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James Franco Hosts SNL: The Least Bad Bits From an Abysmal Night — Watch

James Franco Hosts SNL: The Least Bad Bits From an Abysmal Night — Watch
Despite being overstuffed with Christmas sketches, there were few gifts to be found during this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

James Franco returned to Studio 8H to promote The Disaster Artist, a movie based on The Room, one of the dumbest films ever made. Ironic, since so much of his latest hosting stint consisted of aggressively dumb material.

The evening got off to a rough start with the cold open, which featured a parade of kids struggling with cue cards and asking Kenan Thompson’s Mall Santa about Sen. Al Franken, Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore and ousted Today show host Matt Lauer.
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'The Deuce' Recap: Movin' On Up

'The Deuce' Recap: Movin' On Up
You don't take a walk on the wild side when you watch The Deuce. No, this show's journey through the seedy side of Seventies NYC is more like a leisurely stroll. Co-written by The Wire's David Simon and The Night Of's Richard Price and directed by James Franco himself, this week's episode – “The Principle Is All" – draws strength from that slow and steady rhythm. On paper, it's not really doing anything different than its predecessors: Vinnie, Candy, Lori and Abby all continue their respective learning curves as they
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Series About Julia Child’s Time in the CIA Picked Up at ABC Signature

Julia Child in “The French Chef

As Julia Child herself said, “I was 32 when I started cooking; until then, I just ate.” So, what else did she do before then? Many of us learned what we know about Julia Child from PBS reruns, Nora Ephron’s “Julie & Julia,” or Dan Aykroyd’s impersonation on “Saturday Night Live.” All of these representations focus on the second and third acts of her life. The media at large, however, has yet to dabble in Child’s time prior to the kitchen.

ABC Signature would like to change that. According to Deadline, ABC’s digital/cable division has just picked up writer Benjamin Brand’s hour-long dramedy “Julia.” This fictional project is very loosely based on Child’s experience as an agent for the Office of Strategic Services (Oss), the precursor to the CIA, during the Second World War.

In this series, Brand contemplates what would occur if the CIA took advantage of Child once she became a renowned public figure, and how she would operate as an agent during this phase of her life.

The inspiration for Brand’s show ironically stems from one of Child’s PBS programs, “Cooking for the C.I.A.” “I was disappointed when I learned that in this case, the C.I.A. stood for the Culinary Institute of America,” Brand said. He later merged this initial disappointment with research pertaining to Child’s employment during WWII, and “the story of ‘Julia’ quickly fell into place.”

Further details regarding “Julia” have yet to be announced.

Series About Julia Child’s Time in the CIA Picked Up at ABC Signature was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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ABC Signature Lands Julia Child As CIA Agent Dramedy Spec By Benjamin Brand

ABC Signature, the cable/digital division of ABC Studios, has landed the hot hourlong spec Julia, a darkly comedic dramedy about celebrity chef Julia Child from writer Benjamin Brand and ABC Signature Studios. The fictional project is based on a true fact: before she was the world's first celebrity chef, Julia Child was an agent for the Oss, the precursor to the CIA, during World War II. Extrapolating from that, Julia imagines a world where the CIA takes advantage of…
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Et Obsessions: 'Life of Kylie,' Kesha's 'Rainbow' Album, 'Difficult People,' and Everything Princess Diana

Et Obsessions: 'Life of Kylie,' Kesha's 'Rainbow' Album, 'Difficult People,' and Everything Princess Diana
Here at Et, we're obsessed with a lot of things -- and for the week of Aug. 7 to Aug. 13, this is what we're most excited about:

Why We're Obsessed With 'Difficult People'

The sassy sitcom that raises self-involvement to new comedic heights is back! Difficult People's Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner return for a third season on Hulu, alongside the rest of the cast, including Andrea Martin, James Urbaniak, and Gabourey Sidibe, plus an impressive array of guest stars: Stockard Channing, Tony Hale and Vanessa Williams! Meanwhile, the show will also welcome back Fred Armisen and scene-stealer Jackie Hoffman. During Et's chat on the phone with the cast, Cole Escola -- who is also returning to the series -- dished on his on-screen ex-wife Trish, who will be played by Williams. "I don't think that anything gets better than that," Escola says of Williams, teasing that "she was so game" for the show's antics
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Legendary Book Editor Judith Jones, Who Brought Us Julia Child and The Diary of Anne Frank, Dies at 93

Judith Jones, the editor who changed the world of at-home cooking with her discovery of Julia Child, recovered Anne Frank’s diary from a reject pile, and edited the works of cookbook and literary giants alike, passed away on Wednesday.

