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  • (1903 - 1935) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1903) Stage Play: Peggy from Paris. Musical comedy. Book by George Ade. Music by William Lorraine. Lyrics by George Ade. Featuring songs with lyrics by Harry B. Marshall. Directed by George F. Marion. Wallack's Theatre: 10 Sep 1903- 21 Nov 1903 (85 performances). Cast: Dan Baker, Guelma L. Baker, George A. Beane, Harry Benham, George F. Bennett, Georgia Caine, Cyril Chadwick (as "Chorus"), Blanche Collette, Arthur Deagon, Goodwal Dickerman, Olga Fredericks, Blanche Gilson, Alice Hageman, Helen Hale, Olivette Haynes, Louise Jansen, Carolyn Lilja, Anita Marik, Paul Nicholson, E.H. O'Connor, John P. Park, Esta Reed, George Richards, Josie Sadler. Produced by Henry W. Savage.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Lancers. Musical. Music by Cecilia Loftus and George Spink. Lyrics by Cecilia Loftus and George Spink. Written by Rida Johnson Young and J. Hartley Manners. From the German of Homer Von Moser and Fritz Von Schoenthan. Featuring "Any Little Girl" by Milton Lusk and H.A. Evans. Featuring "Twinkling Star" by C.P. McDonald and Arthur Gumble. Musical Direction by George Martens. Directed by Frank Smithson. Daly's Theatre: 5 Dec 1907- 14 Dec 1907 (12 performances). Cast: Eileen Anglin, Henry Coote, Phoebe Coyne, Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Captain Cecil Fitzherbert"), Ben Field, Grace Fisher, Cecilia Loftus (as "Marcia Tremaine"), A.H. Van Buren (as "Lieutenant Gordon Willoughby of the 17th Lancers"), Bertram Allen, Leon Bailey, Jane Brown, Theresa Bryant, Doris Cameron, Cyril Chadwick (as "Lieutenant Neville of the 17th Lancers"), Margaret Cobb, Violet Curtis, H.B. Eirick, William J. Ellis, J.F. Fitzgerald, Mollie Hall, Hubert Harben, George Hollis, Evelyn Honohan, Harold Kehoe, Stapleton Kent [Broadway debut], Arthur R. Lawrence, Edna Merrill, Anna Millward, Percival Norton, Ethel Peyton, Maud Rowland, Suzanne Rusholme, Cyril Sully, Roma Thorne, Fred Tyler, Stella Warner, Lillias Wilde. Produced by Lee Shubert and Sam Shubert). Produced by arrangement with The Augustin Daly Estate.
  • (1908) Stage Play: Nearly a Hero. Musical/farce. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Edward B. Claypoole and Will Heelan. Music by Seymour Furth. Orchestra under the direction of Oscar Radin. Featuring "I Don't Want to Marry You" and "My Sahara Girl" by Edward B. Claypoole. Lyrics for "My Sahara Girl" by Harry B. Smith. Featuring "I'm So Particular" by Matt Woodward and Louis A. Hirsch. Featuring "I Was a Hero (Too)" by Egbert Van Alstyne and Harry Williams. Featuring "Mary! My Heather Belle" by John B. Lowitz. Featuring songs by Herman Avery Wade. Scenic Design by Arthur Voegtlin and Edward G. Unitt. Costume Design by Castel-Bert and Miss Finch. Men's costumes by Ritchie Harnden and Charles Swarns. Dances arranged by William Rock. Directed by George F. Marion and James C. Huffman. Casino Theatre: 24 Feb 1908- 6 Jun 1908 (116 performances). Cast: Neva Aymar, Burrell Barbaretto, Sam Bernard, Elizabeth Brice, Sam Edwards, Ethel Levey, Edgar Norton, Zelda Sears (as "Mrs. Doolittle"), Marian Alexander, Louis Austin, Jane Brown, Doris Cameron, Miss Carr, Cyril Chadwick (as "Singer/dancer"), William Davis, Alice Eis, W.F. Fair, R. Franklyn, Edith Gervan, Robert Paton Gibbs, Fred Gray, Daisy Greene, Lillian Harris, Louis Helie, W.A. Hungerford, Josephine Kernell, Richard J. Kirkwood, Alice Knowlton, Dorothy Lancaster, Rita Lancaster, Ethel Lawrence, Victor Le Roy (as "Singer/dancer"), Adelaide Lehr, Adah Baker Lewis (as "Gwendolyn Doolittle, a matinée girl of romantic dispositions"), Samuel Lindsay, Virginia Marshall, Violet Moore, Susan Pitt, Nancy Poole, Maxine Revillion, Franklyn Roberts, Katherine Robertson, Albertine Sargent, Vaughn Sargent, W. Slick, Edith Warner, Dorothy Watson, Ethel Wheeler. Produced by Sam S. and Lee Shubert Inc.