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New Blu-ray and DVD Releases: June 28th

Rank the week of June 28th’s Blu-ray and DVD new releases against the best films of all-time:new Releasesthe Warrior’S Way

(Blu-ray and DVD | R | 2010)

Flickchart Ranking: #8698

Times Ranked: 631

Win Percentage: 39%

Top-20 Rankings: 0

Directed By: Sngmoo Lee

Starring: Kate BosworthGeoffrey RushDanny HustonTony CoxDong-gun Jang

Genres: Action • Fantasy • Martial Arts • Western

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Sucker Punch

(Blu-ray and DVD | PG13 | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #2081

Times Ranked: 4896

Win Percentage: 44%

Top-20 Rankings: 19

Directed By: Zack Snyder

Starring: Emily BrowningAbbie CornishJena MaloneVanessa HudgensCarla Gugino

Genres: Action • Adventure • Drama • Fantasy • Fantasy Adventure • Girls-with-Guns • Psychological Drama • Thriller

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Season Of The Witch

(Blu-ray and DVD | PG13 | 2011)

Flickchart Ranking: #9846

Times Ranked: 1288

Win Percentage: 36%

Top-20 Rankings: 4

Directed By: Dominic Sena

Starring: Nicolas CageRon PerlmanStephen Campbell MooreStephen GrahamUlrich Thomsen

Genres: Action • Action Thriller • Adventure • Adventure Drama • Drama • Fantasy • Fantasy Adventure • Supernatural ThrillerThriller • Witchcraft

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News: Jeni Pulos on her Y&R Spot, Chappell, Miller, Hearst

Jenni Pulos on her upcoming Y&R guest spot

"I definitely have been a Y&R fan for a while. My grandma used to watch, so growing up, I remember having it on every day. I was very flattered. My uncle used to watch, and my cousin still watches. It’s one of the greats. I’m so excited and I was surprised because I’ve never done one. I will tell you that there are some juicy things coming up on Y&R. It’s good stuff and everyone should be tuning in on May 12."

Antonio Sabato Jr. sues auto shop for $7,500

The 39-year-old actor says the shop, Fountain Body & Repair, never fixed his vehicle, damaged it and forged an insurance check without his knowledge, according to documents posted on RadarOnline. The case is set to go to trial on April 26 unless the two sides end up settling it out of court.
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Baby Girl on the Way for Dominic Zamprogna

Baby Girl on the Way for Dominic Zamprogna

General Hospital is preparing for a baby boom.

Actor Dominic Zamprogna, who plays Dante on the soap opera, is expecting his first child with wife Linda Leslie, he tells Soaps In Depth.

Married last November, the couple will welcome a daughter later this year.

Zamprogna, 31, is in good company — Costar Rebecca Herbst expects a boy on Aug. 9, Derk Cheetwood will become a dad to two girls this summer, while Jonathan Jackson will welcome his third child in October.

– Anya Leon
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'The Mentalist' 2.05 Preview: Spooky Death

Next week on "The Mentalist", the Cbi team investigates the death of a wealthy man whom witnesses say was killed by a ghost haunting his mansion. "Red Scare" is slated to air on Thursday, October 29 with Terry Kinney and Gregory Itzin recurring as Sam Bosco and Virgil Minelli respectively.

Several suspects are quickly drawn to determine who or what killed Alan Foster. There is the old mansion's previous owner, Victoria Abner, who believes in anything spiritual. She is the granddaughter of the original owner of Greystone Mansion who was unable to pay her taxes on property and was forced to sell the mansion. Victoria got bitter from it, believing that she was robbed off a family legacy.

Then there's Victoria's adolescent son Drew who is also not pleased with the family legacy snatched away from him. The Cbi also questions a local resident by the name of Jeb Haas who
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