According to her stepdaughter, Bronwyn Dunne, her death was the result of complications from Alzheimer’s. Jones died at home in Walden, Vt. at the age of 93.

More than five decades in the publishing industry resulted in a culinary legacy — a distinct change from the rather unexciting cuisine she grew up eating. Born on March 10, 1994, in Vermont, Jones wrote in her 2007 memoir,
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Meryl Streep’s Best Movie Lines

Meryl Streep’s Best Movie Lines
Over her storied career, Meryl Streep has racked up dozens of film credits going back to the ’70s, scored a record-breaking 20 Oscar nominations (along with three wins), and, of course, delivered golden line after golden line.

With the actress turning 68 on Thursday, Variety decided it was as good a time as any to look back at some of Streep’s best lines, from the funny to the sassy to the downright inspirational.

“How do I look?” — Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

Following a divorce, and nasty custody battle complete with character assassination and conflicted emotion, Streep as Joanna Kramer seals her first Oscar win with a question — “How do I look?” — as she boards an elevator to see her son.

“The dingo took my baby!” – “Cry in the Dark” (1988)

Often misquoted as “A dingo ate my baby,” Streep’s exclamation after a wild dog snatches her infant from a tent, delivered in a flawless Australian accent, has become part of pop culture. Elaine made it a memorable put-down in a “Seinfeld” episode.

“I’m not a box. I don’t have sides. This is it. One side fits all.” — “Postcards From the Edge” (1990)

In “Postcards From the Edge,” Meryl Streep is Carrie Fisher’s muse, and embodies the late Hollywood royal in all her snarky, unpredictable, and out-of-control glory. With this line, Streep’s Suzanne Vale snaps back at her love interest Jack Faulkner (Dennis Quaid) to make sure he knows exactly where they stand.

“I am a righteous bitch, aren’t I?” — “Dancing at Lughnasa” (1998)

In the long history of Streep delivering flawlessly sassy lines, let no one forget her 1998 role in period film “Dancing at Lughnasa,” where she played Kate “Kit” Mundy. After her sister Aggie (Brid Brennan) declares, “Do you ever listen to yourself, Kate? You are such a damned righteous bitch,” Streep’s Kit can only delightfully agree.

“That is what we do. That is what people do. They stay alive for each other.” — “The Hours” (2002)

In one heartbreaking scene of “The Hours,” Streep, who plays New Yorker Clarissa Vaughan, has a candid conversation with the AIDs-striken Richard (Ed Harris), who asks her why he should even stay alive, if not for her.

“The assassin always dies, baby. It’s necessary for the national healing.” — “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004)

Meryl Streep played U.S. Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw, the manipulative mother of Liev Schreiber’s Raymond Shaw. She perfectly embodies the ruthless nature of her character when she delivers the difficult truth to her son.

Various — “Devil Wears Prada” (2006)

Where to even start with Streep’s endlessly quotable performance as Miranda Priestly? At the end, of course, with the line that the actress brilliantly tweaked during the table read from “Everybody wants to be me” to “Everybody wants to be us.” With this statement we realize how much Andy (Anne Hathaway) has changed (and, really, how much we all have). Some of Streep’s greatest lines stem from her impatient snark (“By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.”) And she has a certain specialty in the way she delivers questions (“Why is no one ready?”; “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”). But the line that defines Streep’s performance, is the two-word dismissal that becomes her refrain: “That’s all.”