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Noble Spaniard. Criterion Theatre: 20 Sep 1909- Oct 1909 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Cyril Chadwick, Verner Clarges, Gertrude Coghlan, Rose Coghlan, Robert Edeson, Macy Harlam, Desiree Lazard, Cordelia MacConald, Ann Murdock. Produced by Henry B. Harris.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Mr. Buttles.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Pillars of Society. Written by Henrik Ibsen. Lyceum Theatre: 28 Mar 1910- Apr 1910 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Holbrook Blinn (as "Karsten Bernick"), Wilfred Buckland (as "Vigeland"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Hilmar Tonnesen"), Mrs. Fiske (as "Lona Hessel"), T.N. Heffron (as "Sandstad"), Alice John (as "Martha Bernick"), Gregory Kelly (as "Olaf"), Virginia Kline (as "Mrs. Bernick"), Sheldon Lewis (as "Aune"), Edward MacKay (as "Johan Tonnesen"), Merle Maddern (as "Dina Dorf"), Veda McEvers (as "Mrs. Lynge"), Fuller Mellish (as "Rummel"), Mabel Reed (as "Mrs. Rummel"), Henry Stephenson (as "Dr. Rorlund"), R.W. Tucker (as "Krap"), Helena Van Brugh (as "Hilda Rummel"). Produced by Harrison Grey Fiske.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Green Cockatoo. Written by Arthur Schnitzler. Translated by Philip Little and George Rublee. Lyceum Theatre: 11 Apr 1910- Apr 1910 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Holbrook Blinn, Wilfred Buckland, Cyril Chadwick, Alice John, Gregory Kelly, Sheldon Lewis, Edward MacKay, Merle Maddern, Harold Matthews, Veda McEvers, Owen Meech, Fuller Mellish, Robert Owen, Paul Scardon, Henry Stephenson, R.W. Tucker, Helena Van Brugh. Produced by Harrison Grey Fiske.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Speckled Band. Written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Garrick Theatre: 21 Nov 1910- Dec 1910 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Katherine Brook, W. Coats Bush, Cyril Chadwick, Ivo Dawson, Irene Fenwick, Ben Field, John Findlay, Alexander F. Frank, C. Later, H.H. McCollum, Kenneth Meinken, Charles Millward (as "Sherlock Holmes"), Frank Shannon, Ivan F. Simpson, Walter Soderling, Edwin Stevens, John M. Troughton. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1911) Stage Play: Marriage a la Carte. Musical comedy. Music by Ivan Caryll. Book by C.M.S. McLellan. Lyrics by C.M.S. McLellan. Musical Director: J. Sebastian Hiller and Carl H. Engel. Casino Theatre: 2 Jan 1911- 25 Feb 1911 (64 performances). Cast: Marie Ashton (as "Euryanthe Bowers"), Ida Barnard (as "Primrose Farmilow"), Esther Bissett (as "Sheila Wragge"), Norman A. Blume (as "Jimmy Wragge"), Charles Brown (as "Cuthbert Coddington"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Ponsonby de Coutts Wragge"), Harry Conor (as "Napoleon Pettingill"), Maria Davis (as "Mrs. Ponsonby de Coutts Wragge"), Joe Doner (as "Thomas Bolingbroke Mullens"), A.W. Fleming (as "Mr. Pink"), Jack Hagner (as "Young Micklethorpe"), Rosina Henley (as "Molly"), Jack F. Henry (as "Eustace Haws"), C. Morton Horne (as "The Hon. Richard Mirables"), Harry Kelly (as "Footman"), Diane Otse (as "Elsie Tattleby"), Frances Reeve (as "Iseult Punchum"), Elsa Ryan (as "Daisy Dimsy"), Quentin Todd (as "Aubrey Hipps"), J.R. Torrens (as "Gerald Gifford"), Harold Vizard (as "Lord Mirables"), Emmy Wehlen (as "Rosalie"). Produced by Liebler & Co.
