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Worth Watching - Sept 16: First Trailer for Kung Fu Film Champions

Our friends at Twitch have debuted a trailer for a Chinese kung fu movie called Champions. I thought it'd be great to step out of the ordinary today and feature a badass trailer for a kung fu film, especially one that looks this good. The film is about a wushu athlete who takes part in a tournament in order to represent China in a martial arts performance at an Olympic Games so as to win the heart of a girl who is a sprinter. What better way to impress a girl than with some kung fu?! Apparently the film features martial arts styles "ranging from Praying Mantis Boxing through Eagle Claw to Taichi." Maybe this will be awesome? Watch the first trailer for Champions: [flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/champions-kungfu-trailer.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/champions-kungfu-trailer.jpg 420 315] Champions is directed by Chinese filmmaker Tsui Siu Ming and stars Dicky Cheung, Wong Tsui Yu, and Debbie Goh. As far as we know, this ...
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Bring on the Fu! Trailer for martial arts flick ‘Champions’ 夺 标 Duo Biao

Stuck on ideas how to win over the heart of that special girl. You’ve tried everything. Flowers. Candy. Jewelery. Puppies. Nothing seems to work. Ever give any thought to Kung Fu?

No, I’m not talking about round-housing her and taking her back to mom’s for formal introductions. I’m talking about winning a martial arts competition so you can take part in a martial arts performance at an Olympic games just to impress the girl you love, who just happens to be a national sprinter. I kid you not, that is the premise for the upcoming martial arts flick Champions. How wonderfully absurd does that sound? Delicious I say.

Champions is about an underdog wushu athlete played by Dicky Cheung who takes part in a martial arts tournament in order represent China in a martial arts performance at an Olympic Games so as to win the heart of a national sprinter,
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