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  • She participated in a USO tour to Australia during World War II.
  • Her first stage appearance was in Chicago in the national tour of "Born Yesterday."
  • (1949 - 1985) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1949) Stage Play: Touch and Go. Musical revue. Music by Jay Gorney. Sketches by Jean Kerr and Walter Kerr. Lyrics by Walter Kerr, Jean Kerr. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Musical Director: Antonio Morelli. Ballet music by Genevieve Pitot. Vocal arrangements by Antonio Morelli. Choreographed by Helen Tamiris. Production Design by John Robert Lloyd. Directed by Walter Kerr. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 27 Feb 1950- close): 13 Oct 1949- 18 Mar 1950 (176 performances). Cast: Nancy Andrews, Mary Anthony, Eleanor Boleyn, Art Carroll, Peggy Cass [Broadway debut], Arlyne Frank, Lydia Fredericks, Nat Frey, Helen Gallagher, Pearl Hacker, George Hall, Pearl Lang, David Lober, Greb Lober, Jonathan Lucas, Kyle MacDonnell, Illona Murai, Carl Nicholas, Louis Nye [credited as Lewis Nye], Muriel O'Malley, Ray Page, Beverly Purvin, Richard Reed, George Reich, Larry Robbins, Dorothy Scott, William Sumner, Dick Sykes, Beverly Tassoni, Merritt Thompson, Parker Wilson. Presented by George Abbott. Produced by George Hall.
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Live Wire. Comedy. Written and directed by Garson Kanin. Playhouse Theatre: 17 Aug 1950- 9 Sep 1950 (28 performances). Cast: Sheila Bond (as "Ursula Poe"), Heywood Hale Broun (as "Harry Holland"), Peggy Cass (as "Liz Fargo"), Douglas Chandler, John Drew Colt (as "Rip Hulett"), Elspeth Eric (as "Dorothy Parrish"), Jack Gilford (as "Sol Margolis"), Pat Harrington Jr. (as "Michael Shannon"), Scott McKay, Elliott Reid, Chester Stratton, Joseph G. Sullivan, Peter Turgeon, Murvyn Vye, Ned Wertimer, Rex Williams. Produced by Michael Todd.
  • (1952) Stage Play: Bernardine. Comedy. Written by Mary Chase. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Playhouse Theatre: 16 Oct 1952- 28 Feb 1953 (157 performances). Cast: Alney Alba, John Kerr (as "Arthur Beaumont, Beau") [Broadway debut], Beverly Lawrence, Johnny Stewart, Michael Wager, Fred Baker, Katherine Barrett, Warren Berlinger (as "Dave Gibbs"), Richard Camp, Peggy Cass (as "Helen, a Waitress"), Camilla DeWitt (as "Jean Cantrick, Cantrick"), Paul Genge, Girard Gillen, Billy James, Andy Sanders, Bobby Vail, Frank Valenza, Harmon Van Doren, Jane Van Duser. Produced by Irving L. Jacobs.
  • (1956) Stage Play: Auntie Mame. Comedy.
  • (1960) Stage Play: A Thurber Carnival. Revue. Written by James Thurber. Based on works by James Thurber. Featuring music by The Don Elliott Quartet. Directed by Burgess Meredith. ANTA Playhouse: 26 Feb 1960- 26 Nov 1960 (223 performances). Cast: Peggy Cass, Tom Ewell, Paul Ford, Alice Ghostley, John McGiver, Wynne Miller, Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell [Broadway debut], The Don Elliott Quartet, Margo Lungreen. Produced by Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils and Haila Stoddard.
  • (1963) Stage Play: Children From Their Games. Written by Irwin Shaw. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Directed by Sam Wanamaker. Morosco Theatre: 11 Apr 1963- 13 Apr 1963 (4 performances + 2 previews that began on 10 Apr 1963). Cast: Peggy Cass (as "Vera von Stobel"), Martin Gabel (as "Melvin Peabody"), Gene Hackman (as "Charles Widgin Rochambeau") [Broadway debut], John McMartin (as "Sidney Balzer"), Ralph Purdum (as "Albert Tulvis"), Brenda Vaccaro (as "Melissa Peabody"), 'Bernie West' (as "Dr. Hertz"). Understudies: David Doyle (as "Charles Widgin Rochambeau/Dr. Hertz/Melvin Peabody"), Mara Lynn (as "Melissa Peabody/Vera von Stobel"). Produced by Roger L. Stevens and Sam Wanamaker. Produced in association with Lyn Austin and Victor Samrock.
