred in the first real Danish sitcom, Langt fra Las Vegas (2001).

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Kasper Tornbjerg

Casper Christensen is a household name comedian in Denmark, mostly known for hosting numerous television shows throughout the 1990s and lately for playing the lead part in the sitcom Langt fra Las Vegas (2001). Casper was born in Birkerød, Denmark in 1968. He went to high school in the States, took drama lessons, and it was here he found interest in stand-up comedy. Returning to Denmark he tried his skills at the comedian club DINs.

During 1991 to 1993 Casper found himself on Danish national television hosting Transit (1991). He brought to television what no other had dared before, and at that time by Danmarks Radio considered to be far beyond what television should be. Viewers could call directly to Casper and make a statement, non-censured. He would then in a swift manner either take up the discussion or in most cases cut them off without warning and go directly to the next caller. In Transit he also invented 'The Fall' in which he invited the viewers to fall on the ground on his command.

He also hosted the children's show Hvaffor en hånd (1991), and was briefly in A.T.O.M. TV (1994). But it was the quiz-show Husk lige tandbørsten (1995) broadcast live from Copenhagen Airport, that earned him national recognition. Contestants won a week to exotic places, and those who lost 'won' a vacation to the most tedious corner of Denmark. 'Bali or Brovst'. Along with co-host Anette Toftgaard he hit the jackpot as the show became one of the highest rated game shows ever in Denmark. Between the show's first and second season Casper married his co-host. It also marked the beginning of a professional relationship with his friend Lars Hjortshøj.

Seconds after the final episode had been shot Casper was surprised by his colleague Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen who took over the studio and turned it into his playground. The following interview (now the role of the host had switched) was aired as an episode of Talkshowet (1991).

Casper and Lars Hjortshøj experimented with surreal comedy in Safari (1996), obviously inspired by sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969). They aired in prime time targeting the mainstream audience. Ratings hit rock bottom, and the show was almost cancelled. One could argue had the show aired in a late evening slot it might have had been received differently.

In the fall holidays of 1996 Casper returned full-blast as he collaborated with a group of stand-up comedians including Jan Gintberg, Søren Søndergaard and Mads Vangsø on the morning radio programme 'Strax', aired on Danmarks Radio P3. They proclaimed themselves as 'Tæskeholdet' ('The Bashing Team'). For his performance on radio Casper was awarded Host of the Year. The show was such a success Danmarks Radio put them back on the air in 1997. This time the show aired on radio in the morning and was broadcast on television as Tæskeholdet (1997) in the evening.

Also in 1997 Casper made a brief appearances on _"Stand-up.dk" (1997)_ and was portraying in Peter Bay's documentary De nye sjove (1997). In 1998 Casper turned his attention to light entertainment with the talk-show Darios Joint (1998). Along with friends Jan Gintberg and Lars Hjortshøj he co-hosted the show on TV 2 Danmark. Critics and audiences gave their thumbs down.

Casper opted for a new start and pursued his instinct. A few years earlier Danmarks Radio had launched a small sister-channel called DR2 (referred to in the media as 'the secret channel'). Here Casper found the freedom to do as he pleased. DR2 gave Casper and fellow stand-up comedian Lasse Rimmer a late night slot. In March 1999 Casper & Mandrilaftalen (1999) was launched. Two other stand-up comedians, Frank Hvam who had previously worked on the variety show Ugen der gak (1995) and the candid camera show _"Rent fup" (1997)_, and Lars Hjortshøj, soon joined the party and the writing/acting Mandril-quartet was born. Almost from start it became a cult-favourite among its audience, and was re-run several times, each time with a growing number tuning in.

After two succesful seasons of Casper & Mandrilaftalen (1999) the cast returned briefly on New Years Eve 2000 in the short film _80-års fødselsdagen (2000) (TV)_. Along with Jan Gintberg they spoofed the German classic Dinner for One (1963) which has been re-run every year the past decades on Danish television.

In 2001 Casper and Frank Hvam launched the first true Danish sitcom Langt fra Las Vegas (2001) targeting a young adult audience on TV 2 Zulu. Over the years Casper has hosted a handful of award shows including the Danish Grammys and the Zulu Awards. In 2002 Casper and Lars Hjortshøj were portayed in the documentary series Brødre i ånden (2002) ('Spirit of Brothers') where they explained how they connect so well both professionally and personally.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: nathue@hotmail.com

Spouse (1)

Anette Toftgaard (1996 - 2003) (divorced) (2 children)

Trivia (7)

Has two children named Cajsa and Marvin.
Has a tattoo on his right arm. It pictures several flames, symbolising the passion and energy in Casper. There are also a couple of dices, who together count Casper's birthday. Above those is a large heart, dedicated to his wife, and on the top part of the tattoo shows a few gleaming stars, for his family.
Daughter Cajsa has the middle name of Phoebe, after Lisa Kudrow's character in the sit-com, Friends (1994).
Completing the sitcom Klovn (2005) with Frank Hvam. To be released on TV2/Zulu in early 2005. [December 2004]
Developing a new (untitled) with Frank Hvam. To be released on TV2/Zulu in 2004. [August 2004]
Developing a new (untitled) sitcom and a quiz show with Frank Hvam. Both to be released on TV2/Zulu in 2004. [December 2003]

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