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  • World fame was his for two plays, "R.U.R." (in which he coined the word "robot") and "The Insect Play," and the allegorical novel representing Nazi and Fascist expansion as that of salamander-like creatures, "War With the Newts."
  • The American premiere of his allegorical play written as Kapek fled the Nazis, "The White Plague," was produced by Northlight Theater, then in Evanston, IL, in 1988. Gwen Arner directed. In the cast: Bruce A. Young, John Gegenhuber, Tracy Maria Grant, Derek Rhys-Evans, James Marsters, Gary Houston, Jack McLaughlin-Gray, Durward MacDonald and Alma Washington.
  • R.U.R. (1922) [Rossum's Universal Robot's]. Fantasy/melodrama. Written by Karel Capek. Directed by Philip Moeller and Agnes Morgan. Garrick Theatre: 9 Oct 1922- Feb 1923 (closing date unknown/184 performances). Cast: John Anthony (as "Mr. Fabry "), Mary Bonestell (as "A Robotess"), Louis Calvert, Richard Coolidge (as "Robot"), William Devereux (as "Dr. Gall"), Mary Hone (as "Helena"), Moffat Johnston, Myrtland La Varre (as "A Robot"), Kathlene MacDonell (as "Helena Glory"), Frederick Mark (as "Robot"), Domis Plugge (as "Robot"), John Francis Roche (as "Primus"), John Rutherford (as "Radius"), Bernard Savage (as "Robot"), Basil Sydney, Henry Travers, Helen Westley (as "Nan"). Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Filmed as R.U.R. (1948), R.U.R. (1938).
  • Playwright: "Loupezník" (filmed as Loupezník (1931))
  • Playwright: "Bila nemoc" (filmed as Bílá nemoc (1937))
  • Books: "Capek's Tales" (filmed as Capkovy povidky (1947))
  • Book: "O vecech nadprirozených" (filmed as O vecech nadprirozených (1959))
  • Novel: "První parta" (filmed as První parta (1960))
  • Book: "Cintamani a podvodnik" (filmed as Cintamani & podvodník (1964))
  • Novel: "Krakatit" (filmed as Temné slunce (1981), Krakatit (1948))
  • Book: "Hordubal" (filmed as Hordubal (1980), Hordubalové (1938))
  • Book: "Plaché pribehy" (filmed as Plaché pribehy (1982)))
  • Novel: "The Makropoulos Secret" (filmed as Retsept yeyo molodosti (1983))
  • (June 1936 - October 1936) His play, "The Insect Play", was performed at the Little Theatre in London, England with Edmund Willard, A. Bromley-Davenport', Robert Rietty, Julian Somers, Joyce Redman, Esmond Knight, Marta Mitrovich, James Lytton and Jack Allen in the cast. Nancy Price was the director.
  • (1939) His play, "The Mother", was performed at the Garrick Theatre in London, England with Louise Hampton and Nigel Stock in the cast. Miles Malleson was the director.
  • (2009-2010 Season) His play, "War with the Newts", was performed at the Next Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois. Mikhail Fiksel was the sound designer.
  • (1966) His play, "The Insect Play", was performed in a Czech National Theatre production at the Aldwych Theatre in London, England. Miroslav Machácek was also the director.
  • (1981) Murray and his play, "War with the Newts," was performed at the Riverside Studios Theatre in London, England with Michael Ames, Henry Davis, and Txi Whizz in the cast. Ken Campbell was director.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The World We Live In. Comedy. Written by Josef Capek and Karel Capek. Book adapted by Owen Davis. Directed by John Cromwell. Jolson's 59th Street Theatre: 1 Oct 1922- Feb 1923 (closing date unknown/111 performances). Cast: Lola Adler (as "Apatura Clythia"), Seldon Bennett (as "Messenger"), Mary Blair (as "Chrysalis"), Orrin Burke (as "Quartermaster"), Scott Cooper (as "Male Beetle"), Jane Corcoran (as "Female Beetle"), Jasper Deeter (as "Parasite"), James Difley (as "Inventor"), Grace Dougherty (as "Ichneumon Fly's Larva"), Robert Edeson (as "The Vagrant"), Vinton Freedley (as "Male Cricket"), Etienne Girardot (as "Otakar"), N. St. Clair Hales (as "The Professor/Head of General Staff"), May Hopkins (as "War Worker"), Paul Irving (as "Another Male Beetle/Blind Ant"), Rexford Kendrick (as "Victor"), Robert Lawler (as "Journalist"), Kenneth MacKenna (as "Felix/Commander-in-Chief of Yellow Ants"), Ann Martin (as "A Baby"), Beatrice Maude (as "Apatura Iris"), Harold McGee (as "Bond Salesman"), Henry Mortimer (as "Woodcutter"), Edgar Norton (as "Ichneumon Fly"), Logan Paul (as "Telegrapher"), Susan Steele (as "A Woman"), John Ward (as "Dictator"), Mabel Withee (as "Female Cricket"). Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (July 1933 - August 1933) Josef Capek and his play, "Adam The Creator," was performed in a Manhattan Theatre Repertory Company production at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.

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