  • (1966) Stage Play: Don't Drink the Water. Comedy. Written by Woody Allen. Scenic/Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Design by Motley. Production Sound: Robert Maybaum. Sound Design by Lincoln J. Stulick. Associate Designer: Paul Trautvetter. Assistant to Mr. Mielziner: L.C. Warner. Directed by Stanley Prager. Morosco Theatre (moved to The Ethel Barrymore Theatre 22 Jan 1968- 23 Mar 1968, then moved to The Belasco Theatre from 25 Mar 1968- close): 17 Nov 1966- 20 Apr 1968 (598 performances + 19 previews that began on 2 Nov 1966). Cast: Lou Jacobi (as "Walter Hollander"), Kay Medford (as "Marion Hollander"), Tony Roberts (as "Axel Magee"), Anita Gillette (as "Susan Hollander"), Luke Andreas (as "Novotny"), Jonathan Bolt (as "Waiter"), Oliver Clark, James Dukas (as "as "Krojack"), John Hallow (as "Kaznar"), House Jameson (as "Ambassador James F. Magee") [final Broadway role], Richard Libertini, Gerry Matthews, Donna Mills (as "Sultan's 1st Wife"), Sharon Talbot (as "Countess Bordoni"), Gene Varrone (as "Chef"), Curtis Wheeler (as "Burns"). Standbys: Merle Albertson (as "Marion Hollander"), Don De Leo (as "Walter Hollander") [final Broadway role]. Understudies: Luke Andreas (as "Chef/Krojack/The Sultan of Bashir"), Jonathan Bolt [credited as Jonathan Bolt] (as "Axel Magee"), John Hallow (as "James F. Magee/Burns/Father Drobney"), Donna Mills (as "Susan Hollander"), Jim Stevenson (as "Kaznar/Kilroy"). Replacement cast during Morosco Theatre run: Understudy: Jim Stevenson (as "Axel Magee"). Replacement cast during Ethel Barrymore Theatre: James Beard (as "Chef"), Peggy Cass (as "Marion Hollander"), Len Cotchman (as "Kilroy") [from 31 Jul 1967- ?], Len Gochman (as "Axel Magee"), Dan Resin (as "Kilroy"), Gene Varrone (as "Father Drobney"). Understudies: Luke Andreas (as "Kaznar"), Jim Stevenson (as "Axel Magee"), Sharon Talbot (as "Susan Hollander"). Produced by David Merrick. Produced in association with Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff. Note: Filmed as Don't Drink the Water (1969).
  • (1968) Stage Play: Plaza Suite. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Directed by Mike Nichols. Plymouth Theatre: 14 Feb 1968- 3 Oct 1970 (1097 performances + 2 previews). Cast: George C. Scott (as "Sam Nash," "Visitor From Mamaroneck," "Jesse Kiplinger," "Visitor From Hollywood," "Roy Hubley," "Visitor From Forest Hills"), Maureen Stapleton (as "Karen Nash," "Visitor From Mamaroneck," "Muriel Tate," "Visitor From Hollywood," "Norma Hubley," "Visitor From Forest Hills"), Bob Balaban (as "Bellhop," "Visitor From Mamaroneck," "Borden Eisler," "Visitor From Forest Hills"), Claudette Nevins, Jose Ocasio. Replacement cast included: Gary Barton, Barbara Baxley, Peggy Cass (as "Karen Nash," "Muriel Tate," "Norma Hubley"), Dan Dailey (as "Jesse Kiplinger," et al), Robert Gerlach, E.G. Marshall (as "Jesse Kiplinger," et al), Lynda Myles, Don Porter, Lawrence Weber, Nicol Williamson. Produced by Saint Subber.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Played "Mollie Malloy" in "The Front Page". Comedy (revival). Written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Directed by Harold J. Kennedy. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 18 Oct 1969- 28 Feb 1970 (158 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Val Avery (as "Diamond Louis"), Bert Convy (as "Hildy Johnson, Herald Examiner"), Dody Goodman (as "Jennie"), Helen Hayes (as "Mrs. Grant"), Conrad Janis (as "Kruger, Journal of Commerce"), John McGiver (as "The Mayor"), Robert Ryan (as "Walter Burns"), James Flavin, Harold J. Kennedy (as "Bensinger, Tribune"), Charles White, Bruce Blaine, Jack Collard, Patrick Desmond, Walter Flanagan, Joseph George, Will Gregory, Bob Larkin (as "Schwartz, Daily News"), Kendall March (as "Peggy Grant"), Robert Milli (as "Endicott, Post"), Robert Riesel, Ed Riley, Bernard West (as "Mr. Pincus"). Produced by Jay H. Fuchs, Jerry Schlossberg and Albert Zuckerman. Produced in association with Roland Mattson. Associate Producer: Bruce Diamond and Fred Menowitz.