  • (1911) Stage Play: A Country Girl.
  • (1915) Stage Play: A Modern Eve. Musical comedy. Book adapted by William M. Hough. Music by Jean Gilbert and Victor Hallender. Lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt. Original German libretto "Die moderne Eva" by Georg Okonkowsky and A. Schonfeld. Musical Director: Ben Jerome. Music orchestrated by Charles F. Miller. Additional music by Ben Jerome, Victor Holländer, Otto Motzan, Jean Gilbert and Jerome Kern. Additional lyrics by William M. Hough, Harry B. Smith, Stanley Murphy and Charles Brown. Choreographed by Julian Alfred. Casino Theatre: 3 May 1915- 19 Jun 1915 (56 performances). Cast: Ailene Boley (as "Secretary"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Dickey Rutherford"), Alexander Clark (as "Count Castell-Vajour"), Hazel Cox (as "Baroness de la Roche Taille"), Tracy Elbert (as "Marguerite"), Ernest Glendinning (as "Justin Pontgirard"), Frank Hale (as "International Dancer"), Leila Hughes (as "Renee Cascadier"), Georgie Drew Mendum (as "Madame Niniche-Cascadier"), William Norris (as "Casimir Cascadier"), Signe Paterson (as "International Dancer"), Herbert Salinger (as "Minister"), Dorothy Webb (as "Camille Cascadier"), Billie Wilkens (as "Ponette"). Produced by John Cort.
  • (1916) Stage Play: Yvette. Musical. Music by Frederick Herendeen. Book by Benjamin Thorne Gilbert. Lyrics by Frederick Herendeen. Interpolations by James F. Hanley and Arthur Jackson. Music Direction and Orchestration by Arthur Gutman. Directed by M. Ring. 39th Street Theatre: 10 Aug 1916- 12 Aug 1916 (4 performances). Produced by Paul Benedek.
  • (1916) Stage Play: Her Soldier Boy. Musical. Book by Rida Johnson Young. Music by Sigmund Romberg and Emmerich Kálmán. Lyrics by Rida Johnson Young. Adapted from an original Viennese libretto by Leon Victor. Additional music by Felix Powell, Clifton Crawford and Augustus Barratt. Additional lyrics by Clifton Crawford, George Asaf and Augustus Barratt. Musical Director: Augustus Barratt. Choreographed by Jack Mason. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman and Edward Sundquist. Costume Design by Mme. Kahn and Faibsey. Directed by J.J. Shubert. Astor Theatre (moved to The Lyric Theatre from 30 Apr 1917- circa May 1917, then moved to The Shubert Theatre 14 May 1917- close): 6 Dec 1916- 26 May 1917 (198 performances). Cast: John Bilham (as "Chorus"), Ethel Brandon (as "Madame Karoline Delaunay"), Earl Brunswick (as "Sergeant"), Nan Bryce (as "Chorus"), Paul Burtnett (as "Chorus"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Monty Mainwaring"), Clifton Crawford (as "Teddy McLane"), Ward DeWolfe (as "Alfred Appledorp"), Dolly Dempsey (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Flam (as "Alma/Chorus"), Louise Galloway, Eliz Gergely (as "Elsje"), Byrd Goolsby (as "Martin von Artveldt/Chorus"), Jane Gray (as "Chorus"), Frances Hendricks (as "Chorus"), F.D. Henry (as "Chorus"), Mabel Henry (as "Chorus"), Ralph J. Herbert (as "First Sergeant"), Owen Hervey (as "Chorus/A Private"), Fred Hoag (as "Chorus"), Bess Hoban (as "Chorus"), Lillian Horn (as "Chorus"), Helen Hyde (as "A Dancer/Chorus"), Irving Jackson (as "Chorus"), Paula Leslie (as "Chorus"), Beth Lydy (as "Marlene Delaunay"), Dan MacNeil (as "Chorus"), Walter Mahoney (as "Chorus"), Nellie Mallin (as "Chorus"), Violet Marsden (as "Chorus"), Albert McWilliams (as "Chorus"), Grady Miller (as "Chorus"), Mildred Richardson (as "Desiree"), Chloe Richter (as "Chorus"), Frank Ridge (as "Frantz Delaunay"), Adele Rowland (as "Amy Lee"), Dorothy Schaefer (as "Chorus"), Sydelle Seit (as "Chorus"), Doris Sheerin (as "Chorus"), George Shiller (as "Baron von Artveldt"), Sol Singlust (as "Chorus"), Clarice Snyder (as "Boy"), Daniel Sparks (as "Chorus"), Marjorie Taylor (as "Chorus"), John Charles Thomas (as "Alain Teniers"), William Tillett (as "Chorus"), Rosina Timponi (as "Chorus"), Camille Truesdale (as "Chorus"), Ethel Van Arsdale (as "Chorus"), Katherine Vincent (as "Chorus"), Florence Vinsen (as "Chorus"), Harold Vizard (as "Vitus Appledorp"), John Walsh (as "Chorus"), Peggy Whitney (as "Chorus"), Fred Williams (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1918) Stage Play: The Kiss Burglar. Musical/romance. Book by Glen MacDonough. Lyrics by Glen MacDonough. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Directed by Julian Bitchell and Edgar J. MacGregor. George M. Cohan's Theatre, (moved to Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre from 1 Jul 1918- close): 9 May 1918- 3 Aug 1918 (100 performances). Cast: Fay Bainter (as "Aline, Grand Duchess of Orly"), Marie Baxter (as "Miss Morrisana"), Evelyn Cavanaugh (as "Miss Tinkle"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Mr. E. Chatteron-Pym"), Harry Clarke (as "Tommy Dodd"), H. Coughlan (as "Waiter"), Margaret Cusak (as "Miss Stuyvesant"), Betty Dodsworth (as "Natalie, Maid to the Duchess"), Richard Dore (as "Mr. Toby"), Paul Dulzell (as "Proprieter of Pennington Inn"), Nell Edwardy (as "Miss Schenectady"), Peggy Ellis (as "Page"), Grace Field (as "Mrs. E. Chatteron-Pym"), E. Payton Gibbs (as "General Trotovitch"), Bessie Gros (as "Miss Troy"), Gertrude Harrison (as "Pinkie Doolittle"), Margaret Healey (as "Miss Peekskill"), Armand Kaliz (as "Bert DuVivier"), Evelyn Koerner (as "Miss Hastings"), Denman Maley (as "Oswald Gayly"), Marie McConnell (as "Miss Canojoharie"), Emily Monte (as "Miss Irvington"), Louise Moran (as "Miss Albany"), H. Morrison (as "First Aide to General Trotovitch"), Dot Nichols (as "Miss Yonkers"), George Otto (as "Second Aide to General Trotovitch"), Marion Phillips (as "Miss Oneida"), Dot Quinette (as "Miss Beacon"), Virginia Richmond (as "Rose, Maid to the Duchess/Miss Dobbs"), Carol Rutter (as "Miss Pougkeepsie"), Eleanor Scott (as "Miss Greeley"), A. Settle (as "A Detective"), Fritzie Smith (as "Miss Amsterdam"), Helen Trainor (as "Miss Tarrytown"), Janet Velie (as "Miss Harte"), June White (as "Tissie Baltimore"), Marjorie Whiteford (as "Miss Rochester"). Produced by William P. Orr and J.M. Welch.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Three Live Ghosts. Comedy. Written by Frederic S. Isham. Greenwich Village Theatre: 29 Sep 1920- May 1921 (closing date unknown/250 performances). Cast: Cyril Chadwick (as "Spoofy"), Charles Dalton (as "Briggs of Scotland Yard"), Mercedes Desmore (as "Lady Leicester"), Percy Helton (as "William Foster"), Charles McNaughton (as "Jimmie Gubbins"), Beryl Mercer (as "Mrs. Gubbins"), Arthur Metcalfe (as "Bensen"), Beatrice Miller (as "Peggy Woofers"), Emmett Shackelford (as "Bolton"), Flora Sheffield (as "Rose Gordon"). Produced by Max Marcin.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Richard of Bordeaux. Tragedy.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Geraniums in My Window. Comedy. Written by Samuel Ornitz and Vera Caspary. Directed by Sidney Salkowitz. Longacre Theatre: 26 Oct 1934- Nov 1934 (closing date unknown/27 performances). Cast: Cyril Chadwick (as "Randolph Starr"), Audrey Christie (as "Nellie Quinn"), Tom Ewell, Alan Goode (as "Michael Henry Cronin"), Eda Heinemann (as "Miss Windsor"), Ben Laughlin (as "Ryan"), Robert Leonard (as "Weinstein"), Bruce MacFarlane (as "Slater Jones/Toby Starr"), Ruth Matteson (as "Kathie Starr") [Broadway debut], Viola Richard (as "Rosabelle") [only Broadway role], Frank Shannon (as "Joe"), Beau Tilden [credited as Milano Tilden] (as "Policeman"), Harold Waldridge (as "Louie"), Crane Whitley [credited as Clem Wilenchick). Produced by Phil Baker and Laura D. Wilck.