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‘The Tick’ superheroes & supervillains discuss the ‘knife-edge between satire and serious’ in Amazon comedy [Watch]

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‘The Tick’ superheroes & supervillains discuss the ‘knife-edge between satire and serious’ in Amazon comedy [Watch]
“I think it was clear that they were really trying to find the tone and find that knife edge between satire and serious, menacing and comic,” said actor Michael Cerveris about the Amazon comedy series “The Tick,” which premiered the first six episodes of its first season in August 2017 and will premiere the last six episodes on February 23. He and his co-stars Yara Martinez were at New York Comic Con in October to discuss their respective roles as supervillains Ramses and Ms. Lint. Watch them discuss their characters above, and scroll down to see Brendan Hines and Scott Speiser open up about playing heroes Superian and Overkill.

The Tick” is based on the comic book by Ben Edlund, which was adapted into a 1990s animated series, then a short-lived 2001 live-action series, and now the Amazon adaptation, which takes a somewhat darker approach to the same exaggerated, absurdist comic-book world. So
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Mosaic: Is the HBO TV Series Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

Vulture Watch What happened to Olivia Lake? Is the Mosaic TV show cancelled or renewed for a second season on HBO? The television vulture is watching all the latest cancellation and renewal news, so this page is the place to track the status of Mosaic, season two. Bookmark it, or subscribe for the latest updates. Remember, the television vulture is watching your shows. Are you? What's This TV Show About? Airing on the HBO premium channel, Mosaic stars Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Jennifer Ferrin, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, Maya Kazan, James Ransone, Jeremy Bobb, Zandy Hartig, Michael Cerveris, Bridey Elliott, Brandon Ray Olive, Trey Burvant, Peter D’Alessio, Jacob Vargas, Loudon Wainwright III, and Allison Tolman. The drama centers on children’s author and illustrator, Olivia Lake (Stone), who gets involved with people whose motives are suspect, then goes missing
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Mosaic: Season One Ratings

HBO introduced Big Little Lies as mini-series last year, but it was so popular, they eventually renewed it for a second season. Now, here comes the Mosaic TV show. Like Big Little Lies it has a pretty big star taking the lead. What's more, Steven Soderbergh directed it, and alternative view points of the series are available via a new, interactive iOS/Android mobile app. That seems like a pretty big investment for a six-episode series. Could it be the next anthology? Will Mosaic be cancelled or renewed for season two? Stay tuned. An HBO murder mystery Mosaic stars Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Jennifer Ferrin, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, Maya Kazan, James Ransone, Jeremy Bobb, Zandy Hartig, Michael Cerveris, Bridey Elliott, Brandon Ray Olive, Trey Burvant, Peter D’Alessio, Jacob Vargas, Loudon Wainwright III, and Allison Tolman.
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Network: HBO. Episodes: Ongoing (50 mins). Seasons: Ongoing. TV show dates: January 22, 2018 — present. Series status: Has not been cancelled. Performers include: Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Jennifer Ferrin, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, Maya Kazan, James Ransone, Jeremy Bobb, Zandy Hartig, Michael Cerveris, Bridey Elliott, Brandon Ray Olive, Trey Burvant, Peter D'Alessio, Jacob Vargas, Loudon Wainwright III, and Allison Tolman. TV show description: From director Steven Soderbergh, writer Ed Solomon, and producer Casey Silver, the Mosaic TV show is a mystery drama. It is also available via an interactive iOS/Android mobile app. While viewers cannot choose the ultimate ending to the story, using the app, they can choose from which character's point of view to watch the story. Different information is available
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TV Review: Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Mosaic’ on HBO

TV Review: Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Mosaic’ on HBO
Populated by series like “Broadchurch,” “Happy Valley,” “Top of the Lake” and various versions of “The Bridge,” a TV subgenre has flourished in recent years: It depicts the aftermath of a serious crime in a relatively enclosed community. It’s a niche that the Steven Soderbergh-directed “Mosaic” fits into comfortably; the HBO limited series is a solid and generally satisfying addition to this mystery-thriller category.