“I have doubts… I have such doubts.” — “Doubt” (2008)

Meryl Streep allows the veneer of stern self-assurance in her character, Sister Aloysius Beauvier, to crack in a moment of emotional release. “I have doubts … I have such doubts,” she breaks down about her ability to expose Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and her faith in the church at large.

“If what I think is happening is happening … it better not be.” — “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (2009)

Meryl Streep is the matriarch in Wes Anderson’s endlessly quirky and quippy animated masterpiece — stern and even, and a foil for her rambunctious husband voiced by George Clooney. In this scene she calls out his tomfoolery: “If what I think is happening,” she says, and the camera closes in on her judgmental gaze. “… it better not be.”

“These damn things are as hot as a stiff c—!” – “Julie and Julia” (2009)

Meryl Streep totally nailed TV chef Julia Child’s breathy and sometimes risqué enthusiasm, as in this scene where she pulls two large cannellonis from boiling water using her bare hands.

“We will stand on principle, or we will not stand at all.” — “The Iron Lady” (2011)

Streep’s performance as Margaret Thatcher earned her her most recent Oscar, and it’s easy to see why. When she tells Alexander Haig (Matthew Marsh) about why she will go to war with Argentina in an empassioned speech, it’s hard not to get chills.

“Is anybody supposed to smoke?” — “August: Osage County” (2013)

Streep played the delightfully sardonic Violet Weston in John Wells’ adaptation of Tracy Letts’ play. Her response to Ivy’s (Julianne Nicholson) quite obvious question is only one of many memorable lines from the drama (though not uttered by Streep, who can forget Julia Roberts’ “Eat the fish, bitch”?)

What’s your favorite Meryl Streep movie line? Let us know in the comments below!

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Meryl Streep Makes History with 20th Oscar Nom: A Look Back at Her Iconic Nominated Roles

  • PEOPLE.com
Meryl Streep Makes History with 20th Oscar Nom: A Look Back at Her Iconic Nominated Roles
Last year, Meryl Streep received her 20th Academy Award nomination for her performance in Florence Foster Jenkins. Streep’s nod makes her the most nominated performer in Oscars history.

In honor of Streep’s incredible feat (which she celebrated with an epic gif of her dancing; see below), we’re looking back at the roles that got her the accolades.

via Giphy

(We’re just as excited as you, Meryl!)

1979: The Deer Hunter

Though she didn’t win for her turn as the girlfriend of a fallen soldier in Vietnam, the role helped establish Streep as one to watch in the awards show game,
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25 Father’s Day Books That Cover All of Dad’s Interests

25 Father’s Day Books That Cover All of Dad’s Interests
This article originally appeared on Real Simple.

What do you get for the father who has everything? He already has every power tool on the market, season tickets to see his favorite teams, and enough cool techy toys to last him a lifetime. Although he might not fancy himself a big reader, there’s nothing more thoughtful, or personal, than a book picked just for him.

The great thing about giving books as gifts is that even the father who thinks he’s learned it all can still explore a new world, learn more about his favorite hobby, or be
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How Jacques Pépin made cooking an art: American Masters tribute to legendary chef

Tonight’s American Masters on PBS looks at the making of legendary TV chef Jacques Pépin — and how he turned cooking from a craft into an art. The 80-year-old French chef has appeared regularly on television in the Us since the late 1980s, with some of his best-known shows being The Complete Pépin, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home (with Julia Child), Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way, and Essential Pépin. The PBS episode is part of the network’s American Masters: Chefs Flight series, which also features James Beard, Julia Child and Alice Waters. The documentary includes interviews with other celebrity...read more
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Who Is Tess Ward? 5 Things to Know About Harry Styles’ Rumored Love Interest

Who Is Tess Ward? 5 Things to Know About Harry Styles’ Rumored Love Interest
Sorry Directioners, Harry Styles may have found his “Sweet Creature.”

According to The Sun, the singer, 23, is dating London-based chef and food blogger Tess Ward. The U.K. publication ran photos of the pairing riding around in Styles’ car over the weekend and reports that the singer, 23, has already introduced Ward to some of his friends. “As soon as Harry met Tess there was an instant spark between them,” claims The Sun. “They really bonded over their mutual love of quirky fashion and food – and things turned romantic quickly.”