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Music Hath Charms. Musical comedy. Music by Rudolf Friml. Book by Rowland Leigh, George Rosener and John Shubert. Lyrics by Rowland Leigh, George Rosener and John Shubert. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Choreographed by Alex Yakovleff. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps. Directed by George Rosener. Majestic Theatre: 29 Dec 1934- 19 Jan 1935 (25 performances). Cast: Robert Lee Allen (as "Senator Bellanqua"), Evelyn Bonefine (as "Ensemble"), Geraldine Botkin (as "Ensemble"), Paul Burns (as "Senator Burranto"), Jack Cannon (as "Ensemble"), Constance Carpenter (as "Giaconda/Marella/Bridesmaid"), Zachary Caully (as "Ensemble"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Duke of Umbria") [final Broadway role], John Clarke (as "Rudolfo, Marchese Di Orsano/Vittorio Sovrani"), Elizabeth Crandall (as "Isabella/Petronella"), Miriam Curtis (as "Ensemble"), Yvonne Cyr (as "Ensemble"), Betti Davis (as "Angela/Ensemble"), Louis Delgado (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Denton (as "Ensemble"), Frank Dirth (as "Ensemble"), Harry Edwards (as "Ensemble"), Kathleen Edwards (as "Ensemble"), Gudron Ekeland (as "Ensemble"), Marie Ferguson (as "Ensemble"), Sue Franklin (as "Ensemble"), Truman Gaige (as "A Footman/Fillipo"), Renee Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Paul Haakon (as "Dancer/Venetian Hooligan"), Josephine Hall (as "Ensemble"), Natalie Hall (as "Maria, Marchese del Monte Nee Di Orsano/Maria Sovrani"), Robert Halliday (as "Charles Parker/Duke of Orsano"), Guy Hamilton (as "Ensemble"), Sheila Harling (as "Signora Barbara Bellanqua"), Stanley Harrison (as "Senator Nocio"), Fred Hoffman (as "Ensemble"), Stanley Howard (as "Ensemble"), Bobby Howell (as "Ensemble"), William Hubert (as "Ensemble"), Valerie Huff (as "Ensemble"), Ralph Hunsecker (as "Ensemble"), Sonja Karlow (as "Ensemble"), Wilma Kaye (as "Ensemble"), Isabelle Kempel (as "Ensemble"), Bradley F. Lane (as "Ensemble"), Edith Lane (as "Ensemble"), Helen Lane (as "Ensemble"), Isabel Lane (as "Leonora"), William Langley (as "Ensemble"), Jack Lester (as "Ensemble"), William Lilling (as "Luigi"), Charlotte Lockwood (as "Ensemble"), Ross Lockwood (as "Ensemble"), Robert Long (as "Spokesman/A Villager/Bishop"), Jane Mackenzie (as "Signora Nocio/Ensemble"), Jayne Manners (as "Ensemble"), Vida McLain (as "Ensemble"), Harry Mestayer (as "Giovanni, Duke of Orsano/Old Duke"), Marial Mosher (as "Ensemble"), Vona Norin (as "Cornelia"), Lucille Osborn (as "Ensemble"), Kenneth Page (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Reiter (as "Nella/Ensemble"), Billy Rey (as "Lovey/Pidgy"), Eleanor Ries (as "Ensemble"), Evan Ritter (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Russ (as "Ensemble"), George Schiller (as "Emilio"), Fred Small (as "Ensemble"), Elsie St. Clare (as "Ensemble"), Frances Stutz (as "Ensemble"), Lois Style (as "Ensemble"), Andrew Tombes (as "Pappio/Theophilus Roberts"), Una Val (as "Ensemble"), Mary Grace Van Noy (as "Ensemble"), Frances Wallace (as "Bridesmaid"), Sally Warren (as "Laspera/Ensemble"), Nina Whitney (as "Venetian Hooligan/Dancer"), Barbara Williams (as "Ensemble"), Marie Wilson (as "Signora Burranto"), Gracie Worth (as "Dovey/Widgy"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

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