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'Whitey Bulger' Documentary Goes to Magnolia Pictures

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'Whitey Bulger' Documentary Goes to Magnolia Pictures
The Wagner/Cuban Company's Magnolia Pictures announced today that they have acquired Us theatrical, VOD and home entertainment rights to Whitey: United States of America V. James J. Bulger, a documentary about notorious Irish gangster James 'Whitey' Bulger and the massive law enforcement corruption surrounding his reign of terror in South Boston. Whitey, which premiered at Sundance this year, was directed and produced by Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2), and produced by RadicalMedia for CNN Films.

Magnolia will be giving the film a day and date theatrical and on demand release this June, followed by a broadcast on CNN later this year. Magnolia and CNN also partnered on Blackfish and Life Itself, the upcoming Roger Ebert documentary also being released this summer.

Infamous gangster James 'Whitey' Bulger wielded a mystique as the Robin Hood of South Boston,
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Espn Launches 15 College Conference Channels on Apple TV, Roku (Exclusive)

Espn Launches 15 College Conference Channels on Apple TV, Roku (Exclusive)
Espn is giving 15 college conferences their own dedicated, national TV channels stocked with live events and on-demand replays – streamed over the Internet, initially to Apple TV and Roku devices.

The sports cabler is launching the new channels through WatchESPN, the service available to subscribers of affiliated pay-tv providers. The 15 new channels aggregate conference-related programming from Espn, ESPN2, Espnu, ESPN3 and ESPNews, starting with live men’s and women’s college basketball events as well as replays of college football games.

The conference channels at launch are: Acc, America East, Atlantic Sun, Big South, Big West, Horizon, Mid-American, Metro Atlantic Athletic, Missouri Valley, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Southern, Sun Belt, Southland, and a channel that combines historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that are part of the Mid-Eastern Athletic, Southwestern Athletic and Central Intercollegiate Athletic conferences.

The idea is to provide a space on the TV dial — virtual though it may be
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Nightwalker The Complete Series DVD Review

Director: Kiyotoshi Sasano, Yutaka Kagawa,

Starring: Takumi Yamazaki, Vincent Hatcher, Emi Shinohara, Jane Alan, Maaya Sakamoto, Dorothy Melendrez, Akira Ishida, Lex Lang,

Running Time: 300 minutes

Certificate: 15

Nightwalker arrives on DVD from 1998, not that you’d be able to tell from the visuals. It feels very much like a product from a decade earlier. Everything about it screams 1980s noir. From the cool opening music, to the feel of a detective story with a bit of a foggy and dark edge, there seems to be a real interest in paying homage to a bygone era. This tribute is a huge hindrance as the visuals may come across as nostalgic and retro, but the animation and stories are often painfully simple.

The show follows a vampire who runs a private detective agency. So far so good, but it soon devolves into your average monster of the week series that ignores any of the investigative elements.
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Vintage TV Launches | The Tony Blair Interview With Andrew Marr | Alex Higgins: The People's Champion | Tonight's TV highlights

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Vintage TV Launches | The Tony Blair Interview With Andrew Marr | Waterloo Road | First Love | Alex Higgins: The People's Champion | Burn Notice

Vintage TV Launches

6pm, Sky 369, Freesat 515

Tracks from 1940 to 1989 are the focus of this new retro music channel, which is filling its playlists with the likes of Nat King Cole, Elvis, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. They've got round the problem of pop videos not existing for a lot of the earlier songs by making their own with the help of news footage and period clips. Paul Gambaccini is kicking things off, followed by Tony Blackburn at 8pm, Kim Wilde at 9pm and Lesley-Ann Jones meeting Rick Wakeman at 10pm. Louis Armstrong's live concert from the 1970 Newport Jazz Festival rounds things off at 10.30pm.

The Tony Blair Interview With Andrew Marr

7pm, BBC2

The former prime minister kicks off the publicity campaign for his memoirs by
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Ozzie Horror Feature The Tunnel to Show on Bit Torrents

Carlo Ledesma is marketing and financing his film in a very unique way. The budget is being supplemented by selling each frame of his film The Tunnel for a dollar and with 135K frames that is a lot of dollars for an Ozzie shot horror film. As well, Ledesma will release his film not on DVD or Video-on-demand, but through Bit Torrents, which are notorious for movie piracy.

The film itself follows an investigative journalist into the tunnels under Sydney's St James Train Station where available water is suspiciously left unused. Expecting a government cover-up these two correspondents find something much more deadly instead (The Tunnel). Visit the film's website below for more details on the film's marketing and financing strategies along with a teaser trailer for The Tunnel inside.

The full synopsis for The Tunnelhere:

"In 2007 the New South Wales government suddenly scrapped a plan to utilize the water
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Depp's Dillinger Car Up For Auction

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Depp's Dillinger Car Up For Auction
The 1930 Ford Model Coupe, which Johnny Depp drove in Public Enemies, is to go under the hammer at auction in Arizona.

The vehicle actually carried gangsters John Dillinger, Hommer Van Meter and John Hamilton to safety after an FBI raid in Little Bohemia, Wisconsin in the 1930s.

Depp played Dillinger in the film.

The car will be the highlight item at the 39th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, which will be held in Scottsdale between 18 and 24 January.

Dillinger reportedly sprayed pursuing cops with his Tommy gun from the vehicle.

Barrett-Jackson president Steve Davis tells WENN, "This car is a piece of American gangster history and as much a part of Dillinger's legend as his Tommy guns and Colt automatics.

"Not only did this particular car get the famous gangster out of a fix with the cops in hot pursuit, it was used in the recent Johnny Depp movie about Dillinger. So it's played an important role in history and cinema emulating history."

The Ford was carefully restored in 2007 to appear in Public Enemies, preserving the original bullet holes and dimples under body filler and carefully documenting the original appearance including the upholstery soaked with blood.

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