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  • (1916 - 1950) Stage and vaudeville actor. Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1916) Stage Play: Mile-a-Minute Kendall. Written by Owen Davis. Lyceum Theatre: 28 Nov 1916- unknown (47 performances). Cast: Adele Blood, Hobart Cavanaugh [Broadway debut], Jack Ellis, John Flood, Joseph Kilgour, Helen Lowell, Edythe Lyle, Burr McIntosh, Beatrice Noyes, Olive Oliver, William Sampson, Tom Powers. Produced by Oliver Morosco.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Irene. Musical comedy. Music by Harry Tierney. Lyrics by Joe McCarthy. Based on a play by James Montgomery. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Costume Design by Lucile and Finchley. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law Studios and Clifford Pember. Directed by Edward Royce. Vanderbilt Theatre: 18 Nov 1919- 18 Jun 1921 (675 performances). Produced by Carle Carlton and Joseph McCarthy. Cast: Edith Day (as "Irene O'Dare"), Walter Regan (as "Donald Marshall"), Bobbie Watson (as "Madame Lucy"), Abner Barnhart (as "Ensemble"), Arden Benlian (as "Ensemble"), Harry Blake (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Cornelia Burchell (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Burckly (as "J.P. Bowden"), Robert Burns (as "Ensemble"), Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Robert Harrison"), Austin Clark (as "Ensemble"), Walter Croft (as "Clarkson"), Vivian Davidson (as "Ensemble"), Betty De Grasse (as "Ensemble"), Marion Dockerill (as "Ensemble"), George Eising (as "Ensemble"), Irene Enright (as "Ensemble"), Josephine Kernell (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Kinley (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Lee (as "Mrs. Cheston"), John Litel [credited as John B. Litel] (as "Lawrence Hadley") [Broadway debut], Erica Mackay (as "Ensemble"), Bernice McCabe (as "Eleanor Worth"), John McSorley (as "Ensemble"), Constance Melville (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Miller (as "Jane Gilmour"), Helen Miller (as "Ensemble"), Florence Mills (as "Mrs. Marshall"), Margaret Moore (as "Ensemble"), Adele Ormiston (as "Ensemble"), Eva Puck (as "Helen Cheston"), Edna Ross (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Walters (as "Mrs. O'Dare") [Broadway debut], Al Watson (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Watson (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Whitmore (as "Ensemble"). Replacement actors: Irene Dunne (as "Irene O'Dare"), Jeanette MacDonald (as "Debutante"). Produced by Carle Carlton and Joseph McCarthy. Note: Filmed as Irene (1926), and more notably by Imperadio Pictures Ltd. as Irene (1940) [distributed by RKO Radio Pictures].
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Nervous Wreck. Comedy. Written by Owen Davis from a story by E.J. Rath. Directed by Addison Pitt. Sam H. Harris Theatre: 9 Oct 1923- Jun 1924 (closing date unknown/279 performances). Cast: Edward Arnold, Joseph Brennan, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Mort"), Albert Hackett, Riley Hatch, William Holden, Otto Kruger, J. Elmer Thomson, June Walker, Winifred Wellington, Jay Wilson. Produced by Lewis & Gordon.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Her Way Out. Drama. Written by Edwin Milton Royle. Directed by Walter Wilson. Gaiety Theatre: 23 Jun 1924- Jul 1924 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Edward Arnold, Daisy Atherton, Frederick Burton, Rudolph Cameron, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Este"), Edouard Durand, Maud Durand, Fred Manatt, Henry Mortimer, Grace Perkins, Purnell Pratt, Stanley Ridges, Josephine Royle, Beatrice Terry, Jay Wilson. Produced by Associated Players.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Sunshine. Comedy. Written by Henry C. White. Directed by Victor Morley. Lyric Theatre: 17 Aug 1926- Aug 1926 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Byron Beasley, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Lefty"), Robert Craig, Eleanor Griffith, Georgia Harvey, O.P. Heggie, Ruth Lee. Produced by Paul M. Treibitsch.