  • (1979) Stage Play: Once a Catholic. Comedy. Written by Mary O'Malley. Directed by Mike Ockrent. Helen Hayes Theatre: 10 Oct 1979- 14 Oct 1979 (6 performances + 9 previews that began on 2 Oct 1979). Produced by Doris Cole Abrahams and Eddie Kulukundis. Produced in association with Leon Becker. Produced by arrangement with Knightsbridge Theatrical Productions, SRO Productions Ltd., Oscar Lewenstein and Albion Productions.
  • (1980) Stage Play: 42nd Street. Musical comedy. Music by Harry Warren. Lyrics by Al Dubin. Lead Ins and Crossovers by Michael Stewart, Mark Bramble and Bradford Ropes [posthumous credit]. Based on the novel by Bradford Ropes. Musical Director: John Lesko. Vocal arrangements by John Lesko. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Donald Johnston. Additional lyrics by Johnny Mercer and Mort Dixon. Choreographed by Gower Champion. Directed by Gower Champion. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Majestic Theatre from 30 Mar 1981 to 5 Apr 1987, then moved to The St. James Theatre from 7 Apr 1987 to close): 25 Aug 1980- 8 Jan 1989 (3486 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Tammy Grimes (as "Dorothy Brock"), Jerry Orbach (as "Julian Marsh"), Wanda Richert (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Carole Banninger, Steve Belin, Robin Black, Joel Blum, Joseph Bova, Mary Cadorette, Danny Carroll, Robert Colston, James Congdon, Carole Cook, Don Crabtree, Ronny DeVito, Denise DiRenzo, Mark Dovey, Rob Draper, Brandt Edwards, Jon Engstrom, Sharon Ferrol, Cathy Greco, Dawn Herbert, Christine Jacobsen, Jeri Kansas, Ginny King, Terri Ann Kundrat, Shan Martin, Beth McVey, Maureen Mellon, Sandra Menhart, Bill Nabel, Stan Page, Tony Parise, Don Percassi, Jean Preece, Karen Prunczik, Lee Roy Reams, Vicki Regan, Lars Rosager, Linda Sabatelli, Nikki Sahagen, Ron Schwinn, Yveline Semeria, Alison Sherve, Robin Stephens, David Storey, Karen Tamburrelli. Replacement cast during show's long run included: Gail Benedict (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Peggy Cass (as "Maggie Jones"), Don Chastain, Clare Leach, Millicent Martin (as "Dorothy Brock"), Barry Nelson (as "Julian Marsh"), Jamie Ross (as "Julian Marsh"), Cathy Wydner (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Karen Ziemba (as "Peggy Sawyer"). Produced by David Merrick.
  • (1985) Stage Play: The Octette Bridge Club. Written by P.J. Barry. Directed by Tom Moore. Music Box Theatre: 5 Mar 1985- 23 Mar 1985 (24 performances + 8 previews that began on 26 Feb 1985). Cast: Gisela Caldwell (as "Betsy/Mrs. Daniel Bailey"), Peggy Cass (as "Lil/Mrs. Peter Carmody") [final Broadway role], Lois De Banzie (as "Alice/Mrs. Walter Monahan"), Elizabeth Franz (as "Nora/Mrs. Lawrence Hiller"), Bette Henritze (as "Mary/Margaret Donavan"), Elizabeth Huddle (as "Ann/Mrs. John Conroy"), Nancy Marchand (as "Connie/Mrs. David Emerson"), Anne Pitoniak (as "Martha/Mrs. Michael McDermitt"), Nick Kaledin (as "Robert Foster, the photographer") [Broadway debut]. Understudies: William Fichtner (as "Robert Foster"), Jen Jones (as "Connie/Lil/Martha/Mary"), Ruth Livingston (as "Alice/Ann/Mary/Nora"). Note: Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin [who had no direct involvement in this production] and The Shubert Organization.
  • (1978) She acted in Judith Ross's play, "An Almost Perfect Person," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Paul Vincent in the cast.
  • (January 25, 1960) She acted in the musical revue, "A Thurber Carnival," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Tom Ewell, Paul Ford, John McGiver, Peter Turgeon, Alice Ghostley and Wynne Miller in the cast. James Thurber wrote the book. Don Elliott was composer and performer. Marvin Reiss was set designer. Ramse Stevens was costume designer. Burgess Meredith was director and developer. Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils, and Haila Stoddard were producers.
  • (1966) She acted in Clare Boothe Luce's play, "The Women," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Sheila Macrae, Phyllis Thaxter and Bernice Massi in the cast. Stanley Prager was director.
  • (August 1963) She acted in Lonnie Coleman's play, "She Didn't Say You," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Joan Caulfield in the cast.

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