Al-Jazeera English Reporter Forced to Leave China

  The Chinese government has effectively expelled a TV reporter for the English-language channel of broadcaster al-Jazeera by not renewing her visa, the Wall Street Journal reported. China's first known expulsion of a foreign journalist since 1998 led al-Jazeera to announce the shutdown of its English-language bureau in China, saying it wasn't cleared to bring in a replacement. Amid a more tense political climate in China, state officials declined to renew the visa and accreditation of U.S. citizen Melissa Chan, who had reported for al-Jazeera English from China since 2007, the Journal said. A

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China's Real Estate Bubble Is Making Your Cell Phone Obsolete--And Valuable

In the latest installment of Butterfly Effect, we follow the impact of China's bulging real estate market on commodities such as copper, the latest tech innovations those commodities enable, the scrap they create, and the subsequent recycling opportunities--in China.

1. China's Ghost Cities

In November 2009, Al Jazeera English correspondent Melissa Chan discovered the nearly empty "ghost city" of Kangbashi on the steppes of Inner Mongolia, equipped with six-lane highways, an opera house, art museum, and a stadium. The city immediately became a symbol of China’s housing bubble, which has resulted in 64.5 million empty apartments across the country--enough to house a third of its urban population.

Stranger still is the effect that the bubble, burst or not, has already had on the prices of commodities around the world. And how those prices have lead to technological innovation. And how rapid innovation means more e-waste. And how that means more opportunities for
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