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Print Biographies (37)

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Film Biographies (1)

Portrayals (6)

Articles (37)

Smithsonian (US) April 2010, Vol. 41, Iss. 1, by: Jenny Woolf, "Presence of Mind: Unusual Suspect: Why did Lewis Carroll's reputation undergo such a dramatic reversal?"
Asbury Park Press (US) March 28 2010, Vol. 131, Iss. 45, pg. E7, by: Charles Paolino, "Carroll's 'Wonderland' Revisited"
The Independent (GB) July 5 2004, Iss. 5527, pg. 5, by: Louise Jury, "Writer twists Carroll's tale in revenge attack on Alice"
The Guardian (GB) October 29 2001, by: Katie Roiphe, "Just good friends?"
Dayton Daily News (US) April 30 2000, by: Laura Dempsey, "Skewed reflections : Lewis Carroll exhibition at DAI a stunning if not unsettling experience"
The Independent (GB) April 27 2000, by: Kevin Jackson, "Arts : The soul traders : Victorian portrait photographers were interested in more than surface beauty, they wanted to reveal the mysterious essence that lay beneath"
The Times (GB) April 1 2000, by: Stephen McClarence, "War breaks out in Wonderland"
The Southland Times (NZ) February 19 2000, by: Andrea Watson, "Unique flavour of Alice"
The New York Times (US) November 21 1999, by: Rebecca-Pepepr Sinkler, "Curiouser and curiouser"
The Economist (GB) November 20 1999, "Mirror, mirror"
The Independent (GB) November 16 1999, by: Christopher Hawtree, "Syzygy"
The Independent (GB) September 17 1999, by: David Felix, "Carroll's burrows"
The Northern Echo (GB) September 16 1999, "Hole... a hole new look into Alice's inspiration"
The Times (GB) September 15 1999, by: Nigel hawkes and Nick Nuttall, "Geologist finds hole that lured Alice"
The Independent (GB) September 15 1999, by: Steve Connor, "Alice's adventure inside geology"
The San Diego Union Tribune (US) September 14 1999, by: Jennifer Poyen, "It's a seaside coming of age"
The Guardian (GB) August 19 1999, "Alice..."
The Boston Globe (US) July 1 1999, by: Jeff Jacoby, "Down the rabbit hole"
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