The creative teams behind these series typically use the core transgression to delve into the workings of power, money, intimidation and influence in communities that seem close-knit but are actually messy and full of conflict. “Mosaic,” which stars Sharon Stone, Beau Bridges, Frederick Weller and a skilled ensemble, is set in a Utah resort community that revolves around skiing and mineral extraction, and the viewer never quite forgets that mountains and mines can be unforgiving places to get lost. The chilly, windswept setting of Park City, Utah amplifies
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New trailer for the second half of ‘The Tick: Season One’

Amazon Studios are set to release the second half of the first season of The Tick, which stars stars Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Jackie Earle Haley, Valorie Curry, Brendan Hines, Yara Martinez, Scott Speiser, Michael Cerveris, John Pirkis and Alan Tudyk. on Friday February 23rd 2018. In anticipation of the debut, Amazon have released a new trailer and poster for the show – check them out below:

In a workaday world where superheroes fly among us, mild-mannered accountant Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman) suspects The City is controlled by a fabled villain known as The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley), despite evidence of The Terror’s death 15 years ago. Arthur has a traumatic connection with The Terror, whose movements he has obsessively tracked since childhood. Arthur’s sister, Dot (Valorie Curry), is a paramedic who dotes on her brother but also provides a sibling’s tough love. The more he talks about super-villain super-conspiracies,
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‘Mosaic’ Trailer: Steven Soderbergh’s Mystery Asks ‘Who Killed Olivia Lake?’

Steven Soderbergh attempted to push everyone into the future last fall with his interactive app based narrative “Mosaic.” However, it doesn’t seem like many people took the plunge, so if you prefer your murder mysteries laid out in a more linear fashion, you’ll get just that with the series version of the show.

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Starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Jennifer Ferrin, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, James Ransone, Jeremy Bobb, Michael Cerveris and Maya Kazan, the story follows popular children’s book author and illustrator Olivia Lake, whose literary success makes her a local celebrity in the tight-knit community.

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Go Behind the Scenes of 'A Broadwaysted Carol Channing' Episode 2 Starring Margherita, Iglehart, Kaplan, and More

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew was back with Part Two of their 'Broadway Baby' treatment of Charles Dickens' classic tale penned by show cohost Kevin Jaeger. The Saga of Scrooge Michael Cerveris continues with a host of special appearances by some of Broadway's brightest stars including James Monroe Iglehart, Lesli Margherita, Hannah Elless, Kara Lindsay, Adam Kaplan and many more
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Bww Interview: Michael Cerveris and Kimberly Kaye Talk Loose Cattle's Seasonal Affective Disorder

Loose Cattle, fronted by two-time Tony award winner Michael Cerveris and Kimberly Kaye, have released a holiday album that explores the real feels of the holidays. Shoving Burl Ives and Irving Berlin out of the way, Loose Cattle's Season Affective Disorder is the perfect album for anyone willing to admit that their December isn't all sparkles, snow, champagne, cheer, and mirth. We recently sat down with the duo to get the inside scoop on the music.
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Here’s When Jerome Will Return To Gotham

Although Cameron Monaghan has never been a part of Gotham‘s principal cast, many would likely argue – and I would agree with them – that Jerome Valeska has easily emerged as the finest villain the series has thus far produced, thanks to sharp writing and the young actor’s incredible performances. Now, that’s not meant to be a knock against Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin or Cory Michael Smith’s Riddler, but it’s just a testament to how well Monaghan has brought this proto-Joker to life.

When we last saw Jerome, he’d paid homage to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman: Death of the Family by wearing a dead skin mask with such style. But after he’d had all his fun in an amusement park straight out of The Killing Joke, James Gordon succeeded in apprehending the young knave – and punching off his face in the process.
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Gotham season 4 episode 9 review: Let Them Eat Pie

Marc Buxton Nov 17, 2017

Things take a horrific turn as James Gordon and the Penguin face Gotham’s greatest horror to date- Professor Pyg. Spoilers...

This review contains spoilers.

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4.9 Let Them Eat Pie

What in the name of Bill Finger did I just watch? Years ago, when I first heard that DC was doing a show based on the adventures of a young James Gordon, I never thought I’d see that series morph into a hardcore horror drama that out-gored Ryan Murphy and American Horror Story. But that’s exactly what we get this week as Gotham went full-on gross-out terror in James Gordon’s climatic confrontation with Professor Pyg.

I think most Gotham fans are on the Jerome train as far as the most popular villain of the series is concerned, but really, Professor Pyg really steps up and becomes one of the most twisted,
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Professor Pyg's Reign of Terror Escalates in This Delightfully Disturbing Red-Band Trailer For Gotham

Fox has released a red-band trailer for Gotham for the upcoming episode of Season 4 involving Professor Pyg's story arc. This is such a delightfully disturbing villainous character and as you'll see, things look like they are going to get brutal and intense. 