Here’s a quick briefing on the stunning blonde.

1. She started as a model

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Kendall Jenner Shares the ‘Super Simple’ Dish That She ‘Could Eat for Every Meal’

Kendall Jenner Shares the ‘Super Simple’ Dish That She ‘Could Eat for Every Meal’
We’ve already established that the items on Kendall Jenner‘s standard grocery list do not a meal make, but that doesn’t mean she can’t hang in the kitchen.

“I don’t cook that much besides my standard eggs, avocado and toast breakfast, but when I do, I have a few super simple recipes that I consider my ‘specialties’,” the reality star writes in a post on her app titled “The Dish I Cook for Dinner Better Than Anyone Else”.

Her signature dinner that she “could eat for every meal,” she reveals, is pasta with peas. Alright, not exactly Julia Child stuff,
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Exclusive: Lin-Manuel Miranda Leaves the Best Drunk Voicemail in ‘Drunk History’ Deleted Scene

Exclusive: Lin-Manuel Miranda Leaves the Best Drunk Voicemail in ‘Drunk History’ Deleted Scene
Have you ever imagined what a drunken voicemail from Lin-Manuel Miranda would sound like? No. Just me?! Ok, well, we have thought about it over here at Et and luckily, Drunk History gives us a taste of what that would be like in a deleted scene from season four.

In the clip, the Hamilton creator brings his rap game to the Comedy Central series when he calls musical director Alex Lacamoire. “Lock up your horses and daughters, I’m getting f**ked up on the couch with [creator] Derek Waters,” Miranda raps in a bleep-heavy freestyle.

More: Julia Child Gets the 'Drunk History' Treatment -- Watch Now!

The deleted scene comes from “Hamilton,” during which Miranda drunkenly recounted the history of Alexander Hamilton for a full episode. In the related re-enactment scenes, Alia Shawkat portrayed Hamilton while Aubrey Plaza took on Aaron Burr. The decision to cast the two TV stars, Waters explained
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9 Oscars Winners Who Don't Hold Up to the Test of Time

9 Oscars Winners Who Don't Hold Up to the Test of Time
Just because a movie or a celebrity wins an Oscar, that doesn't mean the win was deserved. While the Academy Awards are seen as the capstone to awards season -- and one of the highest honors in the business -- we all know that stars and movies get snubbed or overlooked all the time.

What's worse is when we look back at what did win, and shake our heads in confusion and disbelief. So, with the 89th Academy Awards just around the corner, let's take a look back over the show's illustrious history at a few times the Academy voters clearly made a mistake.

Watch: 2017 Oscar Awards Nominees: 'La La Land' Leads With 14 Nominations

1. How Green Was My Valley wins Best Picture at the 14th Academy Awards in 1942

20th Century Fox

Beat Out: Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Blossoms in the Dust, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Hold Back the Dawn, The Little Foxes, [link
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A Look Back at Meryl Streep’s Record-Setting 30 Golden Globe-Nominated Roles

A Look Back at Meryl Streep’s Record-Setting 30 Golden Globe-Nominated Roles
Everyone talks about Meryl Streep’s record-setting number of Academy Award nominations, but perhaps even more impressive is the number of Golden Globe Award nominations she’s received: 30, as of this year, with her latest nod for Florence Foster Jenkins.

In fact, the Hollywood Foreign Press seems to be so enamored with Streep that they’ll give her a nomination for pretty much anything (even Mamma Mia!). And now, they’re finally giving her the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures.

In honor of Streep’s incredible feat — only Jack Lemmon has even come close, with
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The Furniture: The Exuberant Fandom of Florence Foster Jenkins

"The Furniture" is our weekly series on Production Design. Here's Daniel Walber...

Florence's beloved Verdi sports her sensible chapeau.

Florence Foster Jenkins was a woman of grand exuberance. She’s mostly remembered for her terrible voice, which I suppose is fair. It’s worth noting, however, that she didn’t exactly intend to make comedy albums. It was her irrepressible love of music that drove her to the stage, the recording studio and, by way of generations of blithe dinner parties, into the 21st century.