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Kibitzer. Comedy. Written by Jo Swerling and Edward G. Robinson. Directed by Patterson McNutt. Royale Theatre: 18 Feb 1929- Jun 1929 (closing date unknown/120 performances). Cast: Beatrice Bayard, Rex Boyd, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Emil Schmidt"), Martha Edwards, Tom Fadden, Samuel T. Godfrey, Jeanne Greene, Charles Hammond, Travis "Weather" Hoke, Agnew Horine, Henry Howard, Nelan H. Jaap, Jacob Katzman, Hunter Kaufman, Louis La Bey, Fred M. Mitchell, Alexis Polianov, Michael Porter, Eugene Powers, Al Roberts, Edward G. Robinson (as "Lazarus"), Arthur S. Ross, Lloyd Russell, Walter F. Scott, Vincent Strain, James Whittaker, C.J. Williams, Stanley G. Wood. Produced by Patterson McNutt.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Remote Control. Drama. Directed and co-written by Clyde North. Co-written by Albert C. Fuller and Jack T. Nelson. 48th Street Theatre: 10 Sep 1929- Nov 1929 (closing date unknown/79 performances). Cast: Dave Abrams, Patricia Barclay, Louise Barrett, Frank Beaston, Audrey Berry, Hobart Cavanaugh, Polly Clarke, Alice Davenport, Consuelo Flowerton, William Foran, William Honohan, Raleigh Kennedy, Donald Kirke, George Leach, Mimi Lehman, Lawrence Leslie, George Lessey (as "W.L. Oakwood"), Michael Markham, James V. Nolan, Claire Nolte, Al Ochs (as "Professor Murrey"), Arthur Pierson [Broadway debut], Edward Van Sloan (as "Doctor A.P. Workman"), Harold Woolf. Produced by A.L. Jones and Morris Green. Note: Produced as a William Haines vehicle by MGM as Remote Control (1930) (released 15 Nov 1930). The characters' names were altered completely for the film and re-written as a comedy.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Made in France. Comedy/farce. Written by Jack Larric. Directed by Dickson Morgan. Cort Theatre: 11 Nov 1930- Nov 1930 (closing date unknown/5 performances). Cast: Joan Blair, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Tom Hawley"), Lya De Putti, Leslie Denison, Ethel Intropodi (as "Ada Hawley"), Stanley Ridges, Arthur Stenning, Harland Tucker. Produced by Laura D. Wilck.
  • (1931) Stage Play: The Man on Stilts. Comedy. Written by Edwin L. Barker and Albert Wineman Barker. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 9 Sep 1931- Sep 1931 (closing date unknown/6 performances). Cast: Raymond Bramley (as "Joe Day"), Kirk Brown Jr. (as "Cleary"), James Bruce (as "Third Porter"), Maud Burns (as "Minnie Schmaltz"), Hobart Cavanaugh (as "McGann"), Owen Coll (as "A Detective"), Elmer Cornell (as "Mr. White Sheet"), Pascal Cowan (as "A Magazine Man"), Robert Cummings (as "Senator Abner Tarbottom"), Jack Daniels (as "Mr. Pink Sheet"), Helen Dodge (as "Georgia Van Allen"), Len Doig (as "An Accordion Player"), Helen Dudley (as "Miss Tabloid"), Bruce Duncan (as "A Bellboy"), Harry Ellerbe (as "Godfrey Block"), Lillian Emerson (as "Homey Callahan"), Harold Enright (as "Fourth Porter"), James T. Ford (as "Policeman Doyle"), Eda Heinemann (as "Miss Tousey"), Harold Kennedy (as "Heine Clabber"), Garland Kerr (as "A Radio Engineer"), Madeline King (as "Phoebe Smith"), Harry Knapp (as "Mark Van Allen"), William Layden (as "Second Porter"), Frank Layton (as "The Human Fly"), James MacDonald (as "A Radio Announcer"), Arthur Marlowe (as "Mr. Yellow Sheet"), Charles F. O'Connor (as "A Song Plugger"), George Pembroke (as "Rufus Blindloss"), Paul Porter (as "Englehouse Verbena Coffypopper"), Samuel Schneider (as "B.J. Goldfoyle"), Mel Taylor (as "A.L. Fishel"), Charles Thompson (as "Ted Sensibull"), Jack Tyler (as "First Porter"), Flora Zabelle (as "Mrs. Van Allen"). Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Hot Money. Comedy. Written by Aben Kandel. Directed by Bertram Harrison. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 7 Nov 1931- Nov 1931 (closing date unknown/9 performances). Cast: Arthur Albro (as "Columbo") [final Broadway role], Albert Bergh (as "Warren"), William E. Blake, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Mike Donahey"), Peggy Conklin (as "Helen Wilson"), Robert W. Craig, Leo Daschbach, Willard Dashiell, Henry De Koven, Leo Donnelly, Allys Dwyer, Robert C. Fischer, Roger Girod, Sandy Goodwin, Suzanne Jackson, Jane M. Jonson, Harold Kennedy, Leo Kennedy, Roy Le May, R. Le Page, Joe Neale, Alexis M. Polianov, Al Rauh, Edwin Redding, George Rogers, Alma Ross (as "Mrs. Pachinelli"), Elaine Staggers, Martin Tarby, Clark Twelvetrees, Morton Ullman, Dorothy Vernon, Jack Winne, May Wood. Produced by James W. Elliott. Note: Purchased by Warner Bros. and filmed twice in 1932 (as High Pressure (1932) starring William Powell, directed by Mervyn LeRoy and a French version).
