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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • Miss 1917 (1917). Also in cast: Vivienne Segal.
  • (1914) Stage Play: Watch Your Step. Musical. Music by Irving Berlin. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by Harry B. Smith. Musical Director: DeWitt C. Coolman. Costume Design by Helen Dryden. Scenic Design by Helen Dryden and Robert McQuinn. Directed by R.H. Burnside. New Amsterdam Theatre: 8 Dec 1914- 8 May 1915 (175 performances). Cast: Vernon Castle (as "Joseph Lilyburn") [final Broadway role], Irene Castle (as "Mrs. Vernon Castle"), John Q. Adams (as "Chorus"), Earl Amos (as "Chorus"), M.G. Avery (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Banks (as "Chorus"), Helen Barnes (as "Chorus"), C.T. Beanie (as "Chorus"), Julia Beaubien (as "Mrs. Swift"), Leila Benton (as "Chorus"), Olive Birt (as "Chorus"), James Black (as "Chorus"), Christyne Bowers (as "Chorus"), Elizabeth Brice (as "Stella Spark"), Sam Burbank (as "Willie Steele"), Mabel Callahan (as "Mrs. Bright"), Irving J. Carpenter (as "Denny"), Barbara Clark (as "Chorus"), Marie Dana (as "Chorus"), Ethel Davies (as "Chorus"), Rose Davies (as "Chorus"), Gwendoline DeBraw (as "Chorus"), Libbian Diamond (as "Chorus"), Richard Dicksinson (as "Chorus"), Marcelle Earl (as "Chorus"), Harry A. Ellis (as "The Ghost of Verdi"), Sallie Fisher (as "Ernesta Hardacre"), Joseph Hadley (as "Chorus"), William Halligan (as "Silas Flint"), Flo Hart (as "Chorus"), Ethel Hobart (as "Chorus"), Herbert Hoey (as "Chorus"), Jessie Holbrook (as "Chorus"), W.M. Holbrook (as "An Usher/Chorus"), Maud Homer (as "Chorus"), May Homer (as "Chorus"), Rokey Johnson (as "A Professional Escort"), Justine Johnstone (as "Estelle") [Broadway debut], Charles L. Kelley (as "The Man in Box 51"), Harry Kelly (as "Ebeneezer Hardacre"), Charles King (as "Algy Cuffs"), Esther Lee (as "Chorus"), Harriet Leidy (as "Anne Marshall"), Rose Leslie (as "Chorus"), Gus Minton (as "Josiah Jay"), Dorothy Morosco (as "Samantha Jay"), Phyllis Munday (as "Chorus"), Elizabeth Murray (as "Birdie O'Brien"), Billie Norton (as "Chorus"), Violet Pardue (as "Chorus"), Alleyne Pickard (as "Chorus"), Nancy Poole (as "Chorus"), Fred Rockwell (as "Chorus"), Myrtle Ross (as "Chorus"), Natalie Saymore (as "Mrs. Gay"), Max Scheck (as "An Old Chappy"), Virginia Shelby (as "Chorus"), Annette Simonet (as "Chorus"), Trixie Smith (as "Chorus"), Terry Starwer (as "An Impressario"), Paula Sterling (as "Chorus"), Edna Stillwell (as "Chorus"), Charles Swan (as "A Young Chappy"), Violet Sydney (as "Chorus"), Dama Sykes (as "Iona Ford"), Ethel Sykes (as "Mrs. Climber"), Gladys Sykes (as "Mrs. Smart"), Frank Tinney (as "A Coat Room Boy/A Pullman Porter/A Carriage Caller at the Opera"), Peggy Trevor (as "Chorus"), Marie Walsh (as "Chorus"), Bunny Wendell (as "Chorus"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • The Sunshine Girl (1913). Musical. Book by Cecil Raleigh and Paul A. Reubens. Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis and Paul Rubens. Musical Director: Augustus Barratt. Featuring songs by John Golden. Featuring songs with lyrics by Joseph Cawthorn. Directed by J.A.E. Malone. Knickerbocker Theatre: 3 Feb 1913- 20 Sep 1913 (160 performances). Cast: Dorothy Berry, Irene Castle, Vernon Castle, Joseph Cawthorn, Eva Davenport, Florence Deshon, Dickson Elliott, William T. Francis Jr., Russell Griswold, Flossie Hope, Irene Hopping, J.J. Horowitz, Constance Hunt, Owne Jones, Eileen Kearney, Harry Law, Lew Leroy, Tom Lewis, Charles McGee, Alan Mudie, E.S. Powell, Eleanor Rasmussen, Julia Sanderson, Edwin Stone, Ruth Thorpe, Joseph V. Tullar, Edward C. Yeager. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1940) She acted in Noel Coward's play, "The Shadow Play," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts.
  • (August 14, 1939) She acted in Noel Coward's play, "Tonight at 8:30," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey.

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