The next episode is called "Let Them Eat Pie", and sees Professor Pyg (MIchael Cerveris) takes his plan to the next level of insanity as Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is on a mission to stop the villain and bring him to justice. As you'll see, this isn't going to be an easy task for him as Pyg is beating and eating the shit out of Gotham.

Gotham's "Let Them Eat Pie" airs Thursday at 8pm on Fox.
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Michael Cerveris on Playing Professor Pyg on ‘Gotham’, Being Part of ‘Mosaic’, and More

From the moment of his debut on the Fox series Gotham, Professor Pyg (played with unnerving brilliance by Michael Cerveris) had most definitely made an impression. As a serial killer assassinating cops and dressing his victims in the severed heads of pigs while also wearing a pig’s head himself, Pyg is terrifying and disturbed, but also clearly the mastermind of his own twisted plan that involves Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), whether he likes it or not. During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, actor Michael Cerveris (who also played September on Fringe and Ramses IV in The Tick) …
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Gotham's Professor Pyg Goes Hog Wild Over 'People Pies' in Red Band Trailer

Gotham's Professor Pyg Goes Hog Wild Over 'People Pies' in Red Band Trailer
Professor Pyg serves Gotham‘s elite some (ahem) food for thought in a “red band” trailer for this week’s episode of the Fox drama.

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In “Let Them Eat Pie” (airing Thursday at 8/7c), Professor Pyg (recurring guest star Michael Cerveris) continues to torment Gotham city. The trailer above recounts the villain’s ham-handed ways of making mayhem in recent weeks, before plating its main course — a sneak peek at a fundraiser dinner attended by Penguin, Sofia and others, where Professor Pyg shows up as the chef.

Press play
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Intriguing New Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's "Choose Your Own Adventure" Film Mosaic

HBO has released a new trailer for Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film Mosaic, which allows its viewers to choose the direction of the story. It's an experimental form of filmmaking it looks like it will be a fun, entertaining, and innovative experience! It's like a live-action "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. I'm sure you all remember those.

When talking about the technology that allows this more immersive movie experience to exist, Soderbergh said:

“It’s a branching narrative piece. Branching narratives have been around forever, but technology now allows, I hope, for a more elegant, intuitive form of engagement than used to be possible. We spent a lot of time on how you touch this thing. I wanted to make sure that it was beautiful and simple, so that when the opportunity arises for you to decide whose perspective you want to follow, it feels organic and not like an
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New trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic

HBO has released a new trailer for Mosaic, a unique storytelling experience from Steven Soderbergh, which is available now via the free app ahead of a traditional six-hour miniseries airing on the cable network in the New Year. Take a look at the trailer here…

Three years in the making, the Mosaic app allows viewers to choose what point-of-view from which to follow the story and to, in effect, build their own experience from the material Soderbergh and Solomon created. The choices one makes build upon one another, enabling multiple tellings of the story from different perspectives and, sometimes, with different conclusions. Viewers will be able to see how their own versions of the story on the app ultimately compare to Soderbergh’s six-part linear narrative in January.

Mosaic is available via a free app now, with a traditional six-hour episodic version slated to air on HBO in January 2018 and
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Watch two clips from tonight’s episode of Gotham – ‘A Day in the Narrows’

Fox has released two clips from tonight’s seventh episode of Gotham season 4, ‘A Day in the Narrows’; watch them here…

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With Professor Pyg (guest star Michael Cerveris) striking fear throughout Gotham, Gordon and Bullock head into the Narrows to look for clues. Bruce Wayne meets a former friend, Grace (guest star Samia Finnerty), who convinces him to come along for a night out with some old classmates. Meanwhile, Sofia’s relationships with Penguin and Gordon continue to evolve in the all-new “A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows” episode of Gotham airing Thursday, November 2nd on Fox.

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"Gotham" - "A Dark Knight: A Day In The Narrows"

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Sneak Peek new footage, plus images from the "Gotham" episode "A Dark Knight: A Day In The Narrows" airing November 2, 2017 on Fox:

"...with 'Professor Pyg' (Michael Cerveris) striking fear throughout 'Gotham', 'Gordon' and 'Bullock' head into the 'Narrows' to look for clues. 

Then 'Bruce Wayne' meets former friend 'Grace' (Samia Finnerty), who convinces him to come along for a night out with some old classmates. 

Meanwhile, 'Sofia' continues to develop relationships with 'Penguin' and Gordon..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "A Dark Knight: A Day In The Narrows"...  
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