Everyone's A Critic, And They All Have Top Ten Movie Lists!

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And now for something (almost) completely different for Everyone's A Critic- our very first, end of the year top ten list! This little gem was compiled by one of our frightfully fang-tastic featured reviewers from this past year, the monstrously maniacal Mister Matt Molgaard! The floor is all yours, so take it away, Matt...

You could place 1000 obsessive horror hounds in one giant room, ask what the scariest film of all time is, and get 1001 different answers… at least. It’s an age-old debate that in all honesty cannot be answered, as viewers rate films based on different criteria. What is scary to one person may be slapstick to another. So while I may personally prefer psychological horror, you may prefer a wealth of carnage and stomach churning gore. Whose criteria is the stronger foundation to judge what is, and what isn’t, scary?


Can we honestly pinpoint the scariest film of all time?
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