  • (1932) Stage Play: Bulls, Bears and Asses. Written by Milton Herbert Gropper. Directed by Melville Burke. Playhouse Theatre: 6 May 1932- May 1932 (closing date unknown/2 performances). Cast: Joseph Allen, Robert Barrat, Elise Bartlett, Sally Bates, Arden Benlain, Roman Bohnen, Egon Brecher, Edward Butler, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Charlie Moore"), Ashley Cooper, Griffin Crafts, Jessie Graham, Joseph Greenwald, Francesca Hill, Len D. Hollister, Clifford Jones, Irene Lee, Ann Lowenworth, Frederick Malcolm, David Manley, Frank McDonald, Jane Mullin, Franklyn Munnell, John Daly Murphy, Olive Reeves-Smith, Jack Rigo, William Roselle, Lillian Savin, Robert Shayne, Ralph Simone, Louis Sorin, Howard St John, Paul Stewart, Virginia Tracy. Lew Welch, Huntly Weston, Salvatore Zito. Note: Frederick Malcolm may be Fred Waring.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Tell Her the Truth. Musical/farce. Music by Jack Waller and Joseph Tunbridge. Book by R.P. Weston (also lyrics, with Bert Lee). Directed by Morris Green and Henry Thomas. Cort Theatre: 28 Oct 1932- 5 Nov 1932 (11 performances). Cast: Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Maclean"), Edith Davis, Bertha Donn, Margaret Dumont, Lillian Emerson, Dorothy Essig, William Frawley, Louise Kirkland, May Muth, Muriel Muth, Lou Parker, John Sheehan, Andrew Tombes, Raymond Walburn, Thelma White. Produced by Tillie Leblang and Morris Green.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Sweet Mystery of Life. Comedy. Written by Richard Maibaum, Michael Wallach and George Haight. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Shubert Theatre: 11 Oct 1935- Oct 1935 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Evelyn Allen [Broadway debut] (as "Genevieve"), Edward Butler (as "Andy Flannigan"), Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Rosmer Peek"), Mady Correll (as "Norma"), Broderick Crawford (as "Boop Oglethorpe") [Broadway debut], William David (as "Herring"), Joseph Eggenton (as "Doctor MacDuffy"), Franklyn Fox (as "Wethered"), Curtis Karpe (as "Doctor Worshofsky"), Pass Le Noir (as "J.C. Nichol"), 'Gene Lockhart (as "Samuel L. Blauker"), Kathryn March (as "Lucille Bailey"), 'Louis Polan' (as "Loretti"), Erskine Sanford (as "Doctor Warren"), Virginia Shields (as "Cigarette Girl"), Thomas F. Tracey (as "Doctor Bell"), Virginia Tracy (as "Mrs. Minninger"), Herbert Warren (as "Steiner"). Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1948) Stage Play: As the Girls Go. Musical comedy. Music by Jimmy McHugh. Lyrics by Harold Adamson. Book by William Roos. Vocal Director: Hugh Martin. Music arranged by Hugh Martin. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Conducted by Max Meth. Music Contractor: Jack Saunders. Costume Design by Oleg Cassini. Choreographed by Hermes Pan. Directed by Howard Bay. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 14 Jan 1949- close): 13 Nov 1948- 14 Jan 1950 (414 performances). Cast: Bobby Clark (as "Waldo Wellington"), Irene Rich (as "Lucille Thompson Wellington"), Jeanette Aquilina, Truly Barbara, Betty Lou Barto, Lois Bolton, James Brock, John Brophy, Bob Burkhardt, Bill Callahan, Marlene Cameron, Dean Campbell, Carmina Cansino (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Arline Castle, Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Barber"), Charles Chartier, Babs Claire, Peter Conlow, Dick Dana (as "Blinky KJoe"), Barbara Davis, Jessie Elliott, James Elsegood, Claire Louise Evans, Yvette Fairhill, Lydia Fredericks, Christina Frerichs, Pat Gaston, Betty George, John Gray, Clare Grenville (as "Member of "Daughters of the Boston Tea Party") [credited as Claire Grenville], Pearl Hacker, Pauline Hahn (as "Child"), Donny Harris, Mildred Hughes, Cavada Humphrey, Patty Ann Jackson, June Kirby, Margaret Jean Klein, Frances Krell, Marjorie Leach, Kathryn Lee, Douglas Luther, Jonathan Marlowe, Norma Marlowe, Pat Marlowe, Abbe Marshall, Ila McAvoy (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Ellen McCowan, Mickey Miller, George Morris, Toni Parker, Dorothea Pinto, Joyce Reedy, William Reedy, Bobby Roberts, Jack Russell, Clifford Sales (as "Child"), Joseph Schenck, Eugene Schwab, John Sheehan, Gregg Sherwood, Diane Sinclair, Judy Sinclair, Kenneth Spaulding, Curt Stafford, Eugene Steiner, Jo Sullivan, Ruth Thomas, Norma Thornton, Larry Villani, Betty Jane Watson (as "Kathy Robinson"), Rosemary Williamson. Produced by Mike Todd.

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