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  • (1934 - 1940) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1934) Stage Play: Calling All Stars. Musical revue. Sketches by Lew Brown, A. Dorian Otvos, Alan Baxter, Home Fickett, Billy K. Wells and H.I. Philips. Music by Harry Akst. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek and Conrad Salinger. Dances and ensembles directed by Maurice L. Kussel. Scenic Design by Nat Karson. Costume Design by Billi Livingston; Lighting Design by Abe Feder. Strauss dances directed by Sara Mildred Strauss. Entire production supervised by Lew Brown. Directed by by Thomas Mitchell and Lew Brown. Hollywood Theatre: 13 Dec 1934- 12 Jan 1935 (36 performances). Cast: Edna Abbey, Janet Abbott, Eunice Altea, Alice Anderson, Alice Anthon, Arthur Auerbach, Phil Baker, Alice Bankert, Al Bernie, Babette Bissinger, Alice Blair, Anthony Blair, Mary Bolles, Patricia Bowman, George Brady, Ann Budnik, Emma Burke, Olga Burke, Dolores Campbell, Anne Canova [Broadway debut], Judy Canova [Broadway debut], Pete Canova, Zeke Canova [Broadway debut], Gloria Claire, Catherine Clark, Marie Cole, Irene Coleman, Nathalie Crandall, Marguerite De Coursey, Rena Dell, Anita Ferne, Pat C. Flick, Gladys Glancy, George Gordon, Roxy Green, Revalie Haber, Billy Hale, Marion Heemsath, Orchid Henson, Lou Holtz, George Hunter, Estelle Jayne, Eddie Johnson, Sel Jos, Iris Kingsley, Viola Lenn, Clark Leston, Ella Logan, Eleanor Low, Helen Mack, Ned Maisel, Joan Manners, Everett Marshall, Camilla Masters, Gloria Mausier, Mitzi Mayfair, Sara Mazo, June McGraol, Harry McNaughton, June McNulty, William Meader, Ann Metzger, Gertrude Michael, Elsie Mindell, Ruth Morgan, June Murphy, Gertrude Niesen, Rose Palmer, Grace Patterson, Harry Patterson, Ellen Pratt, Grace Pearce, Jean Rauley, Martha Raye, D. Raymond, Grace Rochester, Sara Mildred Strauss Dancers, Munice Sich, Frances Sinclair, Polly Sturgeon, Jack Tally, Peggy Taylor and Her Dancing Pirates, Lorraine Teatom, June Tempest, Bobby Theiss, Cynthia Thompson, Emily Von Hoven, Marguerite White, 'Jack Whiting' (qv, Joan Whitney. Produced by Lew Brown.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Yokel Boy. Musical comedy. Book by Lew Brown. Music by Lew Brown, Charles Tobias and Sam H. Stept. Lyrics by Lew Brown, Charles Tobias and Sam H. Stept. Choreographed by Gene Snyder. Scenic Design by Walter Jagemann. Directed by Lew Brown. Majestic Theatre: 6 Jul 1939- 6 Jan 1940 (208 performances). Cast: Judy Canova (as "Judy"), Buddy Ebsen (as "Elmer Whipple"), Charles Althoff (as "Grandpa Hawkins, Mayor"), Kalli Barton (as "Yokel Girl"), Bob Beh (as "Yokel Boy"), Lorraine Belore (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Jeanne Bergersen (as "Yokel Girl/Lady of the Ensemble"), James L.A. Burrell (as "Minute Man from Lexington'), Anne Canova [credited as Ann Canova] (as "Annie") [final Broadway role], Zeke Canova (as "Hank") [final Broadway role], Charles Clarke (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Ray Clarke (as "Assistant to "Punko Parks"), Pamela Clifford (as "Yokel Girl"), Helen Cole (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Muriel Cole (as "Yokel Girl"), Phil Crosbie (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Marguerite De Coursey (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Helen Dell (as "Yokel Girl"), Dixie Dunbar (as "Tiny"), Jane Everett (as "Yokel Girl"), Margaret Fitzpatrick (as "Yokel Girl"), Miriam Franklyn (as "Yokel Girl"), Lew Hearn (as "Mr. Rubbish"), Jackie Heller (as "Spud"), Ralph Holmes (as "Jimmy Powell") [final Broadway role], Lois January (as "Mary Hawkins"), Roy Johnston (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Marjorie Johnstone (as "Yokel Girl"), Grace Kaye (as "Yokel Girl"), Glorianna King (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Dick Langdon (as "Doorman/Yokel Boy"), Kathryn Lazell (as "Yokel Girl"), Jeanette Lee (as "Yokel Girl"), Velma Lord (as "Yokel Girl"), Marion Lulling (as "Yokel Girl"), Alice Malteur (as "Yokel Girl"), Joan Mann (as "Yokel Girl"), Gloria Martin (as "Yokel Girl"), Mary Joan Martin (as "Yokel Girl"), Dorothy Matthews (as "Yokel Girl"), Maxine Moore (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), F. Richard Moors (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Eddie Murray (as "Yokel Boy"), Mortimer O'Brien (as "Yokel Boy"), Joseph Peterson (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Mark Plant (as "Blacksmith"), Frances Rands (as "Yokel Girl"), Ruth Rathbun (as "Marie/Yokel Girl"), Jack Richards (as "Another Gateman/Yokel Boy"), Tina Rigat (as "Yokel Girl"), Ralph Riggs (as "Cliff Hawkins"), Ben H. Roberts (as "Sheriff"), Renee Russell (as "Yokel Girl"), Louis Salmon (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Sid Salzer (as "Gateman/Yokel Boy"), Almira Sessions (as "Mrs. Hawkins"), Phil Shaw (as "Yokel Boy"), Donald Showalter (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Phil Silvers (as "Punko Parks") [Broadway debut], Helene Standish (as "Angelina Bouchet/Lady of the Ensemble"), Turnley Walker (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Harold Woodward (as "Minute Man from Lexington"), Natalie Wynn (as "Yokel Girl"). Replacement actors: Irene Austin (as "Yokel Girl"), James Burrell [credited as James L.A. Burrell] (as "Spud") [final Broadway role], Peggy Conrad (as "Yokel Girl"), Evelyn Cooper (as "Lady of the Ensemble"), Jessie Fullam (as "Yokel Girl"), Bubbles Gordon (as "Yokel Girl"), Mildred Hamilton (as "Yokel Girl"). Produced by Lew Brown. Note: Filmed as Yokel Boy (1942).

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