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Jay Carrado

United States
917-623-0853 jaystunts@gmail.com . http://www.jaycarrado.com

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 8 in
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Age Range: 18 - 88
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Voice Type: Tenor


Alpha House Rachet Manny Siverio
Julia Hanging Naked Manny Siverio
The Family Stunts Manny Siverio
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stunts James & Andy Armstrong
Rambler Naked Fight Vince Cupone
Blowtorch Fights Carl Anthony Nespoli
Malavita Fights David Belle
Metallica Through The Never Gang Fights Ed Anders
Aztec Warrior Stunt Double/Fights Eric Chen
The Demented Zombie Stanton Barrett
Dead Man Down Gun Fight Double Brian Smyj
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hanging Upside Down/Vampire Don Lee
Rise Again A Vampire/Fights William Washington
Transformers III Stunts Kenny Bates
Between The Ice Jump Into Ice Water Jay Carrado
Junction Utility Stunts Jay Carrado
War Flowers Fights/Air Ramp Carl Nespoli
The Happening Stunt/Driver Jeff Habberstad
West 32nd Fights Manny Severio
In Bloom Fights/High Fall Manny Siverio
Fun and Games Fights Roy Farfel
New Amsterdam Martial Art Fight Manny Siverio
Silent Target Stunts Jay Carrado
Duplex Double Ben Stiller Peter Bucossi
Anything Else Double Woody Allen Manny Siverio
Max and Grace Stunt Fights Danny Aiello III
The Emperor's Club Stunt Double Roy Farfel
Spider-man Stunt Driver Merritt Yohnka
City By The Sea Fight/Double/Brian Taranina Frank Ferrara
Stuart Little II Stunts Danny Aiello III
The Palace Thief Stunt Double Roy Farfel
Hollywood Endings Stunt Double/Woody Allen Manny Siverio
Kate and Leopold Stunts Pete Bucossi
Martin and Orloff Stair Fall Roy Farfel
Sensei Martial Art Fights/Car Hit/Fire Gag Kim Kahanaa
Swimfan 85' Stunt Double Danny Aiello III
The Father, The Son Motorcycle/Gun Fight Chris Colombo
Flawless Stunt Double/Stair Fall Pete Boucossi
Little Nicky Stunt Stair Fall Jeff Dimana
Double Whammy Fight double Mike Russo
Summer of Sam Stunts/Fight Jeff Ward
The Wild Water Jump Double Keith Silinger
The Out of Towner Stunts Chris Howell
Simple Wish Stunts Mike Russo
Jungle 2 Jungle Double/Martin Short Danny Aiello III
Basketball Diaries Double 70 Feet Water Jump Edgar Mourino
Lethal Weapon III Stunts Charles Pertreni
Kabuki Man Martial Art Fights Edger Mourino
Street Soldiers Martial Art Fights Kim Kahana
Beyond Reach Martial Art Fights Kim Kahana
Stunts Behind The Scenes Martial Art Fights/Car Hit/Fire Gag Brian Duffy
Friends and Family Stunt Double Roy Fafel
Requiem For a Dream Stunts Pete Bucossi
Beijing in New York Motorcycle Driver Manny Siverio


Taxi Brooklyn Stunt Double Manny Siverio
Criminal Justice Fight Double Cort Hessler
Gods Pocket Fights Chris Cenatiempo
Unforgettables Fights Norman Douglas
Boardwalk Empire Mafia Gun Fight Bobby Beckles
Elementary Fire Burn Mike Russo
The Following Fire Burn Tim Gallin
Person of Interest Martial Art/Fights Jeff Gibson
Ugly Betty Stunts Fights Manny Siverio
Unusuals Martial Art/Samurai Cort Hessler
Damages Stunts fights Pete Bucossi
White Collar 40 foot High Fall Pete Bucossi
Misery Naked High Fall Mike Russo
Nurse Jackie Stunts Fights Pete Bucossi
The Black Donnnehues Fights Stunts Mike Russo
Rescue Me Fights Double/Stunts Danny Aiello III
Johnny Zero Fight Double Pete Bucossi
Hack Fights Double Pete Bucossi
One Life to Live Stunts Fight Danny Aiello III
Third Watch Fight Cort Hessler
Sex in the City Fight Pete Bucossi
Ed Stunts Pete Bucossi
The Job Fight Double Mike Russo
Soprano’s Car Hit/Fights Doubles Pete Bucossi
Now and Again Martial Arts/Fights Pete Bucossi
The Repair Shop Fights Jerry Hewitt
Witness to the Mob Stunts Pete Bucossi
Della Ventura Stunts Fight Tim Gallin
Subway Stories Fights Jeff Ward
New York Undercover Stunt Double Norman Douglas
Entertainment Tonight Martial Arts Fight Kim Kahana
Nickelodeon’s Guts Stunts Safety Kim Kahana
Inside Edition Martial Arts Kim Kahana
Super Boy Stunts Artie Maleski
Eye On L.A. Fight Scene Artie Maleski
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Martial Art Fights Edgar Mourlino
Fox Stunts/High Fall/Fire Gag/Car Hit Kim Kahana
Unforgettables Stunt Double John Cenatiempo
Babylon Fields Stunt Zombie Blaise Corrigan
The Following Fireburn 2x Tim Gallin
Gotham Stunt Double/Penguin Norman Douglass


Best Buy Falling Through Brian Smyt
AT&T Driving Norman Douglas
Mountain Dew (5 Commercials) Car Hit Roof Jump/High Fall Jack McLaughin
MTV Driving Jay Carrado
VH1 Driving Jay Carrado
MTV Stunts Safety Jay Carrado
VH1 Martial Arts Jay Carrado
G.T.E Stunt Double Norman Douglas
Budget Driving Mike Jones
Pacific Bell Driving Jay Carrado
Snickers Stunts Jay Carrado

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Rachet, Stairs Falls, Experience with explosives, High Fall, Bobby Ore's Driving Course, Heads up Stunt Man, Rock Climbing, Air Ramp, Drivers East Multiple Times, Fire Gag, Stunts, Motorcyclist, Stage Combat, Precision Driver, Full Fire Safety Gear, Car Hit, Motorcycle Licensed, Love to hit the ground
  • Athletic Skills: Brown Belt in Judo, Skiller in Martial Arts Weapons, Black Belt In Karate, Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Martial Arts, Fencing, Wrestling, Yoga

Employment Details

  • Work History: Commercial, Film, Television
  • Job Categories: Stunts
  • Valid Passport: Yes

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