With that in mind, a Meryl Streep movie seems like an inevitable conclusion. Florence Foster Jenkins’s director (Stephen Frears) and screenwriter (Nicholas Martin) clearly understand both pieces of the character, her fervent fandom and her wobbly voice. In fact, they so thoroughly embrace her passion for music that they suggest it’s what killed her.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before Streep
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Exclusive: Julia Child Gets the ‘Drunk History’ Treatment -- Watch Now!

Exclusive: Julia Child Gets the ‘Drunk History’ Treatment -- Watch Now!
First, it was presidents, poets and Patty Hearst. Now, Julia Child is getting the Drunk History treatment in a new episode aptly titled “Food.” And Et has an exclusive first look at Child’s segment, narrated by Lyric Lewis and starring Michaela Watkins (Hulu’s Casual) and Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), which will air Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 10:30 p.m. Et on Comedy Central.

While Child is a world-famous chef and TV personality known for bringing French cuisine to the American public, creator Derek Waters was most fascinated with her brief, little-known history working for the Office of Strategic Services, which later became known as the Central Intelligence Agency. “That story jumped out at me,” Waters tells Et by phone. “I thought, ‘Oh, I genuinely want to learn what she actually did.’”

Given that Meryl Streep most famously portrayed Child in the 2009 Nora Ephron film Julie & Julia, Et had to know if the A-list star was
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Making Of The Star Wars Holiday Special! Stage Play Coming to St. Louis

“Would you look at Lumpy! He’s sure grown, huh? And I think his voice is changing!”

George Lucas and his intergalactic entourage don’t stand a chance when St. Louis Shakespeare’s The Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre takes them on in December. The uber-talented Smoking Monkeys adapt a cult film (or TV show) into an onstage farce once a year. Plan 9 From Outer Space, Reefer Madness, Glen Or Glenda, The Star Wars Trilogy, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Stupefy!: The 90-minute Harry Potter, and last year’s Mad Max – Live! have all been the victims of sidesplitting, Pythonesque parody courtesy of The Smoking Monkeys. This time these lunatic thespians are calling their show The Making Of The Star Wars Holiday Special! – A Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre 20th Anniversary Special!

And rumor has it that Charles Bronson will be making an appearance hawking Mandom Cologne!!! It doesn’t get any better than that!
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Julie & Julia at Tenacious Eats ‘Movies for Foodies’ Event August 13th

“What is marshmallow fluff? “

Julie & Julia will be screened Saturday August 13th, as part of Movies for Foodies, a regular film series put on by the chefs at Tenacious Eats. The event will take place at Marine Corps League Banquet Hall (5700 Leona St, St. Louis 63116)

Tenacious Eats ‘Movies for Foodies’ is a one-of-a-kind event where food is prepared and plated in front of you, in the form of a 5-course gourmet meal, while you watch a film on the big screen. Tenacious Eats only works with locally produced food procured by them and hard-to-find ingredients imported from places that specialize in them.

For each new film, the folks at Tenacious Eats write a new menu specific to that movie’s story. Sometimes the menu is literal and sometimes it is inspired interpretation. In all cases, each dining experience is different because each film is different. By integrating film and food,
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Mindy Kaling Is Doing a "Full Julie & Julia" With Chrissy Teigen's Cravings Cookbook

Mindy Kaling Is Doing a
Chrissy Teigen's cookbook is the real deal, guys—just ask Mindy Kaling! The Mindy Project star is a super-fan of Cravings, and to prove it, she's going to cook every single recipe in it. Mindy encouraged fans to join her via Instagram, writing, "Get this book and do a full Julie & Julia with it like I'm doing!" A full Julie & Julia refers to the 2002 movie about a woman named Julie (played by Amy Adams) who sets out to cook all the recipes in a cookbook from Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep). It's an adventurous undertaking, to say the least, and Julie learns a lot about herself through the process. When Mindy wants to go "full Julie & Julia" with...
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